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It took a lifetime to understand their language. It took a lifetime to understand myself. Why do they visit? A cathartic life of ETs, orbs, fairies, angels, lucid dreaming, and Kundalini events. They are communicating. Have we forgotten how to listen?

This podcast/audiobook will draw from a well-documented arc of evolution that spans over decades. In hindsight, it seems the goal of these “Others” was to shift the attention within and away from the exterior conditioning that keeps us looping in fear.

Through numerous bioenergetic upgrades and downloads, these encounters have helped me, and others I’ve met, to reorient our consciousness. It appears to be more about the reactivation of the feminine; the suppressed, the invisible, the balance of our original design. There is a timeless harmonic Love embedded deep within our human design and the Unified Field. This Field speaks in frequency. The “Others” want you to know that Source designed you to do the same.

It is recommended that you begin at Episode 1. The story expands with each episode.

Episode 12 – The Great Mother Disrupt Translating Infinity

I first learned of Disrupt technologies in my internet startup days. I was pointed to this recently as a way to frame what is happening in human consciousness. I was shown that those of us who have the courage to take this trauma-healing journey all the way, will completely disrupt this existing paradigm. And this is when we know, first hand, what true freedom is. Quote from this episode: "This life has given me plenty to uncover and heal. But underneath the trauma of our lifetime is the ancient, multi-generational trauma of our disconnect with the Mother. What I have learned in relation to this inner cosmic intelligence is that we must continue to excavate through these shadow areas of our consciousness, that are so buried that most of us have no conscious awareness that we have gone along with the regular programming to keep Her imprisoned. The ultimate Disrupt is when she ignites in our core. Call it Kundalini. Call it Koyopa. As I’ve stated so many times, names and labels mean nothing. It is the direct bioenergetic experience that will bring you back online with the Unified Field." These episodes are sequential – a hybrid podcast/audiobook. If this is the first episode you hear and you’d like to know more about how it evolved, you may want to start back at Episode 1. Thank you. Read more about the new community platform referenced in this episode: Sound of Gold Files in this episode: Mother.TheLightTheWay.091622 Adjustments.082822 Source of internet quote: Eileen’s Website and Contact Me Mayan A'j Q'ij, Eduardo's Website: Other podcast-listening platforms listed here: Eileen’s Book on Amazon (Koyopa Contact Within): Youtube TI/SOG: @TranslatingInfinity Twitter Instagram Eileen’s Clubhouse Profile Clubhouse – 13 Baktun – with Mayan Aj Q’ij, Eduardo Griego Gonzales, and Lori Conroy, Holistic Health Practitioner SoundCloud EM's Music & Creative Space Eileen Meyer Music on iTunes
  1. Episode 12 – The Great Mother Disrupt
  2. Episode 11 – Emerging Light Warriors
  3. Episode 10 – The Rush of the Cosmic River
  4. Episode 9 – Belejeb: Power of the Feminine
  5. Episode 8 – Chaco Canyon Gateway
  6. Episode 7 – The Dialogue and Attunement
  7. Episode 6 – Awakening Our Dormant Tech
  8. Episode 5 – Kundalini, The Divine Inside
  9. Episode 4 – Arc Of Evolution
  10. Episode 3 – The Really Big Project

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