Resonance: One of your greatest untapped spiritual technologies


They mainly wanted to reach you. I now understand that all of this lifelong project was so that I could eventually share it with you. If you already know these things, then I deeply honor your own unique pathway of courage, humility, love, and commitment to serving humanity in these times. We obviously did not choose this difficult path for any other reason than to be of the greatest service possible.

Yes, the nonhuman intelligence that visited and taught (or reminded) me how to commune through resonance, helped me to understand and restore some of these inner spiritual technologies over decades of my lifetime. I will continue to make myself available to share this with you in the time we have.

It doesn’t matter if you hear it from me or from another who knows. It’s time to navigate to the voices of those who truly know through actual experience and integration of contact over time. While none of us may know all there is to know, we do have our pieces of the puzzle. This is the data that must be valued now, or it will soon be out of reach. It is not because the data will be censored or kept from you. It will be because some will choose to remain in judgment and fear, and fear will ultimately lock humanity inside their own limited perceptions and echo chambers. In other words, many people will unconsciously choose to remain smaller than they were designed to be.

Soon the landscape of reality will be changing in a pretty big way. We are entering a time period where it will become far more difficult to pull oneself out of the conditioned reality, let alone remember our inner gifts and access beyond this construct. We have been in a once-in-every-26,000-year window to wake up and begin to intentionally restore our consciousness to wholeness. This means a pretty big step up into our natural vibrational state – our original design. And this means waking up and releasing old patterns of fear. Once we are engaged with this process of healing, Spirit infuses and restores our biology, will, and heart to its naturally aligned state. The question is, can we snap out of our addicted patterns and behaviors long enough to receive it? We have a few short months to make these critical decisions, to practice what our greatest spiritual teachers have given, like, “Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free.” Truth doesn’t arrive inside the cage of your egoic mind. Truth is light and sound, and it is fully known via our feeling nature.

What I share isn’t intended to entertain or distract you, it’s to help you remember who you are and to restore what you have within you. You don’t need me or anyone else to go direct, and you can do it right now.

In order to continue to rise or step up into our natural state, we must know how to engage with the Universal Field through feeling-resonance. This is what I make myself available to teach and facilitate. I am not attached to any outcome. I’m here to offer this for as long as I am able.

A few quotes about resonance from my book, Koyopa Contact Within:

I would try to explain it to others – the altered states that felt far more real than our everyday kind of real. But when I tried to describe the resonant methods in which the data arrived, for the most part, I just sounded like a blithering idiot. It was best to keep it inside – literally inside my cells – until there was a clear recipe and a visible container in which to serve it up for human cognition. The one constant throughout these interactions was a high pitch of vibrational energy, so high that many times I would have to cry out, “Stop! This… is… too much. Please.” And they would stop, until the next time, that is.

I was convinced that my Visitors were wrong in choosing me. This imagined purpose, this expanded communication project, this design to remind, whatever it was, would just not be possible. How do I draw from the light data inside my cells and translate it into a word language? No one could ever tell me how to do that. I tried to channel or become a medium for it, but the methodology wasn’t quite right. The Intelligence within said, “No, this isn’t exactly how we’re going to do it. You have the right idea to translate, but we’re building a new roadmap.” Later, it just happened – by locking into a resonant communion while messages flowed through me – and I gave it voice in words, in real time. That was pretty cool, but soon I realized that this form was far too small for the massive amounts of multidimensional data that streamed in. It clearly preferred to be known and valued in a wordless way.

While I cherish the hundreds of messages that I have brought through, and continue to bring through, I felt it was far more efficient to help other humans remember how to directly commune with this greater intelligence. It no longer matters what terms we use – channeling, communion, or what have you – as these methods are temporary. In our natural state, there is no need for language or translation. In fact, words can even be a hindrance.

Language and linear thought has been our primary mode and system of communication here. We adapted to it well, but I discovered through resonant contact that it isn’t our wholly, natural way. It seems that humanity has always been wired for these long-distance (or beyond-local) calls.

Thank you to the followers and subscribers of my work. I am deeply grateful for those who have valued who I am and what I do. Thank you for helping me get to the proverbial finish line. What a journey this has been… and will continue to be. I love you all.

Eileen will be facilitating healing groups and passing along this tool to groups in Southern Colorado this month (September). Visit her Events Page for more info.

IMG_4983Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and a work-in-progress. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of evolving consciousness and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.

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Sound of Gold Files: InnerMaps.021019.Full

InnerMapsCropBelow is a full Sound of Gold Files message. Eleven days after the Pueblo conference where I spoke in April, I shared an excerpt of this with the Koyopa Meditation Group (love you guys). They requested, so I agreed that I would have it up on my Patreon site after my return to WA. My beloved patrons see and hear what I share first, or in some cases, exclusively. It is a way to receive an energy exchange for what I offer, as well as to offset the many costs associated with sharing this work online. I don’t think people realize how difficult it is in these beginning phases to survive in the world when we fully tell the truth. However, the more of us that are empowered to tell the truth, the more this will absolutely change our reality. I want to feel empowered with the love and resources that I need to continue speaking about what I’m learning. And this revolves around the evolution of consciousness via contact with nonhuman intelligence. For many of you, I want to be a voice-of-truth, but I’m really only here to inspire, until you find and broadcast your own. The guidance I receive is to primarily use the Internet as sign posts that point to meeting and sharing in-person, all over the world. This is where the energy exchange (not so much the words) can have the greatest catalytic impact on those who are ready to initiate a more conscious connection with the Source Field and Self.

Quote from message:
“…So we would say get used to working with frequency. Get used to working with energy, with subtleties, for your own inner maps await you, the maps that if you truly want love and peace and grace to reign in your reality, you will take responsibility for finding these maps and delivering yourself to this place. And in your own deliverance, you bring those who are witness to you, with you. Resonance. Begin with the resonance of Love within your own bodies, and then invite others through resonance. You do not need to know how to explain it in words, in the 3D language or languages. You must learn the language of Grace, the language of resonance in order to meet with your Creator, with the Universe, with all the beings that resonate with Love. And then you change the world, simply through energy. ”



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