INNER-TELL: Undercover Angels

Sometimes the magnetic Intelligence pours into me. It holds me close, while the familiar knowing-data fills my consciousness. It has a tendency to present randomly, and in a variety of ways. Sometimes I wake up in the night while a download is in progress. Other times I’m washing the dishes, talking on the phone, driving … Continue reading INNER-TELL: Undercover Angels

Your Back-Channel to Truth — Within

It’s like a musical prayer, but certainly not one that was provided to me by a book, a church, or a minister. It came from within. The way to ensure a back-channel connection with our Soul and/or the totality of our consciousness, was taught to me over a lifetime — through lucid dreams, or lucid contact with … Continue reading Your Back-Channel to Truth — Within

Are You a 10-Percent Truther?

We have been conditioned or programmed to use only a tiny sliver of our brain — 10 percent they say. From my own experience though, I would revise that a bit: we’ve been using only 10 percent of our available consciousness. This is the result of our collective agreement to devalue heart or emotional consciousness, and disown … Continue reading Are You a 10-Percent Truther?