On this Spring Equinox, Show Me the Way

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My heart is filled with good wishes to you all on this beautiful Spring Equinox, 2019. This is a powerful one. The deeper stirrings within that we have perhaps been thinking we’ve successfully kept at bay for weeks, days, or even years, will have their day, so to speak. It’s important to bring it up and out into the light of this full-moon equinox, to make room for something Greater. It is a fire within that may have been forgotten, or buried beneath the harsh winters we’ve all endured throughout our lives.

Some of you who follow this blog may be aware that I wrote a book about my transformative spiritual experiences, and continue to share messages via these resonant pathways to nonlocal consciousness. Others of you may be aware of my music, in which I wrote and sang about my journey with a Light that ignited within, and showed me just how much we are loved and cherished. The popular term being used for those like me is, “Experiencer.” For me it came in the forms of direct contact with angels or nonhuman intelligence, as well as the Kundalini awakening whereby the Holy Spirit, or Shakti, infuses the body and resets our natural consciousness. Whether we use these terms or not, there are probably millions of us who have been touched in these ways and more. But unless it fits into existing ways of defining a higher power and consciousness, sadly, most of us have been conditioned to bury it, and willfully silence that which does not appear normal in this consensus reality. This is especially true in our Western culture.

As a result of these events, I don’t need religious dogma to tell me what I’m connected to, but I do long for the words that I can use to be heard without judgement. I know there is a higher power, and thankfully I can never un-know this now. This Divine Love transforms, and continues to guide me every step of the way. I never ask others to believe the way I believe, simply because there is nothing to believe. But there is something to KNOW, and if we seriously want to know this Presence directly, its fire will light up within our own hearts, and usher us into remembering and practicing this ancient and future way of being again.

Choosing anger, blame, sides and tribes will keep us forever looping in this dark place. What I learned through all of this, is that many of us have been terribly wounded in our lives, and I was no exception. As a result, we tend to store the shame in the darker corners of our being. This can lead to anxiety, addiction, and coping mechanisms to numb the pain, while unconsciously projecting these disowned emotions onto others… onto a target out there so that we can avoid owning and healing the traumas once and for all. Sadly, I know that organized religion and some cultural traditions have also created devastating wounds that make it difficult to find our way to the Truth again. Even though we may want to believe that our religious way of life is better than others, I found that the Love that met and healed me in these sacred moments doesn’t live in our institutions. It lives in us. It lives in the natural world and natural law.

There are spiritual masters who came to teach us these things, many times over. And they didn’t ask to be worshipped. They wanted us to know that this is also who we are. I know that if we are sincere in our asking, this Presence will show us who we are and what unique gifts we have to heal our communities and world.

My eyes and ears were opened through this Divine intervention. And I don’t care if I never tell my story or sing another song again. All I want is for you to know the Glory of what you are connected to. We do not have to continue living in the disempowered ways that we’ve been. Remember? These things and greater shall ye do. God is energy, a radiant Presence, and this Presence is pure Love waiting for an invitation to burn brightly again. Return to innocence. Surrender. Allow. We are at a pivotal crossroads in our time with Earth.

I deeply honor each and every sincere path, and even those who haven’t identified with any path at all, but unless the way we’ve been following and demonstrating is a way of Love, maybe it’s time to get down on our knees, and ask this LOVE to show us the way. I’ve heard a lot of hymns in my life, but this one touches me more than any. I know there’s a Heaven, and it’s inside each and every one, but there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t utter some of the same words in this song. Turn it up! Then if you like, share your own testimonies of this Love. How did you come to know and practice it in your life?


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An Invitation to the Experiencers

et windowI’m reaching out to experiencers to record some truth talks again. I did this five years ago, until I fell on harder times and could no longer invest the time and energy into growing it. I also wonder if I may have been trying to launch this project too soon. The Aquarian in me sometimes charges ahead with great enthusiasm, only to discover that I was a bit ahead of the collective’s tolerance for such things. Oops!

For me, I’ve always been more interested in how consciousness is transformed as a result of contact, Kundalini, Near-Death (NDE), or the variety of other numinous experiences that occur for human beings. Frankly, I get bored with the arguments about whether there are or aren’t different vibrational lifeforms interacting with us, and the measurement of such. For me it’s a “duh,” and can we please move at the more rapidly accelerating rate of what’s actual? – the evolution and expansion of consciousness via extraordinary experiences. Don’t misunderstand, I highly respect those who are working with science, especially the important work of Reinerio Hernandez and and all the good folks at FREE.  The results of these important studies (Beyond UFOs) are a necessary stage for helping to reframe reality for many. But for experiencers, we have fewer blocks or constraints in moving past the parent-like warnings and judgements of materialistic science, and organized religion for that matter.

I’m not trying to prove anything to anyone in the outer world. I want to know how my fellow humans navigate their lives, both through and after these cycles of extraordinary experience and integration. It can be a lonely place indeed, living a dualistic life. We learned the art of keeping up with old patterns in the name of consistency for work and family, while at the same time knowing on the deeper level that there is an untapped reservoir of More. What I’ve learned in the past, and recently with the video conferences we’ve been holding within FREE and other Experiencer Groups, is that when we speak to each other, the magic is palpable. Just by sharing presence with each other, I’ve noticed that we offer each other permission to simply rest in who we are. And if that isn’t enough already, it also offers permission to launch into the manifestation of our greater potentiality. Who knows? If experiencers were encouraged in this world, instead of laughed at, perhaps this evolution of consciousness would lead to the measurable physical proof that everyone seems so hell bent on capturing? Just a thought.

The mechanistic theory of nature is a theory of nature, and one that I think is wrong, or at least too limited. It’s not an eternal truth. ~ Rupert Sheldrake, PhD

As an experiencer, I rather enjoy the limitless playground of eternal truth.

My particular interest in this area is of course because of my own episodes with nonhuman intelligence, and the related data I’ve received along these lines via the telepathic or communion states. Experiencers may or may not realize that many of us chose this. It’s like we asked for the tap (or shove) on the shoulder in this life, to grow through the fear and ultimately meet more of ourselves on the other side. And this treasure, that is within all humans but perhaps more activated within the experiencer, remains hidden, scoffed at, and pretty much un-tapped.

While it is interesting to explore all the dichotomies, conundrums and personal opinions from the 3D narratives, for me the excitement is around who we are becoming – conscious multidimensional beings. And how much more powerful will our voices be if we sing this multidimensional song together?

So, I’m not asking people to “come out” as an experiencer, per se. You can be a nameless voice who speaks about your experience and how it changed you, your relationships, and your view of the world. Or perhaps it changed nothing because you figured out how to suppress it? At this time, I am only looking to connect with people who have experienced personal transformation through their experiences. Please contact me if you are interested in exploring and dialoging further in this way. I feel this joining together – in all honesty – has an equal or even greater potential to break through the rigid materialistic consensus of, “this is all there is.”

Here is an example of what I was doing in 2014 – one of the first ones I did. It’s basically a short audio interview with a photo. It was a way that I could get these files uploaded and hosted for free. Frank had responded to a blog post of mine back then… similar to this one. You’ll see that this isn’t just about ETs. It’s about Spirit and transformation.

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How Do I Hide? – A Poem

red maskHow Do I Hide?
Let me count the ways…
Everyday I slip into a myriad of masks,
Picking and choosing in any given moment
The one that is perfect
For you,
My other,
The one that I believe
Or won’t
Digest the bigger me that I’ve become.

So I stuff my life and my face
Into a box,
And I agree to have more mass appeal –
Kind of like a Happy Meal.
You see,
If your mind has a place to put my face
Then I have given you
Something that is neither
Happy or healthy for anyone.

07e75-11ovdsi6_x3kkhzi-39juoq.jpegWhen I’m alone I grow
By leaps and bounds
So why would I be afraid to show
What I’ve awakened to?
In my private room I see
And I know beyond the
Shadowing of any doubt,
That I am as great as the stars
And as real
And purposeful
As the Earth Herself.

So I’m left to wonder
Whether you,
My other,
Are remembering the truth
In the privacy of your room?
What if we have all discovered the truth
In this laser-like focus of persona,
But in blind devotion to the past
And what has always been,
We find it easier to pretend,
To mask the light of the stars
And the power and purpose of
That Which We Are.

HeadHairBlowOne by one
We must come out
Of our tiny rooms,
Free from the mask
Free from the past.
Who among us
Will have courage
To don the naked face,
To demonstrate
With power and grace
That this human race
Is breaking from its past,
Breaking from the story that We are small
And separate pieces,
That today we can choose
To emerge to the truth

That we are one…

All of us knowing,
That the real story
Has only
Just begun.

Eileen Meyer  ©2012