Return of the Jaguar Mother, Ep3

IxChel.Mayan Triple GoddessThese days, one of the things that I benefit from the most on the Internet, is to simply listen in to the conversations of others with whom I resonate. Immersion is a beautiful thing. I hear from so many that they are seeking, but have not yet found a strong sense of a local awakening community. The Internet may help in the interim, but in time we must be willing to step forward and be the anchors of conscious community that we wish to see. (A nod to Gandhi.)

When I listen to the honesty and truth expressed in the voices of others, I find that I receive instant validation without ever thinking a thought. It’s a great way to absorb these energetic pieces of the puzzle – pieces that I need to feel encouraged and to more confidently manifest my Greater Self here and now. At this stage, as more and more humans awaken and come online with the Universal Field, we are becoming a far more important resource, mirror, and treasure of wisdom for each other than the old patriarchal structures could ever deliver. And these are the same models and structures that are currently dissolving as we speak. All that is resonant with the I AM Field will remain or rise again in a wholly new way.

As we stand at the crossroads of this grand cycle, we are gathering all of the pieces of the ONE who are consciously ready to lift into multidimensional consciousness, integrate, and anchor our natural state. In other words, we are inspiring each other Home – on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Eduardo and I create and share these recorded conversations to invite you to be a “fly on the wall,” or participate. We are being ourselves, plain and simple, and sharing what we have discovered on our own unique pathways Home. It’s not THE way. It’s our view, our travelogues, our inner maps. Maybe we have a piece for you. Maybe not. We’re simply here.

YouTube Blurb: Eileen and Eduardo have had these talks for many years now about the strangeness of the world we find ourselves in and how to navigate through. So they decided to start recording and sharing them.

Eduardo, a Mayan Priest or Aj Q’ij, became Eileen’s teacher on the Sacred Mayan Fire Path in 2001 and initiated her in 2002 in Tikal, Guatemala. She did not take the title of Aj Q’ij. As a lifetime experiencer of contact with nonhuman intelligence, she knew that the Mayan wisdom was important to integrate into her sacred bundle, but that it would only be the beginning of her unfolding spiritual work. In 2005 she began to bring through the frequency data that she was taught how to access and translate via her lifetime of contact experiences, and her Kundalini/Koyopa event. When Eduardo and Eileen refer to the messages in these videos, they are referring to this evolutionary guidance she received and recorded in hundreds of audio files. They are about how our consciousness would be changing in these times, how important it is to remember who we are, ignite and give birth to our divinity on Earth, and transcend the outdated 3D construct that many still sleep within. This is not a time to be afraid. It is the time to remember and BE the fullness of who we actually are. (Click on the above video to read more.)

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and a work-in-progress. After a lifetime of numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of evolving consciousness and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.


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You are the point of power


“We encourage you to trust that you are well cared for – always. You are the point of power in the life that you have created. This is where we see that some of the confusion and the frustration comes from. You are accustomed to living out the scripts, and when the script falls away you feel lost, for you have been placing that power and that authority into the outer world, into the dream. When you are asked to be the point of power and to accept it, it is frightening in the beginning. This is understood. And know that you are loved through this delicate and yet profoundly powerful moment where this shift takes place – from the dream to awakening into the center point of your being –  where the Universe and All of Creation lives through you.”

Sound of Gold Files: NaturalWorld.082905

Note from Eileen: When I get the chance, I work on transcribing some of the older audio files that I recently came across. I quickly copied this quote to share. It’s from 2005 – fourteen years ago this month. Back then I wasn’t quite sure what to do with these messages – especially when it says it is the voice of my natural state and the natural world. I was not able to explain this whole process of decoding frequency to “normal” people at the time. It’s why I’m still discovering these messages, hidden away on old-forgotten hard drives!

IMG_4983Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and a work-in-progress. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of evolving consciousness and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.

You can support Eileen’s work by sharing this with others, or if you feel moved to help her with this project of spiritually-empowering digital content and events, you may consider making a donation via Paypal. Gratitude, and blessings to you on your own journey Home.

Meet the Director of Evolution: You

What I have learned throughout this adventure of Contact Within, is that once our natural design is re-activated, we have the capacity to become directors of this expansion project. We are equal with IT in our dialog and intentions. Once we rise to meet it, IT expands with our consciousness, and naturally changes us and our entire reality. You can label this energy whatever you like – God, Creator, Source, Jesus, Allah, etc. – but know that this Creative-Force is LOVE. ~ Eileen (EM)

Director of Evolution


Sound of Gold Files: Excerpt from 062114

EM (me): I’m simply stating who I am and what I love and I ask for guidance for myself and others now. And I will meet you in this frequency in this energy and I will do my best to translate pure energy into words knowing that it’s simply for others to hear as I do not require translation [within]. Communion is instantaneous feeling and knowing and the only reason we translate it is so that others can begin to feel and perceive glimmers of what they’re connected to and there may still be an attachment to language and words in order to receive that. That said I’m going to stop talking and blend with the frequencies. I thank you for this communion time.

~8:40 Throat sounds and foreign words.

~10:38  In response, “we” as a group consciousness… for that is what is occurring here, is you are moving from the focus of individual consciousness into group consciousness. This is a very natural event for all of you. You have been accustomed to limiting your own perceptions and feelings in deference to the virtual world creation, narrow bandwidth, world of limitation. Some of you are still putting your energy into these loops of consciousness, thinking that it is still functioning. It is not. It is simply being sustained by your beliefs, your thoughts, your thinking that it is so. And this is what you are creating in a collective way, in a group way. You are capable of so much more. And we are speaking now in this way to demonstrate this to you. There is a larger group consciousness that you simply do not believe you are able to access.

Now we have referred to ourselves as cosmic family, as a family of light. Some in form and some in non-physical form, it does not matter. It is all consciousness. And we are contacting you in this way vibrationally with the translator, into words. Now, understand it is not always as accurate as we would prefer and this is not a judgment of the translator herself, it is simply that words are very limiting. Language is very limiting. You have all of what you need within your physical design to access the same – your group-collective consciousness beyond what you have created in a worldly way on your planet. This cycle has already come to an end and you simply have not fully awakened to the truth of this – the feeling-truth of this.  The heart opening and understanding activation includes reconnection to your universal consciousness. And with all of that comes your family – the ones that you know far better than you do your family connections on earth – simply because you are not utilizing all of your capacities in the limited reality that you have been participating within…


Note: I am currently setting up a Patreon page for subscribers. I’d like to do a gradual data dump (audio and transcriptions) of the hundreds of messages translated from this Resonant Presence, from 2004ish to present. I never claim that this material is the end-all-be-all, but it may be a piece to the puzzle that will at least help support this next evolutionary step. This project will take time and expense far beyond what I have already contributed to continue the work – my entire retirement savings, with added credit card and other debt incurred in order to survive. Due to my honesty and outspokenness, I seem to be at odds with the current system requirements to play it small and safe in order to earn worldly wages – meaning nothing too controversial in my personal projects that may leak into my worldly-job image. Currently, I work a low-wage, part-time job, which I enjoy because I can be me, but in order to cover expenses and dedicate more of my time to this project (time is of the essence), I need financial help. The Patreon page is not yet live, but I will update you through my newsletter: Subscribe here.  If you feel inspired (or know someone who could help sponsor this project) and would like to make a donation now, you may do so here. And no, there isn’t a God “out there” that magically funds these bridging projects. Creator arrives and animates within us to inspire this collective shift in humanity. Whether your lightwork is producing inspiration, or helping to fund and disseminate it, it is all purposeful, and greatly needed now. Thank you. ~ Eileen