From Adaptation to Expansion: The Evolution of Humanity

Let us speak to those who feel that they have been forgotten, left behind, thrown into circumstances that tear at the very fabric of their sense of self.Humanity over the centuries has adapted to existing circumstances and situations - some being healthy and some quite unhealthy. In many ways, one could sum up the intention … Continue reading From Adaptation to Expansion: The Evolution of Humanity

Like a Fish in Water

A message from the communion (channeling) state: I Am here!The Presence of Love is here and available for all. Perhaps when humans make an important decision to stop seeking the Presence of Love, that it shall be found. For what is seeking?It is an extraordinarily loud message to All of Creation that you do not … Continue reading Like a Fish in Water

Embody Joy

Another message from my "larger community"...Notice - especially in these times - when and where, and with whom do you feel joy. This is your sign, your indicator of God, of Creator in your life. In other words, get to know your joy on an intimate level. Are you inviting this joy to be present … Continue reading Embody Joy

Rooting into Earth

Frida KahloRoots1943This is an excerpt from a communion (channeled) state.  It came shortly after I wrote yesterday's poem....By awakening, we mean that you have found the ground once again, the Earth, and you have rooted yourself in what is real; you are again reconnected to the 4 elements. So when we speak now, we are … Continue reading Rooting into Earth

My 2012

For years I was stuck in becoming somethingI already am.What a waste of time.Indeed,Time is a waste.So I let go the mindAnd the soul intervenedTo end all time.I assure you now,I am hereAnd aliveAnd well.WelcomeTo my 2012.© Em