Translating Infinity

My inner guidance over the years has been, “No need to concern yourself with detailed scientific explanations of your experiences with nonhuman intelligence. Just keep documenting it for a future time, about what this is like and how it changes you.” Frequency, resonance, and vibration deliver data from what feels like an infinite field of consciousness. And yes, I keep documenting it.

When I walked the Sacred Mayan Fire Path at the turn of the century, I learned that my Mayan birth tone and glyph is Jun Akabal (1-Bat). It seemed so perfect. This ancient science was telling me that my natural power and essence involved reunification and the navigation of life through sound. If anything, I relate because I am a singer and writer of songs. Still, while these words sound simple enough, I cannot tell you what a challenging path this has been to speak to others of the larger song that I discovered. I was jealous of the bat. She didn’t have to explain her very essence to humans. She could just fly, hang upside-down, and “be.”

How does one frame pure essence into words? I’m pretty sure it’s not possible, and it’s why I named my newest YouTube channel, “Translating Infinity.” It is a forever project.

THC.NassimH.Pod.ScreenshotThankfully, there are quantum scientists now who are arriving in the same uncharted territories that some experiencers have been navigating. I listened with great excitement to this podcast last night with Nassim Haramein, a world leader in unified physics. I recommend it. It feels like we are so close.

If one doesn’t have that outer-world, patriarchal authority in which to be seen and validated in this upside-down world, it is a very lonely place indeed. One time, while passionately dialoguing out loud about feeling lost and invisible in this strange world (a truth-telling process given to me by this intelligence), I found myself fully enveloped within the extraordinary essence of the Divine Mother. Her mighty “voice” reverberated powerfully throughout every cell of my body,

“Now you know how I feel.”

This intelligence has been teaching me about the Divine or Sacred Feminine for years. And until recently, I was even completely unaware of that. Things shifted when I began to own and grow this direct melodic relationship to frequency intelligence in my heart and body – without the narrative, nod, or approvals from my own ego or world. Yes, I found a level of courage within me that I did not know existed. I had to.

Are my feeble attempts to translate what I am receiving a perfect rendition? No. And it can never be. The act of translation is temporary until we restore and act from the More of who we are – humanity’s natural state. The reason I didn’t share these Sound of Gold messages for so many years was for that very reason alone. The words were not perfect, like others’ super-slick channeled narratives about our cosmic relations “out there.” I was intimidated. Plus, I was decoding messages that primarily spoke to humanity about how to integrate these archetypes and self-direct our own evolution, as we had extraordinary treasures and gifts buried deep within. In addition, it was showing me that it was crucial for humanity to remember and restore the rest of our consciousness before we completely surrender to AI and transhuman technologies.

When it got right down to it, I found very few people who were actually interested in consciousness, let alone evolving it. Thankfully, this is changing now too. Apparently, it takes chaos and confusion in the outer world to send people within, in search of Truth. This has been one of the greatest validations I’ve received from these encoded messages. The visions came many years ago, outlining this very important evolutionary crossroads in time, where there would be great deceit and manipulation of human minds that had been purposely cut off from remembering and accessing their full potential. And this didn’t have to be. We could literally re-engage with our original design and rise above it.

It may sound like I have a handle on all of this, but in reality, I’m a complete novice in this translating thing. I resonate with the idea that I may be translating ether itself but in a very crude way. I do know though, that it’s the sound or resonance, rather than the words, that becomes a far more effective means of delivering data to our consciousness. And I also learned that we not only receivers, but we were originally designed to be transceivers too. I’ll save my understanding and practice of that for another time.

The greatest barrier to receiving this direct understanding is our own ego. It has a knee-jerk judgment and rejection of a universal form of communication that it does not control directly, and never will. However, the ego is still an important component of our 3D consciousness and can be employed after the fact, to help explain it through linear thought, or to set new intentions based on the universal data being received. I ask that when people listen to these Sound of Gold Files messages, that they approach it meditatively. Allow the words and vibrations to wash through you, rather than focus only on what language can deliver to our tiny 3D mailboxes. If one can transcend the ego’s terror around losing its accidental promotion so long ago, one will begin to experience data flowing into our whole consciousness through resonance. This language is very subtle and definitely life-changing. And it has everything to do with rediscovering that our very own bodies, when balanced again with the feminine, will act as a crystal to receive and speak in the long-forgotten universal language of frequency.

IMG_4983Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and a work-in-progress. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of evolving consciousness and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.

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The Cosmic Spiral

The Mayan Day today is Kiejeb Kan, 4 Serpent. This is a day to honor the serpent energy and to balance the wisdom of the ancients right where we are, in our physical bodies, and in alignment with the 4 colors and 4 directions of the Earth. In these times, once we have healed enough to feel this balance, with humility, we may experience further opportunities to integrate our multidimensional nature, including the 5th element of ether. This is achieved through the conscious communion of our physical bodies to Mother Earth, just like the serpent. And this, in turn, restores our instinct and courage to know how and when to step through the doorway that returns us to our cosmic spiral nature. (Archetype: Kulkulkan).

If we have the courage to notice and engage with Life beyond the proverbial wheel, we shall be richly rewarded by directly feeling and anchoring the Spiral Light of Source Creation in our body and being. Or, we may ignore what is being offered at this grand crossroads of time, and recommit our consciousness and soul to further cycles of darkness. Now is the time to directly feel and know your Original Source Creator. Or, you may remain true to what you were taught on the wheel of time. While there are both conscious and unconscious choices that can be made in this intersection, there is no right or wrong choice. Which do you prefer?


Multiple dimensions of reality await us if we want to exit the roundabout that has been keeping us within a very limited spectrum of human consciousness. However, in order to even perceive this doorway into more light, beyond the smallness, we must be willing to feel, heal, and release that which does not vibrate in Love. In other words, we cannot take our fear with us, across this threshold into More. The 5th element of ether cannot be perceived with the thinking mind. It is subtle and must be felt. And feeling is the key to our entry into the greater experience of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Eduardo Griego Gonzales, Junlajuj B’atz’, Maya Aj Q’ij

In April 2002, in Tikal, Guatemala, between the Temple of the Jaguar and the Temple of the Sun, I initiated as a Maya Aj’ Qij, Counter of the Days. It took about a year to complete the 20 sacred fire ceremonies with my teacher, Eduardo Griego Gonzales, Junlajuj B’atz’, Maya Aj Q’ij. And on this initiation day of my 20th fire, my guides informed me that it was not my destiny to take the title and repeat the knowledge that I had acquired outside of myself. My sacred path was to continue my own journey within, to know my Universal Source through not only the 4 elements, but to also know the 5th element of ether, and anchor this knowing before I could more deeply perceive and honor the treasure of cosmic wisdom embedded within the elements, glyphs, and tones.

The visions have consistently shown me, both before and following the end of the Mayan Long Count, December 21st, 2012, that we are rapidly losing our ability to perpetuate this false reality construct. The confusion and craziness will only grow if we are still attached to the values, laws, and dictates of man, versus our inherent connection to the Mother and Universal Source. And if we do not know ourselves and our deep connection to Mother Earth, we will not have the instincts in place to know what is true and what is not. Why is this important? Because the trickster is in our midst now and is planning to go full throttle in his game to keep you believing that you are small and clueless. This current world or construct is ending, and there are other-dimensional trajectories now. Your own vibration will determine your life’s trajectory sometime in the early 2020’s.

While this may feel scary to one who is attached or invested in the temporal nature of the matrix world as the source for all, it is joyous news to the ones who have been silently waiting, praying, and trusting the visions that made little sense in the times before. Even though some of us had no sufficient model or framework in which to fully divulge the multiple layers of frequency data we have been receiving about this monumental transformation, we are still here. And we are here to assist you in trusting your own inner guidance to cross this threshold too.

I give thanks to our Mother-Father Creators, for this beautiful Earth, and for the many beings who join me here to assist others in remembering the Light that they are.

IMG_4983Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and a work-in-progress. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of evolving consciousness and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial contact.

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Step 1: Restoring the Divine Feminine

Some of us were born into a full-immersion, lifelong project of transformation. It was the path of reaching deeply into, and studying the core being of ourselves and humanity. We had to undergo our own radical transformations first, before this crossroads in time, and before we could vibrate on a level that we might be of the greatest support to others. We are simply guides. We knew that this was the only way to reach into and heal the deeper wounding of the feminine within ourselves, as well as within you. All of it was for the purpose of guiding humans into the restoration of their true and natural self.

IMG_0013.JPGI recall that beautiful Santa Fe day, a day that would mark the first-of-twenty ceremonies on the Sacred Mayan Fire Path. I was guided to walk with a teacher who appeared at one of my Friday night gigs at the La Posada Hotel. His name was, Eduardo Griego Gonzales, Maya Aj Q’ij (Counter of the Days). As I loaded the items I needed to take with me to my first sacred fire site, this beautiful cat being sat in the tall grass, and watched me go back and forth from the house to the car. She adopted me back then, in late 2001. Most people thought she was “just a cat,” but in actuality, Maya was my spiritual guide in form. This was a great honor and privilege that I cannot translate into words.

After coming through the recent (July 2nd) Solar Eclipse New Moon portal, more of mySelf became embodied. Initially it was disorienting and confusing, but I’ve learned to trust this process of integration. I’m familiar with the inexorable levels of surrender that must occur as we grow into More. Leading up to this time, I could feel that something was moving and changing within me that was manifesting on both a cosmic and cellular level. Then a week later, Maya left her physical body on July 8th, at 18 years of age. I had always known, deep within my being, that her physical departure would initiate the deepest of transformations for me, and the last and final phase of my spiritual work.

For years I have been apologizing to people for not having catchy ways to explain my spiritual work and process, and for my failure to meet the pressing demands of the linear mind. I would have to say, that it is because I have personally been the very process itself – a process of becoming, as well as building a path that will help me to demonstrate what I have come to know. I suppose it would be like a reporter pushing a microphone into the face of an emerging butterfly, and demanding a few catchy soundbites on spiritual transfiguration. The butterfly only knows the feeling experience of what she is emerging from, not how to drop it into a marketable human-interest story for the 6 o’clock news.

In order to grow into the wholeness of divine-human form, everyone must initiate their own dedicated spiritual-healing path. No one can do this for us. There are many guides here now, and we all have different ways of assisting. While some of it may resonate with previous types of spiritual work, most of these organically-grown bodies of work and service will not look or sound like any known spiritual framework from the past. At this crossroads, and in your deepest possible knowing, choose the path or guidance you are drawn to. Through the work of the frequency of Gold Light Intelligence, I am here to heal through vibrational frequency, and to encourage and support others in the deeper healing and weaving of the restored feminine will into this monumental, feet-on-the-Earth journey into wholeness.

IMG_1465The completion of humanity’s greatest spiritual metamorphosis is yet to come, and no matter our gender, it cannot come to fruition without transforming the wounded feminine into Her Divine Fullness once again. We must allow Her to move. She must be given the space to rise up now (Koyopa/Kundalini). And here, when she meets and receives the light of Spirit again, matter is transformed to its original and evolutionary high-vibratory state. Take your gaze and blame from the outer world, and go within. The world will not heal until we heal the deeper rift within ourselves.

While my beautiful Maya may not be in her cat form any longer, for me she continues to be a guide who radiates a beautiful Gold Light. And she is here, with me now, in a wholly new way.

In Lak’ech, Maya. Thank you for blessing me with your Presence, always.

Eileen is currently developing a September 2019, Gold-Light weekend workshop and a series of experiential Gold-Light Healing Circles in Southern Colorado with Mayan Priest, Eduardo Griego Gonzales. Please follow this blog, Facebook, or her newsletter to keep in touch.

IMG_4983Eileen is a lifetime experiencer, mystic, and songstress. After her many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness, and is here to help others access their own inner cosmic doorway too.

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