The Cosmic Spiral

The Mayan Day today is Kiejeb Kan, 4 Serpent. This is a day to honor the serpent energy and to balance the wisdom of the ancients right where we are, in our physical bodies, and in alignment with the 4 colors and 4 directions of the Earth. In these times, once we have healed enough to feel this balance, with humility, we may experience further opportunities to integrate our multidimensional nature, including the 5th element of ether. This is achieved through the conscious communion of our physical bodies to Mother Earth, just like the serpent. And this, in turn, restores our instinct and courage to know how and when to step through the doorway that returns us to our cosmic spiral nature. (Archetype: Kulkulkan).

If we have the courage to notice and engage with Life beyond the proverbial wheel, we shall be richly rewarded by directly feeling and anchoring the Spiral Light of Source Creation in our body and being. Or, we may ignore what is being offered at this grand crossroads of time, and recommit our consciousness and soul to further cycles of darkness. Now is the time to directly feel and know your Original Source Creator. Or, you may remain true to what you were taught on the wheel of time. While there are both conscious and unconscious choices that can be made in this intersection, there is no right or wrong choice. Which do you prefer?


Multiple dimensions of reality await us if we want to exit the roundabout that has been keeping us within a very limited spectrum of human consciousness. However, in order to even perceive this doorway into more light, beyond the smallness, we must be willing to feel, heal, and release that which does not vibrate in Love. In other words, we cannot take our fear with us, across this threshold into More. The 5th element of ether cannot be perceived with the thinking mind. It is subtle and must be felt. And feeling is the key to our entry into the greater experience of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Eduardo Griego Gonzales, Junlajuj B’atz’, Maya Aj Q’ij

In April 2002, in Tikal, Guatemala, between the Temple of the Jaguar and the Temple of the Sun, I initiated as a Maya Aj’ Qij, Counter of the Days. It took about a year to complete the 20 sacred fire ceremonies with my teacher, Eduardo Griego Gonzales, Junlajuj B’atz’, Maya Aj Q’ij. And on this initiation day of my 20th fire, my guides informed me that it was not my destiny to take the title and repeat the knowledge that I had acquired outside of myself. My sacred path was to continue my own journey within, to know my Universal Source through not only the 4 elements, but to also know the 5th element of ether, and anchor this knowing before I could more deeply perceive and honor the treasure of cosmic wisdom embedded within the elements, glyphs, and tones.

The visions have consistently shown me, both before and following the end of the Mayan Long Count, December 21st, 2012, that we are rapidly losing our ability to perpetuate this false reality construct. The confusion and craziness will only grow if we are still attached to the values, laws, and dictates of man, versus our inherent connection to the Mother and Universal Source. And if we do not know ourselves and our deep connection to Mother Earth, we will not have the instincts in place to know what is true and what is not. Why is this important? Because the trickster is in our midst now and is planning to go full throttle in his game to keep you believing that you are small and clueless. This current world or construct is ending, and there are other-dimensional trajectories now. Your own vibration will determine your life’s trajectory sometime in the early 2020’s.

While this may feel scary to one who is attached or invested in the temporal nature of the matrix world as the source for all, it is joyous news to the ones who have been silently waiting, praying, and trusting the visions that made little sense in the times before. Even though some of us had no sufficient model or framework in which to fully divulge the multiple layers of frequency data we have been receiving about this monumental transformation, we are still here. And we are here to assist you in trusting your own inner guidance to cross this threshold too.

I give thanks to our Mother-Father Creators, for this beautiful Earth, and for the many beings who join me here to assist others in remembering the Light that they are.

IMG_4983Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and a work-in-progress. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of evolving consciousness and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial contact.

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Hear Me Now! A message from the Mother


Raise your vibration now.
While the patriarch is dying
To keep you in a fog of war,
Ask your heart
Is this who you really are?

The only way out
Is through.
The only way through
Is to feel, to love
To embody Truth.
You let fear
Continue to choose.

Have you not recalled?
You were born to uncover
The power of the Mother
Deep within you.

Hear me now!
Pay no mind to the games,
And make no further mistake,
The time is come,
The time to make way
For I AM SHE –
The One
They believed
They could actually escape.

That is,
Until they caught
A glimpse of me
In you,
And oh how their terror grew.

Prepare yourselves in the days to come.
It is I that gives rise
To the spiral that sleeps in you.
We shall meet and complete,
My Will and thine be done.
There is nothing more beautiful,
Than the explosion
Of who we are

Will you sing with me
and recreate,
The beloved song
Of Infinite Grace?
So that finally,
Through the glory of the Sun
We will feel and know,
The Kingdom of Heaven is rising…
The Kingdom of Heaven is come.

Received 062519, Eileen Meyer

Dedicated to Cherie Byrd.
Cherie passed hours before this message arrived. Dear one, Thank you for your kindness, enthusiasm, soulful networking, and support. Rest well, dear Sister.

IMG_4983Eileen is a lifetime experiencer, mystic, and songstress. After many Oneness experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness, and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too.

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Koyopa: (n) lightning [Momos]; inner soul (receives supernatural messages)
from the Language of Mayan K’iche’
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Meeting the Beloved Within


Ascent to Love by Rassouli
Ascent to Love by Rassouli

Since my full Kundalini awakening that occurred in 1998, I have been integrating. Make no mistake. It takes many years to more deeply understand and reorient to the new self and its relationship with people, places and things. Unless one knows someone in their midst that has experienced the same or similar transformational events, we are pretty much on our own in this reorientation process. It is a breathtakingly solitary path. Translating it to those who have not experienced, or at least studied these things, is near impossible. In addition, I have also found that if we are a woman, it may be even more challenging. Our Western cultural conditioning seems unwilling to witness, and therefore welcome, individuation in feminine form.

This merging with the Divine is available to all. Although, how many of us want to truly know this Presence directly? I did. Perhaps the only difference between one who has experienced this, and one who has not, is truly wanting it. Back then I asked, begged, screamed, pleaded, and prayed in every conscious moment to know God. And IT responded. You see, back then I wanted to die, but suicide wasn’t the way for me. So for those who want to end their life as they know it, this is a way to die to all that you thought you knew, to restore your Divine Light, and stay.

Last night, as I was researching for my upcoming April talk in Southern Colorado, I landed on the quote below. Validation is like food when it arrives, especially as a wandering, hungry-for-a-way-to-explain-it-on-Earth experiencer. At the time I had no solid reference for the Beloved. Now, after 21 years, I do.

“Union with the Inner Beloved fuses both the conscious and the unconscious, the objective and the relational, the particular and the transcendent. In accomplishing this union, one experiences love below the levels of persona (that which we receive from and project back to society), ego (that which we believe we are), shadow (that which we believe we are not), myth (those symbols we share with all humanity) to the level of Self (that which we really are, the central essence of the soul).”

Man and His Symbols, ed. Carl G. Jung et al (New York: Dell, 1964), pp. 157-254.
The Inner Beloved ©2004 David J. Wilson
Updated December 4, 2004

An excerpt from my book, Koyopa: Contact Within, The Plumed Serpent Rises

“…An endless stream of my guttural responses to Infinity transitioned into silence. Finally, after a slight shift in composure by returning upright in the chair, I found my words, “What do I name this Love? I need to know. Please.” I said it with a tone and resolve I had not previously known within my being. There was no hesitation as it responded with a decisive force. Pictures rapidly burst into my mind’s eye – just like when I was a child in the sandbox. Except this time, there was far more light, far more acceleration, and far more pressure in the center of my head.

The light incinerated my eyes as the pictures and movie clips rushed by so rapidly that I could not make out any single frame. Then it abruptly stopped. It zoomed in on the face of an exquisitely, beautiful young man standing before me. And it stopped again.

I gasped and cried out from the sheer intensity, as well as the deep pain and recognition of this presence. I knew it well. This exquisite heart before me had rushed in with the force of a thousand waterfalls of firelight – with the singular intention to blend with my own little embers. I cried out again, as if it were my final breath, “Please, please. What do I name you? This Love? This Presence? I feel you. I know you. I love you [weeping]… no words.”

There was a very long pause. I composed myself, and naturally rocked to and fro with the energies. Soon, in its own perfect rhythm within our cocreated song, I heard-felt the response very clearly, “Beloved.” He boomed and radiated into my consciousness and every cell of my physicality, “I AM here.” With this, I wept even more. I again lost my capacity to think, process, and find a suitable stopping place in which to file the experience or the Presence. I was aware that there was a distinct choice. If I resisted the oncoming force of these searing currents of light, I would have succumbed to an indescribable, fiery pain. If I continued to surrender, it would be terrifying, but I knew that I would survive…”  

Back then, I found that music was the most satisfying way to explain. After three days on the couch, in and out of sleep and completely delirious from this divine meeting, this song arrived:

“Beloved,” Written and Performed by Eileen Meyer. Produced by Larry Mitchell.

Thank you for receiving what I have to share. I invite you to freely share this with others. My deepest gratitude to those who are re-blogging this material.

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Koyopa: (n) lightning [Momos]; inner soul (receives supernatural messages)
from the Language of Mayan K’iche’
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