Why do People Experience Contact with ET / Nonhuman Intelligence? You Might be Surprised

Years ago, many of us were shown in "pictures" and feelings - what was coming. And indeed, it was accurate, and it is here.

The Value of Warmth

The courage it takes to let go of a life based on a false premise, and to fully trust this Love, well... sometimes it feels impossible. And very lonely. Yet I experience a warmth and richness in Soul that, though I try, I cannot come close to accurately describing in words.  The judgement from others … Continue reading The Value of Warmth

Confused Butterfly Seeks Like-Winged Creatures to Build New Reality

So the way that we see it now, is that there are many butterflies now that have emerged from the chrysalis. Many beautiful butterflies, and yet they are afraid to fly. For each of these butterflies has never seen another butterfly! What to do?