Be the Renaissance

Artwork by Lisa Iris Some people are waiting for inspiration.Where did it go?Seems the muse has vanishedFor reasons unknown.Perhaps she left the worldSo that you could find herIn your very blood and bones.No more waiting to inhaleThe poem,The song,The dance.Be That Which You Are!Release the SoulAnd Her brazen nuance,Let Her goAnd be the Renaissance.© Em Meyer

The Mother’s Happy Sigh

SharisDesigns.comRemember when we used to seek God?Reaching,Trying,To include this enormity of joyInto our everyday lives?Then,When one realizes and ownsThat they are in factThis Field of Love,The challenge becomesTo include the smallness of humankind,With compassion,Into the Mother's happy sigh.© Em Meyer


The most profound "aha" moment in my life was when I realized that being touched by the Divine does not lift and exclude one from the masses; it plants one even more firmly in the knowing that we are One.  The following is a poem that happened at the end of a very long article that … Continue reading No-Time

Space and Time

It is not the world that is ending,But the end will come soonTo the interferenceBetweenCreator and created,This thing called space and time.It is not that we will die,But the deathOf all that we called "life"Will power the blossomsThrough withering vines ofHabitual fear,And all thingsShall be made clear.To those who have always known,Stay.Stay for the beautyThe … Continue reading Space and Time

I Am and Yet

I am peace,Yet I have no robe to display.I am wisdom,Yet there is no book with my name.I sit in silenceYet loudly proclaimI know!I truly know.And I am alone.I take no thought,I give no game,And yetI was born to relate.No shortage of conundrums for me,And yet I am here,In total wonderThat I am free.© Em Meyer