Experiencer Dialogues – Gateways to the Divine: Kundalini, ETs, Trauma Therapy, the Dialogue

Healing trauma, letting go of conditioning, and going rogue to meet the Divine.

Nonhuman Intelligence: What they want you to know

I can only share what I have directly experienced and know.

Interview with Experiencer, Eileen Meyer

Let's talk about nonhuman intelligence and Kundalini/Koyopa bioenergetic events. This interview was created in May 2019. Today it is made public. Angelina Perez interviewed me following my talk at the Pueblo, Colorado Conscious Living and Dying Spring Conference in April 2019. https://youtu.be/EJJt_Ewhc3c   Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and always a work-in-progress. After many … Continue reading Interview with Experiencer, Eileen Meyer

Evolution of an Experiencer: Jeanne Schraf

"Experiencers will one day connect with each other, and when they speak their truth, it will rapidly change your world."