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soulreboot (2)Koyopa Meditation / Sacred Truth Telling and Soul Reboot is a multilayered process that I facilitate. It is designed to help us re-attune to our own frequency and facilitate a greater embodiment of Self. This leads us to the restoration of our natural capacities to commune via resonance with Creator-Spirit, Angels, Guides, and/or nonhuman intelligence. I was not the designer of this process. The teaching arrived via a download during a “visit” in 2005 while I was in Hawaii mentoring with a very special mystical-shaman friend. Actually, I never viewed it as a method per se, until I noticed that I’d been practicing and refining it ever since that magical day. Because of my own successful progression with it over the years, in 2017 I commenced teaching/demonstrating it to individuals in both private and group sessions.

Recently, a new download occurred in response to a series of my direct dialogs with this Inner Presence. Essentially, I was complaining that the Koyopa process that had arrived within my own being has been very challenging to teach externally! About a month ago, I received an all-night, feeling-vision-download of a guided Koyopa process. You should see all of my myriad of sketches and words splattered on the back of whatever papers and envelopes were closest to me when I woke up. I shared a portion of it with a group here on the Olympic Peninsula a few weeks ago, and now I’m prepared to share the entire guided experience with my Southern Colorado spiritual community in September.

For those who aren’t familiar with my work, I am a lifetime experiencer, which means I’ve had a history of contact and connection with a variety of “other” tones of intelligence. I’ve always related to them via frequency, or musically if you will. Then in 1998, my extra (resonant) senses had a significantly greater boost following my full Kundalini awakening. Furthermore, because of my guidance to commit and initiate into the Sacred Mayan Fire Path in 2001-2002 in Guatemala, I was pointed to the importance of the K’iche’ Mayan term, “Koyopa.” I am using this term more often now than I use the Sanskrit term, Kundalini, to emphasize the importance of the relationship with the Divine Mother-Goddess, serpent energy for the foundational activation of our resonant capacities, or the return of Kukulkan/Quetzacoatl within our own individual consciousness. I say “foundational” because it is not simply a mental experience. It is rooted in a whole-body resonant communion. Healing and bridging to the Divine Feminine within, no matter our gender, rapidly accelerates this process.

Translation from the Mayan K’iche’ Dictionary:


Recently a friend in a Facebook higher-consciousness group posted the video below, using a few quotes from my last blog post. Thank you, Jayta, for your wonderful video and work with your Psychic Aerial Anomaly Practioner Network. You might not be aware of this, but seeing this video was the final synchronicity that I needed from my outer world to validate the inner guidance that I’ve been receiving in the past week. The guidance was to extend to those who learn and practice the process I teach, an opportunity to apply it in a natural-world setting by inviting inter-dimensional contact. (Details to be announced for Southern Colorado.) These very inner-to-outer-world synchronized events are what may activate the greatest potential for validation of the fact that we are, in fact, bridging to the harmonics of higher-vibrational worlds. Now more than ever, we will be met in ever-expanding ways when we tune our vessel or instrument to perfectly harmonize with the Song of our Creator.

This Inner Intelligence informed me that the human desire to connect with “More” is a natural and important next step for humanity. Once achieved, we may “sing” or commune with a variety of other beings in the Field of Source. On the flip side, if we are extending ourselves via thought-only, and reaching for a connection without an ongoing intention for a wholistic reunion in your own consciousness, then we may be more limited in the kinds of intelligence that might “see” us and perhaps choose to interact. Remember, we will always experience a direct mirror of the state of our own consciousness. Fragmented consciousness may attract fragmented projections. As we grow, so do our opportunities to have a meaningful connection with More. In fact, this was the emphasis from this intelligence, “Your first priority is a direct resonance to Original Source. Everything else becomes a relationship through the infinite overtones of Source.” And this, they added, is how we more fully show up on the universal radar.

“In this experience on earth, you have set yourselves up to discover that More can ‘play,’ or can ‘sound’ through you.  We are using the metaphor of music, and know that we are not saying that everyone will become a musician or a singer in the ways that you understand musicians and singers. You will all have an opportunity to play the universal sounds through you and out into this world – directly transforming and changing your world anew.  This is how you will transform your world – allowing the greater song to move through you. And then you might choose to come together at this point, once you have practiced and applied the universal sounds of your own souls rejoining the universal sound of Creator. Once you feel comfortable with this, imagine what we will all create together.”

Sound of Gold Files: Overtones122505

By embodying more of ourSelves we naturally achieve a greater resonance in our body and being. There are many soul aspects calling to be woven back into our consciousness, and they may include, but are not limited to the ET aspects of ourselves “up there.” If we’re willing to go deeper into ourSelves, we will be met in far more expansive ways than can be projected with our thinking mind. And this, my friends, is the highest and greatest passion I experience in my life today – helping others FEEL who they are, and the infinite variety of intelligent beings we are naturally connected to through all the exquisite overtones of Love. Interested? Inquire within.

IMG_4983Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and a work-in-progress. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of evolving consciousness and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or interdimensional contact.

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The Divine Feminine. What Does it Have to do with Angels and ETs?

Occasionally I write articles on the platform of This article was posted today. My inspiration is to offer the feminine and evolutionary view of contact wherever possible. Featured image: Motion, by Lusius Malfoy-Datooaj

I have lived a life that many would find terrifying. It was filled with scary encounters with scary beings, and some were even human. All were catalytic. Today my life has its gorgeous moments of course, but in order to launch into my own hero’s journey decades ago, I needed a few good shoves. Eventually, a radical shift in perception was necessary in order to truly appreciate the magnificence of the Divine Feminine within. From my vantage point today, I am able to see that it was this inner movement that began to dissolve the unconscious quarry of debris. It had nearly buried Her alive. She was just left there, forgotten, like an ancient relic. Of course, we can imagine that she was once highly prized and purposeful at one time, but in today’s busy world, who can be bothered with these old stories? Even I would’ve never uncovered Her, and the absolute wonder of human consciousness, if they hadn’t kept shaking me awake.

IMG_3313It felt like I had a whole team of angels flying in and out of my life. Yes, even some of the ones that I used to think were scary. For those who don’t know me, I have referred to this as Evolutionary Contact. What I’ve learned is, some of us had pre-life intentions to receive a wake-up call at this crossroads in time. (Trust me, you don’t want to oversleep. They are sticklers for keeping their commitments.)

If the soul has a specific intent to be lucid in these times, a higher-vibrational presence, or even outer-world events such as loss, illness or accident, may arrive to interrupt our deep-sleep programming. If we don’t consciously choose to engage, an accelerated path into facing and transforming our greatest fears is seemingly chosen for us. I found that if we’re willing to respond to what the fear is saying, and we have the courage to keep leaning into it — seeing, welcoming, and healing these neglected pieces of ourselves — a conscious reunion with the Divine Light is certain, and with our multidimensional relations that vibrate here as well.

As far as ET-oriented events, many have speculated as to why humanity hasn’t been able to “meet” these beings face to face, as in the proverbial landing on the White House lawn. From my own lifetime of direct experience, and through the evolutionary arc of the terrifying to the numinous, I found that it’s because we have yet to fully meet ourselves.

In hindsight, I realize that for me it was never about the objects of paranormal or ET phenomenon “out there.” It was more like these inter-dimensional beings were saying, “Hey, don’t make this about us. We’re just here to remind you that the Truth, and everything you need, is within you. And by the way, it’s ‘go’ time.”



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Photo by Jerry Cooper, Conscious Living and Dying Conference, April 2019, Pueblo, CO

Sound of Gold Bite: Transcending the Wall 050519


The Sound of Gold Bites are excerpts from full transmissions. These are the messages from beyond consensus reality, arriving in frequency. Messages in their entirety are posted on the Patreon site, as they are made available to members first. I will share my journeys in contact and consciousness, along with these messages, for as long as I am able.

“As long as you are studying reality as it is presented to you within these parameters, within this spectrum, you will forever loop.” ~ Gold Light Intelligence

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