The Serpent-Wild

Ever since the serpent-wildMade its way from my body to the starsAnd back again,I am aware of a loneliness -Not for God,Or for human-kind,But for a frame that I can raiseAnd for words that I can speak...Without apology.In the world that wasIt seemed we all agreedThat we were frightened piecesOf a Motherless dream.I know this … Continue reading The Serpent-Wild

Ask Your Mother

Mother and Child, Oil on Board, 36"x42", © Robin BaringA student once asked the lord for something from the world, and he said, "Ask your mother, and she will give you something from another realm."Sometimes I come across little messages in the most magical ways. This is from a friend's book*, neatly tucked away on the … Continue reading Ask Your Mother

Like a Fish in Water

A message from the communion (channeling) state: I Am here!The Presence of Love is here and available for all. Perhaps when humans make an important decision to stop seeking the Presence of Love, that it shall be found. For what is seeking?It is an extraordinarily loud message to All of Creation that you do not … Continue reading Like a Fish in Water