Judge Not

Below is a transmission from 2013 that was transcribed. Every one of these messages (since 2005) has been about the crossroads in time that we are now in. It has taken me several years and different teaching approaches to refine the process (Koyopa Meditation) that is referred to below.* The next Soul Reboot: Sacred Truth-Telling workshop is Aug 10th, 2019 in Sequim, WA. The same workshop, plus Mayan ceremonies and healing circles, will be scheduled in Pueblo, CO in the Sept/Oct 2019 timeframe. Dates to be announced.  ~ Eileen


Transmission from 022213, Santa Fe, NM

We do encourage all of you at this time to observe your responses and reactions to the variety of awakening symptoms. Some reactions are seemingly not healthy but understand in the larger context of what is occurring here, it is all understood with compassion. Your individual focus, it is encouraged, is to be attentive to your own responses, your own reactions, your own feelings.

This is why we have stressed the work with your feelings so that you may more quickly and readily identify frequencies of fear and frequencies of love, and choose accordingly. Stay with love. It seems simple. It seems like a, “…but of course I would choose love.” Permit me to say, that you may not always choose love – even in these times, with all of the practice, all of the studies, all of the workshops… we have altogether arrived at a time when all that you have understood, both intellectually and in heart, will be applied.

You will be given many, many, many opportunities to apply what you have understood to be true. Some of you will be changing your understandings after actual application. While there may be teachings and advice from your past that you resonate with, and that you feel that you have benefitted from, you may find in actual practice that it was primarily wisdom that resided in a conceptual form – an intellectual process and conclusion. You will find that when called upon to apply wisdom, things change and you will adjust accordingly. We have emphasized the importance of recognizing when you are in fear so that you may correct it as quickly as possible and continue resonating in love, for this is vital in these times. It is not too late, if you will, to continue your exercise in knowing what you feel so that you may feel what you know. We will not list the process at this timing for there is material available – a daily practice if you will – to stay rooted in love.*

You will find in the coming days that this is of vital importance. You will all be navigating a landscape now where half of your world and environment and structures – both physically and mentally – will be crumbling, vanishing, falling. At the same time, you are intending to build on a new foundation of Oneness and Love. You must be resonating in this Love, in actual terms, not just in your mind. “Thinking it” does not, in this case, make it so. Feeling it, resonating with it and building from this platform will create a more effortless unfolding. Trust this. It is true. And many of you know this, and you are already embodying and walking on the planet, resonating with this frequency. You understand what is being spoken here. You are the beings who do not get triggered. You do not respond with fear when another individual is confronting or attacking or processing through their own fear in their own way, for it is understood it is not about you. In fact, you are holding the space for their unraveling so that they may loosen the bond of fear and meet you in this resonant frequency.

Of course, the more of you that are embodying and practicing these resonant frequencies of love, the easier it will be for all of you.

You are now responsible for all that you experience, all that you speak, all of your actions. It will return to the individual consciousness more rapidly now. The mirror will be almost immediate. It is there to offer either an opportunity for immediate correction with your consciousness, or it is there to say, “Congratulations you are in love, sharing love, perpetuating love, being love, and it will only grow from this point on.” So take responsibility on this level and for your own lives on earth, how you will deconstruct and let go rapidly. In these times it is rapid, you do not have the time and space any longer to hang on – due to the frequencies that your collective consciousness is transforming and maintaining now – this level of love. You will not be able to hang onto ideas and ways of being that are founded in fear. This will move more rapidly with each passing day. Do not be afraid. All is well. All is in perfection now.

This is… we will call it out for what it is… This is an enormous celebration throughout many dimensions. Feel that. Accept that. Play your part confidently, proudly, lovingly. Some are more aware of how they might serve, more aware than others at this point, but this will be rapidly changing. You may find, and some of you may smile at this due to your past experience… a seeming unbelievability, but you may find that even the most stubborn of those individuals that you have encountered… the most stubborn, the most fearful, will emerge as some of the strongest leaders founded in love. Allow this to be a possibility.

Be careful about your condemning of those whom you have judged as less than, less intelligent, less aware… understand that they may step into some of the most powerful leading positions in your new way of being. Understand that this is possible. 

Be very mindful, very aware of how you judge in this timing. Each individual that you are speaking to, whether they are resonating with you or not in that moment, each individual deserves respect and love. Be calm. Be clear. Speak from this resonant frequency. Strengthen this frequency so that it is more first nature, first hand, without thought. It will grow stronger.

We do make ourselves available to remind those who request it, some of these practices for finding that resonant frequency. And there is no doubt, by the way, once it is found, your body will explode with it in joy. It will recognize…. all of the cells of your being will recognize this frequency. Your body is one of the greatest tools now to help you in relocating this frequency when you have temporarily set it aside. Frequency is the key. Feeling and vibrating with these frequencies of power, truth, love, peace, will make all the difference in your changing world. This is where your power lies. Understand this clearly. It is vitally important that you surrender your first choice of working solely with the intellect in the rebuilding of your world. It is not that intellect does not play a part. There is no judgment of intellect. But understand that the first platform of being and creating is the platform of love, the heart. The intellect serves the heart. This is the foundational lie that was given to you – that it was the opposite. It is not that. Understand your natural state is operating in love – applying, building, creating, and using your intellect from that stable ground, that firm ground of Truth.

We are pleased to be of service. We encourage the channel to practice the feeling-knowing exercises daily. Good day.

Sound of Gold Files: Channel022213. Transcribed from an audio transmission

IMG_4983Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and a work-in-progress. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of evolving consciousness and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial contact.

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Your Choosing Time

FreeFromTheWall sculpture

“In these times you may choose to awaken these dormant powers and abilities within you, that are God-given as you say, that are built into your natural design. Or you may continue to deny this and willingly accept other designs let us say, for your future, for your consciousness, for your bodies.

Now, many of you who might hear this will think sci-fi, think fantasy, and you may choose that line of thought or thinking. But if you are a feeling creature, if you are connected to your heart consciousness, which in your world is identified as emotional intelligence, this is the beginning stages of recognizing the innate power of this within human beings. Understand that this is not fiction. This is not fantasy. This is your choosing time.”

Sound of Gold Files Quote: ChooseLove.072218


IMG_4983Eileen is a lifetime experiencer and mystic. After many Oneness experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness, and is here to help others remember this inner cosmic doorway too.

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Conscious Evolution: This is getting real

I’m releasing this recent transmission to the public earlier than scheduled. It is taking every shred of courage I have to share this now. You will see why. It’s pretty straightforward. It doesn’t feel like we have a whole lot of time to dance around any of this anymore.  This Inner Voice has been pressing me to share it all, and this is what being my authentic self is. No holding back. As another experiencer I recently spoke to said, “It’s just something that I can’t not do now.” (She is the subject of my next episode of, “Evolution of an Experiencer” series.)

It seems everyone is looking to the government for full disclosure of this contact. And I find myself wondering why we’re not looking to our individual experiencers to fill in some of these blanks. This is gloriously ecstatic when I am immersed in the Love of these transmissions. The extreme challenge comes when I turn back to my beloved humanity, and deliver it to you. After all these years, I thought patience was the toughest lesson in my life. Today, I am finding that it’s trust.

A quote from this message: “If you do not know your own value in these times, there is a risk of falling into the same old lines, the same old patterns, the same old conditioning. What you have been residing within is a limited, fractured reality. What is possible for you, is to restore your eyes that see and your ears that hear, to restore your own direct perception of the Truth. There is a One Truth, and it is vibrational. It is not ideological. It is a felt and known, understood sense of Truth, which is your Source Creator. So, you may choose at this time to realign with this vibration, but understand, you cannot have and exist in both worlds. There is a letting go that occurs. There is a grieving. There is a shock, if you will, of realizing that everything that you thought was real, in actuality is not…” – Sound of Gold Files: ConsciousEvolution021719

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