Who stole my ambition?Who would do such a thing?Perhaps it was the "I" that stole the "me",Along with its precious time And memories.So now what?How does one live in this world withNo identity?Seems the "I" has been placed intoStructure and form,Now some-one must learn toDO SOMETHING!I notice the desire for purposeIs present and unclear,Because I … Continue reading Ambition

A Fault Called "Time"

It's not your fault,And it's not mine,It's just a fault called "time".Still we have a choice,Do we root into the emptiness of time and space,Or shall we claim our earth-bound soul,And courageously frameAn unknown role?No matter are the chattering fools,Give them their time,And let them fall with the rest of theirMade-up minds.© Em Meyer

Watch Her

Dr. Terry Marks-TarlowThe paradox at this point is that I am a creative being...Yet there is nothing here,Nothing that exists -No store-bought stuff,No plastic scaffolding,That satisfies the needTo manifest.How does one create something entirely new?It can't be done with old recipes,And ingredients that are void of tasteAnd nourishment.This is the ultimate in "stuck".I can't look … Continue reading Watch Her

Be the Renaissance

Artwork by Lisa Iris Some people are waiting for inspiration.Where did it go?Seems the muse has vanishedFor reasons unknown.Perhaps she left the worldSo that you could find herIn your very blood and bones.No more waiting to inhaleThe poem,The song,The dance.Be That Which You Are!Release the SoulAnd Her brazen nuance,Let Her goAnd be the Renaissance.© Em Meyer

From Adaptation to Expansion: The Evolution of Humanity

Let us speak to those who feel that they have been forgotten, left behind, thrown into circumstances that tear at the very fabric of their sense of self.Humanity over the centuries has adapted to existing circumstances and situations - some being healthy and some quite unhealthy. In many ways, one could sum up the intention … Continue reading From Adaptation to Expansion: The Evolution of Humanity