Sound of Gold Files

Below is a sampling of audio shared via the platform of Soundcloud/Sound of Gold Files, as well as embedded audio. There are many more recordings that will be posted on the Patreon site and (occasional public posts on the Blog). Because there is far more information coming through the sound energy of these recordings, it is recommended that you relax, close your eyes, and receive it in a meditative way. Imagine an unfolding of wisdom through Soul Resonance, a process of connecting that was taught to Eileen over the course of decades of “inner contact.”

This message comes after the 2016 election. An update, and more on how to stay balanced, and integrate more of the Knowing Self in these radically transformative times.


A strong and clear message following a contact experience on Thanksgiving Day, 2014. “It’s done. It’s over. Get on with it…” meaning, the old world is done. It’s time to share the messages; to help people reorient to their Original Self and whole consciousness.


Mis-Taking Identity 121513

Excerpt: “Let’s go through this doorway together, shall we? You are not alone in this process. And the more that you allow yourselves to feel these vibrations in your own bodies, the more that you will be encouraged and you will know and understand things instantaneously that you never could have imagined from your fragmented state. Trust this. There is the core of your being, the core of your heart that does understand this. There is the core of your very own DNA that understands this. We are simply asking you to allow it. Let go of the small world and embrace the infinite, the absolute…”