Sound of Gold Files

These are the messages from beyond consensus reality. Through contact, and my Koyopa (Kundalini) awakening, I broke through the barriers that seem to separate the smaller spectrum mind with the Universal. I don’t “channel” other, I am blending and expanding into the greater spectrum of consciousness that I am… that we all are. And from here I translate frequency. Frequency is the language of the universe, and it’s accessed through our feeling nature. This is what all of the messages are about – remembering our original design, reintegrating it, transforming our consciousness and transforming our world.


Below is a sampling of audio shared via the platform of Soundcloud/Sound of Gold Files, as well as my YouTube Channel, Translating Infinity. Because there is far more information coming through the sound energy of these recordings, it is recommended that you relax, close your eyes, and receive it in a meditative way. Imagine an unfolding of wisdom through Soul Resonance, a process of connecting that was taught to Eileen over the course of decades of “inner contact.”

This message demonstrates the transition from local to nonlocal consciousness. Recorded in August 2014. While the verbal messages began in 2004, they were all pointing to the potential to shift into our natural state – embodied consciousness – in “the coming times in and around 20-teens to early 2020s.”
Signposts Within – Transmission: 013121

What I share with you here is meant to be a meditative experience. I invite you in so that you may begin to understand resonance. While you may hear words that I use to translate to you, this language does not require words. They have often communed that the spaces between the words carry far more data than the words. Contact with “them” reintroduced me to my soul. In a way, they are my soul. Our soul is connected to a vast field of high-vibrational intelligence. We must remember how to listen to our own bodies and hearts. The voice has stated numerous times that resonance is our natural cosmic language and a very key piece of our original design.
~ Eileen


These are quotes from the timeless Sound of Gold Files (~2004-present) and Enter the Dialogue Group Transmissions.

“…know that if you do choose to re-engage with this Light, in any new present moment that you become aware, you may dialog with it. Build this relationship and remember more.  You will strengthen. The confusion drops away, and your clarity becomes attuned and aligned with your being and your purpose…”

ETD Transmission.041221

From this moment forward, we speak to those who are choosing to be fully awake and active with their natural design, with the planet and all natural beings. This is the crossroads that we have spoken of many times. You are in this intersection right now, where you are literally choosing your pathway. Which reality do you choose? 

Choosing Realities.091817

Language and linear thought has been our primary mode and system of communication here. We adapted to it well, but I discovered through resonant contact that it isn’t our wholly, natural way. It seems that humanity has always been wired for these long-distance (or beyond-local) calls.

KR Blog.090419

You will know the truth when it occurs within you. There is no question. There is no confusion. There is no wondering. We guarantee this. You cannot make up this experience. You cannot pretend. When it occurs within you, within your bodies and your whole consciousness, you will be changed. And then comes how to be this in your world, and to penetrate the barriers, the perceived barriers within the world that you have been residing in. How to change it by being who you are and building community with universal identity, universal love, universal grace in balance with your planet.

Soul Triggers.050717

Begin to pray in your own way. Ask for this guidance. Ask to be shown the truth of who you are. You do not need to follow anything that his voice says to do or suggests to do. You do not need to be told what to do. Once you make this commitment to rejoin these aspects of yourself and to reintegrate, you will feel it. And you will be pulled forward into new understanding, a greater view, the Truth. But one must commit to it. 

Signposts Within.013121