Soul-Weaving and Mayan Horoscope Sessions

IMG_5325Eileen is a Conscious-Evolution Facilitator. She shares her transformational gifts through group and private session formats – “seeing” into your larger essence, or soul’s purpose, as well as your original intentions for this monumental shift and beyond. She has help from the high-frequency Presence – a network or Source field of multidimensional consciousness. When you speak honestly, and with as much heart presence as possible, she translates from a streaming of visions and energy-infused words to articulate the pure essence of your soul and purpose in this important crossroads in time. It is then that pragmatic tools for transformation and integration are offered so that you may embrace and actually be the More of who you are on Earth. We are currently experiencing chaos in our collective outer reality. It is a necessary event in order to interrupt the old grooves or looping of human consciousness in the smaller spectrum of consciousness. We all have gifts to bring forth in these times. If you are feeling stuck or distant from your purpose and future, this beautiful group consciousness is here to support you on an evolutionary journey into your totality on Earth.

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Deep Soul Weaving for Light Workers, Experiencers, and the Ones who are Awakening, Phone or Skype, up to 75 minutes, $160

Handdrawn Circle LogoThis is a first-time deeper view for those who are awakening, including Light Workers, community builders, and/or Experiencers – up to 75 minutes. This approach requires an hour of Eileen’s diving deeply into your soul essence – before the full client session begins. She is given vision-messages about you, and reveals them when she feels the inner, energetic trigger to do so. The trigger can come through the client’s own conscious mention of the specific, resonant potentiality for the life, or an inner nudge within Eileen to do so. She then shares the guiding wisdom that was given prior to the session, as it becomes enlivened again in the present-moment conversation. It becomes a dance in consciousness – between the client, Eileen, and the Angels. She has noticed that many who request these sessions are those with strong purpose and intention to grow into the new-earth reality. They are the anchors, builders, and healers who require mirrors and validation from other humans now, so they may be fully present to help others in their communities to embody soul and transform our world.

Deep Soul Weaving (as listed above)
IN-PERSON, Up to 75 minutes, $180

Deep Soul Weaving Session with added fee for in-person, onsite location. When Eileen pays a fee to rent a healing space, she simply passes this onto you. This session will be at a designated location in the Sequim, WA area. Eileen will send you the details in your session confirmation. Note: Eileen is no longer affiliated with Tender Touches Spa.

Private Mentoring / Soul Check-In Sessions, Phone or Skype
PHONE OR SKYPE: Up to 30 mins – $50. Up to 60 mins – $75

Eileen is present with you to support and encourage. She, and her Angelic Network of Multidimensional Consciousness, meet the client right where they are, gently nudging the growth that is required for the soul’s original intentions. These sessions are usually a good rush of coaching and clarity that is required to re-ignite the original intentions for the life. These sessions are usually reserved for making crossroads decisions or specific topic oriented discussions, and while a previous Deep Soul-Weaving Session is not necessary, it is recommended.

Private Mentoring / Soul Check-In Sessions as listed above 
IN-PERSON: Up to 30-mins, $60. Up to 1-hr, $90

Soul Check-In Sessions with added fee for in-person, onsite location. When Eileen pays a fee to rent a healing space, she simply passes this onto you. This session will be at a designated location in the Sequim, WA area. Eileen will send you the details in your session confirmation. Note: Eileen is no longer affiliated with Tender Touches Spa.

How the Light Beings appear to Eileen – both as a child and in her lucid dreaming. They have had both gold and blue colorations.

Mayan Horoscopes
1-Hour Session $60
Location varies


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Recent Testimonials

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Private Sessions

“Thank you so much for our wonderful session. The deep spontaneous changes I had been experiencing over the past six weeks were really brought into focus and grounded in a New Reality. Not only was my life validated, but my intuitive knowing corroborated by our work together: a very powerful and necessary thing at junctures like these. I felt really ‘seen’ perhaps for the first time in my life. I cannot thank you enough!” 

“I recently had a Soul Weaving Session with Eileen Meyer. After 2 years of searching on the internet for that perfect way to meditate, I  noticed that I was getting increasingly blocked and meditation becomes almost a chore. The profoundness that I experienced cannot be put into language, but I want to express the healing that happened on all levels. Body, body-mind, soul-spirit all converged into my heart’s essence of clear unconditional love.

I transitioned from “wow!” moments to many “a-ha!” moments. I learned about myself in true honesty, and at that exact moment, the symphony of love’s vibration guided me so peacefully to the wide-open space of potentiality. 

Eileen lovingly assists you in practical ways to find and grow Self, in truth with unconditional love, and in transmitting the message that the Divine Light of Love has for you personally. Eileen is truly the instrument of this beautiful music called you.” ~ C.F.

“I just listened to the audio of our session late last night. It’s a possibility that I had to go through that to get rebalanced… I prayed our loud for healing and for forgiveness for my past/ present. My body was spiraling round and round, then legs, arms, shoulders and neck-vibrating like. It almost felt like someone was physically shaking me and trying to break old stuff up and get it out of me. Then I was crying so deep into my soul. I just sat there and couldn’t move as the tears were coming out all over… I felt you’d like to know these happenings.  I’m very grateful to have met you as you have opened up a new life and pathway for me. Keep on doing what you’re doing!” ~ N.M.

Thank you for doing this courageous work, NM. It feels like you are preparing for a bioenergetic event in your body and being. It’s really true, if we follow through and take action in releasing the past and welcoming these new aspects of soul in this important crossroads, we will become who we are really meant to be on Earth!

~ Eileen

Your words, from Spirit, from Beings were perfectly translated. They ‘land’ed in this Heart. And bolstered my connection to grounded Purpose. Thank you!
~ J.F.

“There are not words to express the sensations that poured over and through me. I recognized it all….what loving Presence…and gentle. Thank you!” ~ K.

“I listened to the session last night… It is amazing the info and connections that start to come in after it is all said and done, everything begins to click…it is like the gift that keeps on giving. Thank you Eileen for sharing your gift with me, your insight was very calming and welcomed…” ~ D.N.

“I have the honor of having Eileen Meyer in my life. We meet for monthly group Soul Reboot Sessions.  I have also had the privilege of being the subject of a one-on-one Soul Session with her.  Eileen has awakened something which has laid dormant in my Soul.  She is a genuine channel for otherworldly Beings and connects with them on a vibrational level.  They have been a part of her entire life and she has embraced them.  Their messages all come from love for us and are always profoundly powerful — so powerful, in fact, you can physically feel them.  My world has been expanded because of Eileen sharing her gifts from “God” with me.  I am forever grateful.”  ~ L.

“Eileen Meyer has a very special gift of conveying experienced contact with her spiritual sources. I recently found it very helpful in my inner work. Much was revealed that resonated with my own efforts in this process.  I would highly recommend her for serious seekers of deeper personal growth.” ~ V.