Soul-Weaving Sessions

IMG_4807Eileen is a Conscious-Evolution Facilitator. She shares her gifts through both group and private session formats – “seeing” into your larger essence, or soul’s purpose, as well as your original intentions for this monumental shift and beyond. She has help from the high-frequency Presence – a network or Source field of multidimensional consciousness. When you speak honestly, and with as much heart presence as possible, she translates from a streaming of visions and energy-infused words to articulate the pure essence of your soul and purpose in this important crossroads in time. It is then that pragmatic tools for transformation and integration are offered so that you may embrace and actually be the More of who you are on Earth. We are currently experiencing chaos in our collective outer reality. It is a necessary event in order to interrupt the old grooves or looping of human consciousness in the smaller spectrum of consciousness. We all have gifts to bring forth in these times. If you are feeling stuck or distant from your purpose and future, this beautiful group consciousness is here to support you on an evolutionary journey into your totality on Earth.

Deep Soul Weaving for Light Workers, Experiencers, and the Ones who are Awakening, 60-80 minutes, $144

This approach requires an hour of Eileen’s diving deeply into your soul essence – and this is before the client session ever begins. She is given vision-messages about the Universal you, but is guided to wait to reveal them until she feels the inner, energetic trigger to do so. The trigger usually comes through the client’s own conscious mention of the specific, resonant potentiality for the life. Eileen then shares the guiding wisdom that was given prior to the session, as it becomes enlivened again in the present-moment conversation. The client always provides the cues for how much information they are prepared to receive, and ultimately grow with. You are currently in the “deciding time,” so it may not  be completely clear until you acknowledge your commitment and ownership of these original intentions. It becomes a dance in consciousness – between the client, Eileen, and the Group. She has noticed that many who request these sessions are those with strong purpose and intention to grow into the new-earth reality. They are the anchors, builders, and healers who require mirrors and validation from other humans now, so they may be fully present to help others cross the bridge into wholeness. You know who you are.

Private Mentoring / Soul Check-In Sessions
30-45 minutes, $80   $60 Because-I-Can Special!

Eileen is present with you to support, encourage, and facilitate a weaving into your Soul. She taps into her Network of Multidimensional Consciousness (Pure Love), and meets the client in the present, right where they are. This Presence gently nudges the growth that is required for the soul’s original intentions, and possibly new intentions, at this crucial timing for the individual and collective.  These sessions are usually a good rush of healing energy, coaching, and clarity. We are evolving. It serves not only us, but our community and world, to do this in a conscious way. These sessions are usually reserved for making crossroads decisions or specific topic-oriented discussions, and while a previous Deep Soul-Weaving Session is not necessary, it is highly recommended.

How the Intelligence appears to Eileen – both as a child and in her lucid dreaming.

Group Koyopa Meditation Practice
60-90 minutes, $10 (or more) suggested donation

Guided group Koyopa Meditation to teach the practice that was taught to Eileen through her contact with nonhuman intelligence. More often than not it becomes a healing circle, whereby high-frequency broadcasts of energy ensue. Bring your intentions to heal and grow. These “blasts” will move you along considerably with your soul’s deeper purpose. For greater effectiveness, these groups should be in-person events. However, Eileen is currently exploring the option to have groups over the Internet, with the awareness that her guidance has shown her repeatedly over the years (and even before the Internet was a reality) that in these transitioning times we cannot always rely on virtual platforms to connect. It’s time to build our eye-to-eye, real communities now.

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