Mentoring ✜ EmbodyBuilding

Tell me something True.
This is the invitation from First Mother.

Speaking Truth IS Prayer
And leads to transmutation, embodiment,

and the higher revolution of you.

Let’s keep this simple. It’s time to reconnect. If you are landing here via a recent experience of my work online or other, and you’d like to book a private session, please email me below. I do my best to respond by the end of my day (Pacific). B-r-e-a-t-h-e.
All is well 🤗🙏

Private sessions are you and I meeting on Zoom, Clubhouse, or by telephone/Telegram. A few minutes before our session, I say a prayer and open to receive messages, insights, and guidance for you from the Field. Often, I will receive a shamanic vision about the status of your relationship to Higher Self or Soul. ✜ Your intentions for the sessions are very important ✜ When we meet, the Presence arrives and continues to guide us. I may share specific word-messages for you, and/or we may simply move energy with the Mother Songs and light language. The healing shift into greater insight and understanding may surprise you. It’s not up to me to convince you of anything via 3D orientation. Use your own will to remember and KNOW. I’m here to support you in feeling, activating, and attuning to your own natural resonant connection with Source Field. Once this occurs, you don’t need me or anyone else, though you may like to have occasional check-ins, encouragement, mirroring, and resonant community. This is how we rise into the New Sun. And this is about YOU, your conscious commitment to embody-building, and your ongoing adaptation to the fullness that you are. For those who would like a further history-description of my work, see below.

Private MENTORING • Embody✜Building SESSIONS
1-HR, $126 / 30-MIN, $72

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there are discounts on single and bundled sessions.

Whether it’s a quick inquiry, an hour, or more, you are invited to send an email inquiry and/or request session.

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“We offer images in your mind’s eye, and it is only temporary images so that you might find words, language, to describe this as a record in your reality. And as you know, through these connections, there is far more communication, or communion, that arrives through the energy – this data that brings instant understanding. This is your ‘knowing of the truth that sets you free.’ It does not arrive in language. Remember these are simply words until you feel it. And this is why we work with feelings. In your reality, it is best known as emotional intelligence. This is a primitive understanding, but indeed, it is one of the first steps on this path to recall your totality… to embody your totality once again.”

Sound of Gold Files: UnlockingCodes052818

Group transmissions are available via Zoom or Clubhouse. See the Events page.

If you are interested in future gatherings, please send us an email and clearly indicate what you are seeking. As always, please read/subscribe to the blog to absorb my journey of transcendence and related ‘data dumps’ along the way. Stay in tune with EM’s ongoing inner news and spiritual-embodiment work.

Every soul I meet is like a brand new, beautiful song to me. It’s an honor and a privilege to be invited in to feel and translate what your soul is longing to sing into your being now. No matter our gender, race, age, or cultural/religious beliefs, our soul is pure love, and simply wants us to feel and remember our direct connection to God-Creator-Source, and to be this force of Love in the world.

Eileen (EM) Meyer
The background and Evolution of my Spiritual work

In the old paradigm, I did my best to label myself and my evolving work over the course of many years. At this moment, and on the threshold of a new world, I will say that I am a Transformational Intuitive and Conscious-Evolution Facilitator who works directly with resonance data from the Field. Another term used in the past is the Akashic Field.

My lifetime of contact with nonhuman intelligence and bioenergetic events blasted me into multidimensional consciousness, where I remembered more of mySelf and this innate ability to commune in resonance. While it took many years to adapt and integrate these aspects of my Self, I was opened to a feeling-knowing awareness of the ONE of which we are all connected. Over time, what I once perceived as other-worldly cosmic “visitors,” merged into my being. This Presence of Love, aka Guides of the Gold Light, continues to serve as a bridge between worlds. I/We are here to support you in your choice to rediscover the inner-cosmic highway within, and to navigate from the old-world construct and identity to your original multidimensional design. This data is pure essence. There are no new stories or identities here to hang your hat on. But if you are committed to the process, you will remember who you are and restore your greater abilities too.

We are all being asked to rise to our highest level now. Over my lifetime, I entrained through visits with nonhuman intelligence to understand and apply these tools and wisdom practices. It’s the only way that I can confidently support you through it, by actually living it. There are other experiencers like me here. If my work doesn’t resonate with you, ask to be guided to others who may be more aligned with your vibrational intent. But if you work with me, get ready for an accelerated journey to the embodiment of Soul.

Testimonials of Eileen’s work

Public Presentations


Private Sessions

“Thank you so much for our wonderful session. The deep spontaneous changes I had been experiencing over the past six weeks were really brought into focus and grounded in a New Reality. Not only was my life validated, but my intuitive knowing corroborated by our work together: a very powerful and necessary thing at junctures like these. I felt really ‘seen’ perhaps for the first time in my life. I cannot thank you enough!” 

“I recently had a Soul Weaving Session with Eileen Meyer. After 2 years of searching on the internet for that perfect way to meditate, I  noticed that I was getting increasingly blocked and meditation becomes almost a chore. The profoundness that I experienced cannot be put into language, but I want to express the healing that happened on all levels. Body, body-mind, soul-spirit all converged into my heart’s essence of clear unconditional love.

I transitioned from “wow!” moments to many “a-ha!” moments. I learned about myself in true honesty, and at that exact moment, the symphony of love’s vibration guided me so peacefully to the wide-open space of potentiality. 

Eileen lovingly assists you in practical ways to find and grow Self, in truth with unconditional love, and in transmitting the message that the Divine Light of Love has for you personally. Eileen is truly the instrument of this beautiful music called you.”

“I just listened to the audio of our session late last night. It’s a possibility that I had to go through that to get rebalanced… I prayed our loud for healing and for forgiveness for my past/ present. My body was spiraling round and round, then legs, arms, shoulders and neck-vibrating like. It almost felt like someone was physically shaking me and trying to break old stuff up and get it out of me. Then I was crying so deep into my soul. I just sat there and couldn’t move as the tears were coming out all over… I felt you’d like to know these happenings.  I’m very grateful to have met you as you have opened up a new life and pathway for me. Keep on doing what you’re doing!”

Your words, from Spirit, from Beings were perfectly translated. They ‘land’ed in this Heart. And bolstered my connection to grounded Purpose. Thank you!

“There are not words to express the sensations that poured over and through me. I recognized it all….what loving Presence…and gentle. Thank you!” 

“I listened to the session last night… It is amazing the info and connections that start to come in after it is all said and done, everything begins to click…it is like the gift that keeps on giving. Thank you Eileen for sharing your gift with me, your insight was very calming and welcomed…”

“I have the honor of having Eileen Meyer in my life. We meet for monthly group Soul Reboot Sessions.  I have also had the privilege of being the subject of a one-on-one Soul Session with her.  Eileen has awakened something which has laid dormant in my Soul.  She is a genuine channel for otherworldly Beings and connects with them on a vibrational level.  They have been a part of her entire life and she has embraced them.  Their messages all come from love for us and are always profoundly powerful — so powerful, in fact, you can physically feel them.  My world has been expanded because of Eileen sharing her gifts from “God” with me.  I am forever grateful.” 

“Eileen Meyer has a very special gift of conveying experienced contact with her spiritual sources. I recently found it very helpful in my inner work. Much was revealed that resonated with my own efforts in this process.  I would highly recommend her for serious seekers of deeper personal growth.”