The Knowing Space

Rassouli.comForgive me for the words I choose, I only borrow them from you. I don’t require words, I speak in the Knowing Space. You have drifted into time And left me wounded And defaced. You borrow shards of infinity To make your case, Inside a narrow rut — Puffed up and proud Of your temporary reign. … Continue reading The Knowing Space

INNER-TELL: Undercover Angels

Sometimes the magnetic Intelligence pours into me. It holds me close, while the familiar knowing-data fills my consciousness. It has a tendency to present randomly, and in a variety of ways. Sometimes I wake up in the night while a download is in progress. Other times I’m washing the dishes, talking on the phone, driving … Continue reading INNER-TELL: Undercover Angels

So, You’re Contemplating Suicide…

Stop. Just for a moment. Long enough to contemplate this: Secretly, so has just about everyone else. What if we had all followed through with it? And then later discovered that life could’ve been far more amazing if we had just paused for a moment, and considered something other than what we’ve been told about … Continue reading So, You’re Contemplating Suicide…

Be the Balance

I’m aware of a few folks in my online community, as well as through my soul-weaving practice, who have recently experienced a significant loss in their lives. As an empath, I’ve always sensed a raw human undercurrent of lack or depletion that most believe is normal. I’ve perceived this and other misunderstandings in the collective … Continue reading Be the Balance