The Knowing Space

Forgive me for the words I choose,
I only borrow them from you.
I don’t require words,
I speak in the Knowing Space.
You have drifted into time
And left me wounded
And defaced.
You borrow shards of infinity
To make your case,
Inside a narrow rut —
Puffed up and proud
Of your temporary reign.

This is insane.

It is done,
And nobody won,
It all comes down to zero now.
Truth is Truth
Can you feel the sound?
You were mistaken when you thought
You were above it,
But then again,
I am not that God
That you have worshipped.
I am the one that waits inside,
I am the Kingdom,
I am your Freedom,
That Knowing Space
Where armies of hearts have arrived.
Welcome every ONE…
To your Infinite State of Grace.

~ The Light Within, via Eileen Meyer

Eileen Meyer is a voice for LOVE — an author, musician, lifetime experiencer, and mystic. Her musical and spiritual works are freely shared everywhere. Currently her website is being redesigned. Her Book, Koyopa Contact Within, is on Amazon. To subscribe to her latest news and offerings, sign up here. A huge thank you to Artist, Rassouli — A perfect visual match to this work.


Messages from the Moon: The Divine Feminine Eclipses a Dying World — As We Switch to Inner…

Thank you to the Unknown Artist. It’s perfect.

In our neck of the world, the eclipse begins on Monday, August 21st, at around 1:15PM EDT. Totality begins at approximately 2:41PM EDT — just before She heads out over the Atlantic waving, “You’re welcome!” to the Americans who are left in her wake. Yes, we’ve all been Googling the specific details: We’ve mapped it out. We have our lawn chairs and special viewing glasses, and we feel more than prepared to meet the event in our yards, parks, and parties. There’s another place to meet the eclipse, but I’ll get to that.

For some, viewing this rare event is just a cool thing to do. It gives us something to talk about with our friends and co-workers around the proverbial water cooler the next day. Still, there are many who feel a deeper tug within. It’s a wordless feeling. Maybe because it hasn’t yet been “eclipsed” by the given definitions and astronomical directives from our everyday world. It’s something that calls from within.

Two nights ago I had a dream that helps me articulate this to you. It was showing me the importance of this eclipse on an inner level.

Remember the traditional navigators from the South Seas? If you’ve seen the Disney Movie, “Moana,” you have a good reference for what I speak of. Also, in the 1970’s a canoe named “Hokulea” was built by the Polynesian Voyaging Society, and then launched. But not without first going back in time — where wisdom and instinct was still alive.

His name was Mau Piailug — one of the last surviving people to practice the art of traditional navigation — and he lived on a small island called Satawal in Micronesia. When the canoe builders reached out to him, he agreed to guide Hokulea to Tahiti in 1976. They knew that without him, the voyage would never have taken place, adding that Mau was the only traditional navigator who was willing and able to reach beyond his culture to theirs.

This was a monumental point in history. It was when traditional wayfinding was not only recovered, but helped train a new generation of young navigators.

What does this have to do with us? Plenty.

The moon was, and is, crucial to our own traditional wayfinding, and the Eclipse Event will offer you the same opportunity that Mau offered to the canoe builders. Go within now, and follow Love… and the Moon and Stars that live in your heart consciousness. It will broadcast all that you need to know into your feeling instincts and your mind’s eye. This is how we navigate into the real world, the natural world — once again.

I was horizontal in the dream, close to the ground and looking up at the Moon and a sprinkle of stars. It would’ve been lovely if I were laying on the grass and musing the night away, but instead I was on fast wheels — a low-to-the-ground cart that was bouncing and careening through busy city streets. I vacillated between extreme fear of not being able to “see” where I was going and then — a total, knowing peace that whispered to me through the warmth of my heart, “Be still and know.” It seemed all I had was the Moon, and my inner sight to guide and protect me from the crazy world — the one happening out there. So I went with the Moon.

I certainly didn’t trust it at first. I kept picking my head up to strain to read the old maps , the ones that everyone said were real — street lights, fast cars, fast talk, and fast timelines — but it was all to no avail. I HAD to go within to survive. I found that if I trusted my heart map, it would show me in vivid color, on the screen of my mind’s eye, everything I needed to know to navigate both the inner and outer world. Of course, my sweet cat-guide, Maya, was cradled in my arm as I went. She was my teacher in the dream, just as she is, and has always been in my 21st century life. She reminded me how to lock onto the Moon and stars, and the treasured heart maps within.


The dream message was not just for me. It’s a message to humanity, as I humbly receive and pass on from time to time. We have an absolute opportunity to switch maps now. Just as Mau re-taught the Hokulea Canoe Builders, and as my sweet cat-guide, Maya, did for me. The Divine Feminine is within. SHE is HERE, and most willing to help us navigate back from fragmented insanity to our natural state of wholeness.

So when all the chaos and uncertainty of a dying paradigm tornadoes through your life, go within and meet Her. We are at a monumental point in history too. Build your canoe and trust the growing warmth in the center of your chest. Be still and know that You are the new navigators. And She is delighted to show you the maps — the Moon, the stars, and the power of your very own heart.

Author-Mystic, Eileen Meyer

Eileen Meyer is an author, intuitive, musical artist, and lifetime contactee/experiencer. The Book is Koyopa: Contact Within — the Plumed Serpent Rises. You are invited to “Like” the Facebook Page, and visit to learn more about her story, her music, and her spiritual work. You may also Subscribe to her news and updates for free — for as long as you need encouragement, and a healthy mirror of who you truly are.


INNER-TELL: Undercover Angels

Sometimes the magnetic Intelligence pours into me. It holds me close, while the familiar knowing-data fills my consciousness. It has a tendency to present randomly, and in a variety of ways. Sometimes I wake up in the night while a download is in progress. Other times I’m washing the dishes, talking on the phone, driving a car; or I can even be watching TV when it occurs. After all these years, and even though it’s pretty ordinary to me at this point, it always arrives with clear energetic intent. And it’s not just for me. It seems to be for everyone.

Another avenue in which I receive Inner-Tell, is through the experience of numerous private sessions and/or dialogs with awakened friends in a variety of settings. An inner, visual narrative shows me the key developing patterns in those who are awakening or actively practicing awake-ness now.

So here is the latest message… Lightworkers, Experiencers of More, and all Undercover Angels: In these times, be very mindful of making assumptions that are framed or predicated upon the past. You may be telling your friends and clients this very same thing, but you may need a reminder as well:


… and continues to rapidly change. Your relationship to your stories, the Earth, the stars, and humanity has changed. Pause for a moment. It’s time for you to stand tall. Really stretch your spirit, muscles, and bones now. You may not even realize the level of density that you had previously adapted to — sharing your awareness and gifts with others, while also living within these restrictive parameters. This was due to your great love, dedication, and passion for humanity. You are being pressed to shift now too — along with everyone else. No more crouching, bending, and reaching into the smallness. Be aware of moments when you actively shrink or apologize — in relationships, family, society — in order to fit into the way it always was.

As a Lightworker/Experiencer/Undercover Angel, you may have more direct understanding of transformational energies, as well as familiarity with spiritual teachings and prophecies of the past, but you do not necessarily have an “edge” over others in adapting to, or embodying the multidimensional self — in ACTUAL bioenergetic terms. ALL previous fragmented identities will be subject to review — even the more “open-minded” identities like yourselves. For the most part, you too had to make yourself small in order to meet and assist others where they are. You are now so accustomed to adapting to the smallness-equation in time, that even you may have forgotten about this next phase of courageously embodying and BEing More… on Earth. You always knew this would come, even though you might not have been able to fully articulate it.

Just like your clients and relations, you may be feeling an unusual degree of anxiety, fear, illness, confusion, exhaustion, and grief. It might even feel embarrassing! After all, you’re supposed to be the one who is balanced and wise, right? Does it feel like your tried-and-true methods of living or coping with daily life have been derailed? If so, please don’t add shame, worry and self-judgment to all of this. Instead… breathe. You’re going to be just fine. Do something completely different — outside of your regular routine. Travel, meditate, pray. Create new openings, breezeways, and present moments in which new, higher-frequency alignments might connect, ground, and guide. As I recently told one client, “The vision is showing me that you need to stop and get off the ‘treadmill of will’ — immediately. It was vital to her well being that she be snapped out of her obsession with her spiritual “mission.” Time to reframe. You are your mission — in form. And the fullness of you is fast becoming more aligned and welcomed to blend and be here now. This shouldn’t be considered special or woo-woo. It is your whole and natural state. Many of you know, deep within your heart, that you are here to demonstrate this.

SELF-LOVE is key now. It’s time to turn your healing hands onto yourself. Over time, you may have had a tendency to carry this wounded-healer pattern in their field. In these times, this archetype will evaporate at your moment of choosing — within the higher-frequency reality. Understand that there is a universal recognition of the sacrifices you’ve had to make to show up for others and “hold space,” — all for this hard-driving (sometimes obsessive) greater-purpose and cause. It is highly admirable and appreciated, but pay attention to your own reorientation now. It need not take a long period of time to adapt to these rapidly-changing landscapes of consciousness. Simply be careful not to overlook your own original intent to move with the expansion now.

Some Lightworkers have become so accustomed to isolating or working alone — perpetuating the motions and the sacrificial, keep-it-going-at-all-costs mindset — that you are not able to appreciate or even perceive the possibilities of working in tandem and/or building community now. There are many of you here — far more than you might realize. It’s time to “see,” and connect more deeply with one another now — in person. More will come on this topic. For now, just know that this will literally be the game-changer.

To support the above message arriving in real time, I offer the similar prophetic messages that arrived in the past. The difference between the two is in context-only. Back then, I was not able to fully grok these messages. I found most of them to be too “far out” to be assimilated in the smaller context. I was informed that one day our context would expand, and it would all make sense. I believe we have arrived.

Excerpt from Koyopa Message, June 6, 2010:

So from our perspective, we encourage you to let go of your need for validation and acknowledgment from the world. As we see it, even those who call themselves spiritual teachers and leaders, they for the most part are grabbing on to the wagon (models) of the world, and holding on for dear life so that they may have a structure for revenue and identity/image in order to feel that they can continue existing in the world. That is not the goal! The goal is certainly not to continue existing as you have been in the past, in the world. The world as you know it is dissolving, crumbling, fading. So the sooner that you can let go of your need to hang onto any aspect of this, and to free yourselves for the transformations and the understandings and the embodiment in action, the more instantaneously fulfilling your lives will be.

It will no longer be possible, in a few short years of your time, to keep your grounding in the world that you have created from the foundation of separation. The human beings who have been prepared for this time are in a position to help others understand the transformation, and perhaps be a coach of sorts for how to embody this frequency; how to work with this frequency, and how to give birth to it on Earth.

It is understood that many of you are being extra careful in not grabbing onto the existing framing that was created from an imbalanced human collective consciousness. So how does a Universal Being define him or herself in the world? How does one of this nature broadcast, make oneself known in a way that is not attached to the past in any way?

It is magical how it unfolds. It is not something that you have to think about in the new consciousness. It’s not that you won’t utilize thought. It’s that you will welcome and integrate the balance of your consciousness. Creativity and manifesting occurs in a more wholistic way. There isn’t so much of the willful strategizing and planning. It is, for the most part, instantaneous. In the new consciousness, when one makes a choice, “This is what I want,” it happens.

So yes, it may seem fantastical. Still, it will occur. In these coming times, the ones who have chosen to be here will practice together — being, living, creating from the foundation of Love, and from ALL of who you are, rather than just a little sliver of who you are. This is the difference.

So again, to those who have been introduced to this Frequency of [Universal] Love over time, the frustrations that you feel are most certainly understandable. You are straddling both worlds, and there is much pain that can come from this experience — a pulling, a tearing apart. We understand that it is uncomfortable. Therefore, we wish to encourage you in unitizing your consciousness for the inspiration to build, create, and restructure your everyday lives in ways where you can be visible to more humans on Earth — ones who will begin to see that embodying this Universal Consciousness is possible. Soul memories will be triggered, and a certain level of awakening will occur. Soon they will have the courage to let go and fall into this new sense of community; this new way of being. It isn’t so much that all humans will instantaneously know how to be this whole being in form. You will all practice together.

Allow yourselves to build from Grace, and your world will reflect this grace… this perfect peace. And you will explode into an entirely new way of being with great excitement, great joy, and great fulfillment.

Eileen Meyer is an author, intuitive, musical artist, and lifetime contactee/experiencer. The Book is Koyopa: Contact Within — the Plumed Serpent Rises. You are invited to “Like” the Facebook Page, and visit to learn more about her story, her music, and her spiritual work. You may also Subscribe to her news and updates for free — for as long as you need encouragement, and a healthy mirror of who you truly are.