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Eileen Meyer has always loved writing, but it’s been the challenge of her lifetime to explain in words, all the word-less experiences she’s had throughout her life. According to Hynek’s Scale, she has had Close Encounters of the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 7th kind.

It started with the tall, gold-white light beings that visited her in her room, during her adventures in the woods, and sometimes in the sandbox as a child. They “spoke” directly into her heart – through resonance. It was a natural and easy language for her at the time, but alas, the conditioning from her world nearly eliminated these memories and skills.

Thankfully, through many episodes that some would call ET abduction, lucid dreaming, and later, full-body bioenergetic (Kundalini/Koyopa) events, her memories were restored. All of these encounters created openings whereby she was able to see, hear, and instantaneously understand messages from her childhood visitors again. She was shown that nearly everything we’ve been conditioned to believe about our life and planet, is inaccurate. And that, in fact, the Kingdom of Heaven really is within, and Truth is accessible to all.

For over three decades, Eileen kept journals of her experiences. And much of what she was given has come to pass recently. They described a chaotic, tumultuous time where people wouldn’t know what to believe, as they had embedded themselves into a matrix-like reality that had been “feeding” them limited data about themselves and their reality. It was here that humans easily conformed to roles and identities within the given parameters – a “very small bandwidth of consciousness,” they said, that was only a fraction of what was possible within the core of humanity’s original design. They added that this would be changing, as these structures of reality and identity would fall, and we would all have an opportunity to fully realize these greater aspects of ourselves. They stressed that “Universal Truth and Love” were the missing pieces, and it could all be found within. This Intelligence provided emotional-awareness tools to release all of the past emotional debris and conformities, so that we could learn to resonate with our cosmic consciousness; firstly, by healing our emotional wounding, and thereby restoring the feminine aspect of ourselves. Eileen was informed that the myth of the return of the feminine and the return of Christ are one and the same frequency, and if welcomed, will rise within.

Eileen always felt like she was living a dual life – one that she conformed to in her outer world, and one that her visitors would not let her forget – her larger, true identity. This gently pushed her to study energetic healing in a variety of ways and sent her to Guatemala to study the Mayan Science. These were important inspirations for her, as it felt closer to her original self and passion. Meanwhile, she excelled in her work in the world as an office manager and then a business owner in the expanding fields of digital production.

Eileen’s singing career began in the late 1980’s in Southern California, and ten years later she blossomed into an original singer-songwriter who wrote, recorded, and performed three solo albums. Her musical works have been licensed and used in a range of media productions – from Oprah’s Oxygen Network to CBS Morning News, and numerous independent programs and documentaries.

In 2017, Eileen became an author of her first book, Koyopa Contact Within: The Plumed Serpent Rises. It is a story of her life and relationship with this Inner Cosmic Intelligence. Today, Eileen is speaking about these mystical openings, and sharing the empowering tools and messages from her contact. She understands that this was always the plan for her life – to demonstrate this pathway for any willing human to reach these cosmic states of awareness. And through these reconnections, we naturally transform, releasing the past and making way for the embodiment of our greater gifts, creativity, and intelligence. The Maya foretold this time through their calendar. We arrived to this great intersection in consciousness in 2012. There is no more waiting now, but each individual heart must choose expansion, or continue with further limitation. It is truly up to us. Eileen is here to encourage expansion.

Discography and Other Accomplishments

Musical Albums: Inevitable – 2000 • All in One Day – 2002 • Songs of Anima – 2008   

Published Book: Koyopa: Contact Within – the Plumed Serpent Rises – 2017

Published Articles “We’ve Seen the Angels and the Angels are Us,” – Oct 2006 “Divine Feminine: A Cosmic Love Affair,” Kindred Spirit Magazine – Jan/Feb 2007 “Present Moment Existence,” Sedona Journal – June 2007 “Walk as a Universal Being on Earth,” Sedona Journal of Emergence

Music and Television “She’s Got Something to Say,” Licensed to
Oprah’s Oxygen Television Network, 2000
Mujeras Valerosas: New Futures Project – Documentary for the City of Albuquerque
2008 “Pieces of Me” on CBS Morning News, 07/03
“Her Way,” licensed for use in independent documentary film,
“Beyond Five Senses” 2005
“Find Another Way” in Vote (Smart) A short produced by AZ State Senator Paula Aboud
2012 Film Appearances: Steven Spielberg’s “Into the West”
2005 Subject in the independent documentary, “Beyond 5 Senses”
2005 Writer, Voiceover, On-Camera Talent & Video Editing for dozens of NM radio and television commercials as well as documentary film.
Podcast Creation, Development, Full Production for Sedona Journal Speaks 2014

Subject/Guest on the Travel Channel’s, “Mysteries at the National Parks, Chaco Canyon” – Filmed Spring 2016, Aired Summer 2017

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