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For me, the experience of divine resonance in the body feels like Original Source has been able to locate us again and is saying “hello” in a way that feels new but also pings some sort of ancient cellular memory. This Presence also seems to say keep doing what you’re doing because it’s working

It feels like we are becoming some new kind of art that, try as we might, we cannot seem to articulate in 3D language. For some of us, it evolved from contact experiences with otherly intelligence. We entered the dialogue, absorbed and integrated more. This intelligence pointed to something within us that we needed to be aware of – urgently. Now we are responding to a call to grow or re-emerge into our natural state of love – a meta-awareness in form – before we can truly understand and absorb all the colors of the pallet we had previously suppressed. 

Multigenerational trauma and conditioning were the slow shuttering to our divine nature. Let’s get beyond the blame stage and dare to heal our own wounds, and every clever way we’ve hidden these “true colors” beneath the shame.

There is an enormous Treasure of Light under this shame. When I uncovered it, She spoke to me inside my cells—a new-ancient language I had lost touch with—resonance, color, sound, and I began translating. Yet somehow, I understood that all these returning colors are The Mother awakening in me and many others now. And what this means is that we have opened the pathway for the Heart of Heaven and the Heart of Earth to reharmonize or remarry within us. Wow. No words. But talk about a game-changer.

In this experience on Earth, you have set yourselves up to discover that MORE can play or sound through you; MORE can live and be through you. We are using the metaphor of music, and know that we are not saying that everyone will become a musician or a singer in the ways that you understand musicians and singers. You will all have an opportunity to play the universal sounds through you and out into your world. And this is how you will transform your world; by allowing the Greater Song to move through you. And then you might choose to come together at this point once you have practiced and applied the universal sounds of your souls and the Universal sound of Creator… and once you feel comfortable with this, imagine what you will all create together.

—Sound of Gold Files: Overtones.122505

If this resonates with you, come explore the incubator-community of Light Dialogic free – for two weeks. It’s important to find a community where you have the courage to be true, and fully you, once again. Spend time in the company of evolving experiencers and others who are not teaching, but modeling this recovery and restoration into the harmonic resonance of our natural state. Do you dare break free of the looping matrix-world? We are.

I miss you!
Love, Eileen

P.S. I’m still keeping this KoyopaRising site up, and in this form, for another six months. Other than an occasional post like this, there will be no new updates. My focus now and moving forward has been to help people ignite and restore their true nature. From this foundation, we build our resonance in

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