Dolores Cannon On the Evolution of Contact

The guidance and synchronicities arrived in magical ways. It supported the launching of my podcast, Translating Infinity. As soon as I said “yes” to it, things accelerated very quickly.

“Call her. Get the tapes.”

I protested. No way. It was so long ago. 2004! I barely remember it. And anyway, why would she, the Creator-Producer, send them to me? Finally, after a series of insistent nudges, I called her. A week later, I had a box of tapes in my living room – straight from NYC to the Olympic Peninsula. One of the amazing subjects that we interviewed was Dolores Cannon.

A rabid UFOlogist jumped out of his car with his digital recorder, pummeling us with questions as we filmed the scenic signage on the road to Roswell. He seemed disappointed upon his discovery of our benevolent approach to the subject matter.

It was a documentary that I was also a subject in, and at times, part of the production team. While the documentary played at the Santa Fe Film Festival a few years later, as far as I know, it was never released to the public. It was surreal interviewing Author-Hypnotherapist, Dolores Cannon. What a treasure she was, and still is, as her ground-breaking work continues to touch many lives.

I feature part of this interview in Episode 3 of my podcast (along with a portion of the Producer’s interview with me). I had asked Dolores for her unique perspective on what I’ve long been referring to as “evolutionary contact.” If anyone could synthesize the data on this, it would be her. Throughout the years and through the voices of hundreds of clients, there just had to be emerging patterns.

Is there a clear evolution to contact? Why are they interacting with us over our lifetimes? Of course, many of you that follow my work, know that I have not refrained from sharing my own perspective on this topic over the years. You may sense the resonance with Dolores.

I may share additional footage of Dolores Cannon and perhaps some snippets of other subjects interviewed during this time – Charles Hall, Darryl Anka, Steven Greer, Paola Harris, Monsignor Balducci, Carolyn Baker, and more. If you’d like to receive a notification of new episodes, please visit my Podcast Page for a list of available platforms to follow. It’s easy. It’s free. And while I would love it if you did follow the podcast (because it helps with algorithms and visibility), you can always check back to the player on this page to see if there is a new episode.

Thank you for sharing the journey with me! I love you all.

Episode 3 -The BIG Project

Dolores Cannon summed it up best: “I began to figure out that they were spoon-feeding me information. The information I got later, I could not have understood in the beginning. It would’ve been too complicated. So as we went along, they give you one little piece of information and let you digest that. Then you’re ready for the next step… I think it is an evolution, but they have to do it very slowly.”

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

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3 thoughts on “Dolores Cannon On the Evolution of Contact

  1. I loved Dolores’ comment about being spoon fed. Really resonated, and as I look back, I know that was and is still going on for me…..piece by piece, we are remembering the whole. I hope you include more of her as well as the others listed. What a cask of Gems you have there! PS I couldn’t find the ‘like’ button for this blog!! Thank you for all, Eileen!

    1. Thank you, Zuzanna. I’m glad you appreciated Dolores as much as I did. Maybe I accidentally eliminated the like button in one of my edits. Oh well. Thanks for letting me know.

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