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Dear Friends,

I have come to a space where I must step back from the blog. I find that I do not have the bandwidth to live, create, and demonstrate Presence, and then in a delayed fashion, translate it into printed language. Perhaps this will change at some point, but for now this is where I am. I continue to dedicate and streamline my energy into the following:

Present-moment transmissions and guidance via the Enter the Dialogue groups, as well as private sessions and mentoring. Contact me directly if you have further inquiry.

I may share occasionally on my Translating Infinity YouTube Channel.

I may post audio files on Soundcloud: SoundOfGoldFiles.

(Please subscribe on these platforms directly for notifications of new content.)

If you were on my Mailchimp newsletter list, you may have noticed that I am no longer sending these newsletters. They were becoming an unnecessary duplication of my efforts.

I still have over 300 timeless blog posts here to explore. Should anyone find an interest in my decades-long travelogue, these are my many signposts for the journey within. I’ve made astounding discoveries and met other types of intelligence along the way. If I could articulate it, I wrote about it. And I freely share all of it with those who may find their way here.

I send you all my love and encouragement now to rise to your highest level. Have the courage to be who you came to be. It is time.

In gratitude and great joy,


This is a recent excerpt from a letter to the Enter the Dialogue participants:

Thank you to all who gathered with us in July. As we continue to meet and share, we find ourselves participating in a wondrous flow of synchronicity and expansion. All over the world, human beings are beginning to see that they have the power to shift their awareness and life trajectory. Simultaneously, we recognize that the old world/paradigm is simply a program designed to keep us looping. Therefore, it cannot inform our decisions about our spiritual power and sovereignty. However, what we are equipped with, is direct access to the Divine Navigator within. And this is the timing to act.

Our natural design is sustained and informed by Love; through light, frequency, and sound. As we open to these natural currents, we come online with the Field and break the spell of the old programming. And this is when the True or Higher Self can emerge. There is no ascension. There is only the embodiment of the More of you, which lifts you into your natural power and purpose. This is how we transform ourselves and our external reality.

These sessions will continue on Zoom until we can successfully transition to public in-person broadcasts. All who are called to join our gatherings become a part of a river of frequency healing and data that bypasses the egoic mind. There is no ‘thinking our way’ to our restoration and embodiment of Divine Essence. These groups assist us in adapting to present-moment consciousness, and ultimately breaking free from the time-space repetitive cycles of limitation. At this stage, you don’t need us or anyone to teach or guide. You are rising into your own presence, communities, and purpose.

We invite you to join us again in August. We will continue to share and demonstrate the tools for dialoguing directly with your Divine Navigator within.

Bye for now. Practice using your wings!

11 thoughts on “Blog Hiatus

  1. I look forward to exploring more with the Group which has become such a beautiful part of my inner inquiries. Thank you for all you are doing, Eileen!

    1. It is such a joy to help one another unpack, witness, and own what is true. The most precious moment is when we realize that we were not upside down; it was the world.

  2. Thank you for the multiple pointers you have given. May you sustain this strength of Love on the continued journey; with my most humble respect.

  3. Having saved so many blogs and having your book, I will continue to absorb your message from the Universe to guide us.  You are an incredible gift and I am so glad you have found fellow experiencers to share your gift.  I’m still fumbling around in the lower dimensions looking for the peek hole into the next level! Vicki Young

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