Experiencer Dialogues: We Interrupt your Regularly Scheduled Program

It is our hope that we might be a positive signpost for a smaller portion of the population who do not need convincing that contact with “other” is real. Rather, as we all gather in this liminal space between worlds, we feel we might offer inspiration and encouragement to help others find their own way forward. We offer to you what we never had – experiential data of what it’s like to be changed, reconnect with the Field, and step further into the Great Unknown. This Dialogue is with Liz, Zuzanna, and Eileen.

One does not have to refer to themselves as an experiencer to benefit from what we share. In fact, having no label or definition is better than identifying with what came before.

“The Experiencer Dialogues are not about translating this phenomenon to consensus reality. It’s about witnessing the radical changes occurring in our consciousness. And recognizing that who we are becoming is far more than what we were told was possible.”

Some of the ground we covered:

– Beings with malintent and the arc of evolutionary contact. Direct Energy Weapons, mind control, and how well this technology works when we are not aware of our programming, etc.

– It’s not about fighting an enemy, it’s about owning and remembering our power, and bringing our inner technologies back online.

– The excitement of finding other truth-tellers like ourselves who have more pieces of the puzzle.

– Our current experience of constant expansion, integration, and discovering real inner guidance and sensemaking.

– Applying the Inner Dialogue, breaking the spell in our individual patterns, as well as in family/group dynamics.

– The subtle nature of remembering how to use our inner technologies and acknowledging that the Presence is real.

– That moment in childhood when we cut off our magic and agree with what we were told was the “real world.” The wedge between what we know and what we’re told.

– Staying awake and continuing to expand inside the stresses of family dynamics. Being who you are without apology.

– Navigating relationships in the context of the old paradigm was mostly a covert, follow-the-script way of life. The journey within transforms us, therefore changing our relationships and world.

– Releasing ourselves from old-paradigm contracts and embodying our natural, playful, creative, artist selves as we step into More.

– UFOs, UAPs, Disclosure, abduction fascination. It all penetrates our reality to interrupt our programming.

– Allowing the changes in sleep patterns.

Recorded July 15, 2021

If you feel excitement and resonance with what we share, and you’d like to talk with us, please reach out to one of us below.

Recent video Eileen referenced: New Sunday. You are Here. A Collective Reading for Now: https://youtu.be/HJ-QkQc6_Kk

Liz resides in England/UK. Her website is in the works. Email: info@theconsciousnesswithin

Zuzanna resides in North Carolina, USA. Website: https://zuzannavee.wordpress.com/welcome-to-cycles-of-healing/

Eileen resides in Washington State, USA. Website: https://koyoparising.com/

8 thoughts on “Experiencer Dialogues: We Interrupt your Regularly Scheduled Program

  1. A very inspiring, informative, and inclusive post. Many thanks to the three of you. I am not an experiencer (as far as I consciously know) but have always been deeply immersed in inner guidance and my knowing mind. Blessings, Kristiana

    1. Dear Kristiana, if I may, you are an experiencer… of more than what you were told to believe. You perceive it, know it, and actively engage with it. You are aware of more and you do not deny it to keep a false world propped up. You are willing to speak your truth. I for one, am happy to know you.

      1. Thank you for your comments, Eileen, As a young child, outside in the woods after dark communicating with… ? It has never left me… it is my essence. Everything and everyone false continually falls away… that is enlightening in itself.

    1. Staying connected to this site is one time in the day when I feel perfectly whole and not a misfit! I am so grateful to know Eileen and that I can visit Koyopa Rising and all of you who participate.

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