New Sun Day: You Are Here

We’ve made our choices. We are actively moving on a path of expansion and adaptation into the Greater Light or we are contracting into a very different kind of next-cycle reality. We will experience a shared reality for an indeterminate amount of time. This impromptu reading appears to be a focus on a select piece of the major download I received on June 26th, 2021. For years, I have had very specific guidance to not listen to others’ collective readings. Therefore, the data I share is not influenced by other translators.

This time, my personal Dialoguing/Honesty Session transitioned into a collective reading. These are the visions that “play” in my 3rd eye. I always record the audio in my personal connecting times. Sometimes I share them publicly in the New Sun Day series. These spontaneous readings have occurred in some of the Enter the Dialogue groups as well.

Background: The dialogues and transmissions were born from the evolution of contact and related bioenergetic changes and upgrades. A series of visits informed me that this dedicated inner attention initiates an unraveling process that opens the pathways for the flow of energy or Divine Light. I feel it unfold the same as in an artistic/poetic process. More like writing a song than making a speech. With regular attention, it reveals our gifts or “treasure” within. It restores our natural state and network. We were designed to be directly informed from Source. I’ve been practicing it for ~16 years.


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Sunrise photo by L. Conroy
Neowise by S. Conroy
Music: The Sleeping Prophet by Jesse Gallagher

10 thoughts on “New Sun Day: You Are Here

  1. Thank you for this.  I found the Mayan Teachings list helpful.  I have 4 of the listed qualities … I wonder what will happen? I was hoping to at least go from 3rd density/dimension to anti-gravity (one step up).   The way you relay this info is SO intriguing!!!  It’s odd but sometimes when I hear you speaking and look at the images, it’s almost as if I feel it.  I mean like I can feel what that space would feel like. That space of the fork where people meet before the “I am going this way.  See you around.”

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    1. Beautiful. I’m sure you CAN feel that space. You’re a cat person, after all 😉 I believe the Bible refers to this as the ‘wheat from the chaff.’ And because there is no judging god in the sky doing this, I call it ‘vibrational preferences.’ The Mayan 23 Enemies simply list the pitfalls of living inside the smaller spectrum. Be aware of them, and consciously request that the shadowy stuff these behaviors attach to, be fully healed. The Light is ever-present to support our intentions if we engage. Blessings to you, Kat.

  2. Story of my life.The path forward the only way to go. The only rule is that are no rules.Thank you for sharing.

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