Experiencer Dialogues – Gateways to the Divine: Kundalini, ETs, Trauma Therapy, the Dialogue

Some of us have a wholly different take on contact and disclosure. What we share is not based on theory and speculation. It’s rooted in the direct experience with “Other,” or what we might refer to at this timing, as nonhuman intelligence. These are the journeys of healing trauma, letting go of conditioning, and going rogue to meet the Divine.

We sure did enjoy coming together again for this Experiencer Dialogue.

Our new addition to the Experiencer Dialogues, Liz, shares her story of awakening through her experiences with dance, movement, and somatic trauma therapy. Liz is a Somatic Therapy Practitioner with a Master’s in Somatic Studies. Later in her training, she came to the States to deepen her Embodied Anatomy studies at Berkeley, which included stepping into the world of Embodied Embryology. While there, Liz had a oneness experience at a grocery store in Berkeley. It continued for several days. And that was just the beginning.

Liz resides in England. Zuzanna resides in North Carolina, USA. Eileen resides in Washington State, USA. We cover a lot of ground about the direct experience of awakening through Kundalini, ET contact, trauma therapies, and the Dialogue. Then comes the courage of being it in the world without apology. We cover all four topics, including disclosure. But of course, through the evolutionary lens of contact, we know that ETs and all manner of benevolent interdimensional beings are here to wake us the f*&k up.

Liz’s website is in the works. Email: info@theconsciousnesswithin

Zuzanna’s Website: https://zuzannavee.wordpress.com/welcome-to-cycles-of-healing/

Eileen’s Website: https://koyoparising.com/

Enter the Dialogue Groups: https://koyoparising.com/events/

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