Meeting our Ancient Selves: A 2019 Vision of Entering the Next World

I was shown what it will look like and how we will meet it. This arrived two years ago in March of 2019, during my Sunday “dialogue-connecting” time. I record these because I never know what will arrive in this intentional meeting space. It’s always an experiment in presence and frequency.

Most of my regular readers know that I am a lifetime experiencer. This way of dialoguing has evolved since this gift was given to me in a series of early 2000’s “visits” from the Light Presence. I must emphasize: This gift of visions and communion-translation with the Field was a result of my engaging with this intelligence and following this practice. I like to say that they were “evolving” me, but clearly, through all of the material I have recorded, they are simply helping us restore what has been dormant within – our cosmic superpowers.

Yesterday, while searching for something completely unrelated, I stumbled across this file. It feels directly connected to a recent conversation with a few of my experiencer friends. One of us was sharing a recent powerful “dream-vision-conversation” of what was coming for humanity. Her incredible dream was then triggering our resonant visions-dreams-messages about how this movement between worlds will go; what we will see and what we will feel.

For those who prefer receiving data via audio, I’ve included the entire raw audio file below. There is nothing polished or performance-oriented about this sharing. It is me in an active translation of the frequency data from my point of view. My 3rd eye becomes a movie screen and I feel the messages. It’s a similar process when I do Soul Sessions. As I enter the dialogue fully, I am blending and translating what these other-dimensional “teammates” have to share from an expanded view. Translation from these realms has taken many years of practice. I was coached (within) on how to attune my consciousness to meet theirs. There is a definite reorientation that takes place between a linear language-based reality to a spherical one. I do my best.

I share only excerpts of the transcription. Full audio below.

March 24, 2019

[Note: For me, the basic definition of “lightworker” is anyone who as an activated heart consciousness and knows on a deeper level that they are here to help.]

…this light sphere, it’s like the new earth and it overlays the old. I don’t read material about ascension. Most of it felt incompatible with me. 

So what I’m describing is an original vision that is happening right now. It has a bluish-gold tinge to it and it’s larger than the earth. It’s encompassing the Earth and there are wholly new possibilities to create, manifest, heal. So those who are in this, match this resonance with the new frequencies, the higher-vibrational frequencies of life on earth, are very guided now. If you’re present and innocent, surrender, open. There’s guidance. There’s synchronicity. There is all that we need to continue to assist those through this threshold. And there’s so many of us. And we all have so many gifts that we’ve been working on, and now there are more. And not only more but there’s more understanding of what we can do, more ownership of what we can do. And we anchor this.

I see that for many of us, our work does change quite a bit. So lighten up on our lightworker attachments of the way it was in the world before. Hold things lightly. All the methodologies, modalities of healing… that’s going to be expanded now. So it’s important not to rigidly hold onto the past and how things were learned and practiced in the past. There has to be an openness for this Grace to come in and help to redefine us as well as redefine our capacities… in greater ways. 

I see the plants, the trees, the crops, all of the light workers who have been learning the rhythm of the natural world in producing food, there’s more for you too in this Grace. There’s a symbiosis that’s even greater than what you have touched into previously. They’re showing me the people in the past who have worked with the elementals, this will kick into gear and even more magical and surprising ways.

But we’re not going to be in this place of “Oh wow! The miracles of it all! This is so beautiful and wonderful.” It’s more coming from a place of “Yep. Got it. Cool. We’re back.” You know? Because we’ve been here before. We know how this works. This isn’t some grand magic descending upon us. We are meeting our ancient selves in this crossroads. We know how to do this. 

You might find yourself in or surrounded by war, but you don’t have to move with that reality. Be that which you are. Vibrate, radiate with this Grace. Tap into it. Feel it. Welcome it. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are on the planet. Match this Love, this Light that’s being extended to you, reaching to you, and you will move with this new Earth. So don’t get attached to meaning in the outer world scenarios. The meaning is within you. It’s within the Light. It’s vibrational. Always. In every conscious present moment, simply speak,

“I am here. I choose Love. Show me how I can help. Show me how I can be of the greatest service now as all of this shifting takes place.”

Many of us have traveled a very lonely road as light workers. Very painful. You may have started to meet others like yourself. Perhaps not. It depends on where you are on the planet. Understand, when we start to meet each other or we become visible to each other. There’s something that happens within us. It’s “Oh! I see. This is what you’ve been working on and doing and integrating and healing and then helping others with your whole life. I realize that I don’t have to be that too. You’ve got that.” And then this opening occurs where a lot of us light workers feel like we have to be all and do all and just carry the weight of the world upon our shoulders. But once we start to see each other and speak to each other, it’s just instantaneous, like, “Oh! Thank you. You have that now? Thank you.” And then we sit back and more comes in for our work, our specialty even. 

We’re going to let all that go once we know someone else, another beautiful soul is here and has that handled in their area. And then you’re free to grow more powerful, and even more specialized if that’s what your path is. We might be surprised as light workers. We might move into other areas that we have strengths in in these new energies that we only saw hints of before, or maybe nothing at all. 

The point is, yes, we’ll be adapting to these new frequencies but it’s not going to be a long time as it has been over the decades – adapting, adapting, adapting, integrating, healing. It’s more of a sense of freedom to fully be who we are, fully give. No more apologies for who we are. Just exploding into that radiance, that divinity, and extending it to the earth and to humanity, all living beings. 

So job well done to all of you for coming to this place, this crossroads, where we can experience the fulfillment and extend that to all. Thank you for being of service now. Thank you for your courage. Thank you for your power and purpose. 

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

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    1. Thank you, Zuzanna. I love the synchronicities that point us to what is relevant, in ourselves and within a growing community. I love that it isn’t such a lonely space anymore.

  1. Cannot thank you enough for these beautiful profound words – that encapsulates the healing and the evolutionary force of love that is here now. You have truly been such a support on my path….many many blessings for this work and your courage to bring it to all of us.

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    In recent conversations and encounters I notice now a steady increase. ‘Synchronicity.’ Recurring theme for many in this moment. Note the repeating patterns, images, phrases, symbols, colors, tones and the individuals who deliver each and every resonant chord… Focus is shifting from the package to the present.

    Information highway – channel is open. Ask for that which you receive to be for your highest good. Broadcast light.

    – “If you’re present and innocent, surrender, open. There’s guidance. There’s synchronicity.” – Eileen Meyer

  3. Thank you Eileen. I am excited about these new healing methods and modalities that you speak of,. Hopefully you will have more to share on this in due course?

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