Enter the Dialogue Groups: Clips from June 7, 2021

If you are an experiencer or helper here who has been feeling tired and confused, these messages are offered to lift or ignite you back into yourSelves, and to provide markers for your natural buoyancy again. This sharing, as well as my next scheduled blog post, are for you. They are for anyone who can feel the frequency data and be fed and nurtured by it. The words are here, but the energy is what speaks directly to your heart and whole body. I created this video to give you a glimpse of what I am co-creating with this cosmic intelligence. It is an ongoing and constantly morphing evolution of my lifetime of contact with “them.”

It would be worthwhile if we could take the journey together and not for you merely to watch me take the journey and tell you or describe to you the results of my journey.

J. Krishnamurti

I no longer apologize to the world for being who I am. This is bigger than all of us. I am honored to be meeting more experiencers now. We are not the many. We are the few. We are here to help.

I invite you to watch the video. Following this, If you feel an inner call to attend, send me an email. Introduce yourself. Tell me why it resonates. The next scheduled transmission is Saturday, June 19.

(23:47) “You see, this is about music. This is a song. And for great numbers in your populations of humans all over the globe, this song has been severed. You do not need to concern yourself about justice for those who profited from your sleeping states. Your service, your intent overall, was to help, to support, to guide, to comfort, to heal those who will need this. There are no exact dates. There are only probabilities. The dialogue that we have been teaching-sharing is how you stay in touch. This is an activation of your instrument, the releasing of the past, the willingness to heal to make way for this Light. This data that informs you… we have been preparing you for this, for in your terms, many years. Begin to practice opening the conversation and creating your own multidimensional conference calls.”

Enter the Dialogue Transmission: June 7, 2021

YouTube blurb:

Eileen Meyer (EM) and Eduardo Griego Gonzales, Mayan Aj’ Q’ij, facilitate a sharing of both ancient and current guiding wisdom for these transformational times.

For more info, please visit: https://koyoparising.com/events/

Thank you to Lori Conroy and Zuzanna Vee for your invaluable friendship and for helping to anchor and facilitate these groups in a digital space.

Since her full Kundalini-Koyopa awakening, EM experiences the streaming data in basically two ways. 1) Staying in her human perspective and translating the 3rd eye visions and feelings, or 2) a blending with her interdimensional team and translating from a spherical, whole brain, higher-consciousness view. The transmissions also come with high-frequency energy that, if invited, will initiate the deeper movement and transformation.

Song: Fly with Me. Written and performed by Eileen Meyer, 2007. A Garageband sketch.

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  1. Thanks for the guidance your group dialogue gives to those who did not partake, with love.

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