One Voice: Cosmic Group Collective Speaks via the Field

I woke up yesterday morning with an idea of how my day might go. Nope. It didn’t go that way at all. And this is good.

I am still experiencing the reverberations from the June 7th transmission. There were deeper layers of unlocking that occurred and are still occurring. I’m hearing similar themes from some of you, the powerful souls who were in attendance. (I’m working on a short video piece from this transmission, though it may take some time to complete and upload. Perhaps in a week or so.)

These transmissions are and will continue to be highly transformative. I tell people to enter this experience consciously and presently. It’s unpredictable, yet I can pretty much predict that it will not go the way you think. However, I do know that if you choose to break open and move the deeper layers of ancestral or multiple incarnational trauma themes; the ones that you were convinced were nonexistent, or the ones that do not fit into your current spiritual identity, then you might consider exploring an Enter the Dialogue group.

Or, you could simply take the blue pill where “the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.”

These groups are for those who consciously choose to break the spell, get out of their heads, and somatically recall and receive data about themselves, their environment, and more. This is not for your entertainment. It takes courage to engage and change. It is a way to shove you out of the stories you were told, about what life is, and into the vibrational truth of who you truly are.

When you feel this distance, this gap between who you think you are, and who you truly are, things will move to help you bridge to your higher self. As long as you are engaged, and practicing the Presence, you will experience growth and expansion. Although, I do recommend that you have a trauma-oriented healer-therapist available to you to help process what emerges. No need to fear it. This is what transformational healing is. But understand that the therapist must be able to hold the space for you at this level.

Welcome to the experience of contact with nonhuman intelligence. It was my life. And these are the greatest transformational facilitators I know; of the deepest, most profound, and most accelerated shadow work there is.

Yesterday, the synchronicities were mind-blowing, and in ways that I’ll never have the time or words to fully articulate. My stepmom is currently planning my father’s memorial so I offered to search for a video-DVD that I’d shot and edited in 2006. When I finally found it in a storage box, I found other things too; old hard drives with journals and transmissions that I’d long forgotten about. What I see more clearly now, is that they have been preparing me for this timing throughout my whole life. As I listened and read this data (that I’d been too afraid to share at the time), I saw it all come together in my 3rd eye in rapid succession. Even though I’ve had a mental understanding of these events in my life, it really hit home yesterday. The synchronous happenings were actively weaving my past into the present. It was almost as if they were saying, “Now is the time.”

I remember they showed me many years ago what it would F-E-E-L like when we got to this epic timing. These markers in my body are being “strummed” again, like strings on my body instrument that are consistently harmonizing or merging into higher-octave realities now. I am able to recognize it because I felt it before. No language to describe it; just a direct feeling-knowing.

This is how they “evolved me” through my life of contact. And in some ways, it’s how they want to help facilitate the same for you.

A brief outline of my life with contact:

Childhood communion with them was seamless and natural, but I didn’t recall this until they repeatedly broke me open in the teen years.

Hey, wake up wake up wake up wake up…

Remember? We planned this. Here’s your first big shove…

Here’s another shove.

Oh, your family and friends think you’re crazy?

Shove, shove, shove.

Hello again. Good work. Hey! Have you noticed? We’re communing without all that fear. There will be further transformation, but now we can begin to transmit more.

1998 Kundalini-Koyopa major bioenergetic event occurs: BOOM!

Hello again. How does it feel to be coming back together again… to be present? Do you feel the music now? …of who you are? Of who “we” are? Of what Source is? Yes, it’s not actually translatable to language. We had to reorient you before you could more accurately translate for this group collective. It’s about preparing for the Light of the Central Sun. The more purified you are before this Light increases, the more benevolent the experience of your individual “event” will be.

And it continues to evolve…

I found these buried videos (below) on an older hard drive. I had been in one of my active suppressing phases – another WTF is happening to me, fuck-it-all epic shutdowns. I had no one at the time who could provide ongoing support and encouragement in the direction that this was “growing” me into. There were no examples or models to refer to. Together with this intelligence, we were building newer models or frames, and ones that I inherently understood could only be temporary. It was my ongoing initiation into working with “them,” and I continued the Dialogue with them based on my own will to do so. It had to be an equal exchange, they said.

These videos resonate with what came through in the recent June 7th transmission. It seems we’ve come full circle. Except that now, I am no longer hiding this. But I will say, the hardest part of all of this is, I had to trust this Presence. I was caught between a world that demanded thoughts, concepts, and language, and that demanded a consistency with what already existed.

On the other side, I was communing with a Presence that was informing me via pre-articulated energy. It was a way that I couldn’t explain or externalize, but I knew that it was about my heart, resonance, and my body. It was like a kind of re-activation of our natural design.

This design includes the ability to naturally commune with “other” cosmic intelligence, or aspects of ourselves, or “higher self,” if you will. These recordings are not other beings taking over my body and voice. These recordings are a demonstration of communion and translation of frequency through the Field. And they say that this is something we were all designed to do.

I had to break this into two parts back then. At the time, YouTube had more stringent policies on file size, etc.

One Voice, Part 1: A 2013 Broadcast from a Collective of Nonhuman Intelligence
One Voice, Part 1: A 2013 Broadcast from a Collective of Nonhuman Intelligence

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

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7 thoughts on “One Voice: Cosmic Group Collective Speaks via the Field

  1. What a treasure in these two documents you found, Eileen! And as a participant since these groups offerings started, I can attest to the ‘efficacy’ and joyful expansion. Blows my mind every time, and it is also so obvious that this would happen. So thankful for it all! Blessings to you…..

    1. I am overjoyed to be on this journey with you, Zuzanna. After all these years, so much more is making sense. Thank you for being my witness and for allowing me to be a witness for you.

  2. Quote from Philip Eichans ~ “Ones heart is a silly thing. It beats it beat without ever knowing that it isn’t beating. Illusion of the most magisterial kind. Ones heart is the source. The source of all that makes the birds sing, the sun shine and nova. It propels to the heights of Olympus and to the depth of Hades. The heart would beat just as strong in either. Once the right electrical light stimulates the pace maker cells it beats for the first time in earnest. Honesty to the pulse of the ages. There is no doubt why that heart symbolizes love in any language. It is the source of all light, of all cumulative motion, of all consequence. It is beyond chance and probability. It is beyond the pages of this book. It is everything to a dying man and even more to a living one. The heart transcend time and carnations. The melodic metronome of fate and great passion. Gold of the highest electrum pyramid”

  3. Woah Eileen, I can see why you said wtf and shut it down and suppressed it back then – so many current themes and their frequencies rolled into 1 – that’s one super-powerful transmission, and one that blows the roof off the current frame of consensus reality big time! Thank you for sharing this.

    This transmission gives me a deepened respect and compassion for you for walking this path alone for most/all of your life. More of us are with you now, and more will follow, but only because you found the courage to speak out so that we could find you – and each other. I am eternally grateful for your courage and your truth-speaking – thank you.

    1. Bless your heart, Liz. I am eternally grateful for your courage, and the courage of others, to respond to what I offer through this platform. We both know, this isn’t a popularity contest for “likes” and shares. It’s about finding one another. Thank you.

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