Are You Barking Up the Wrong Tree?

It’s breathtakingly beautiful where I live. Yesterday I took a walk on my favorite trail. A tangible presence of Grace sweeps through me. All of my senses are enlivened. Every sound, every sight, the breeze on my skin connects me to this feeling of oneness. I experienced this level of harmony once before in my life.

As a child, I remember talking with the trees. But not with words. Thankfully, there was no adult to frame, translate, or disregard the conversations I was having. Every natural-world being I communed with grew out of this foundational oneness. Including the tall gold-light beings that people like to call “ET.” One day, everyone around me seemed onboard with the directive that this magic must end. When we are told we must “grow up” and exit the joy of childhood, most of us do. What other options do we have? As the door to the kingdom closes, the beauty begins to fade. At the end of innocence, we enter a dull, gray world. The same trees and natural-world beings are visible, but here they are devalued and eventually morph into a lesser “scenery” role in this theatrical version of “life on Earth.” It may seem to work for a while, this plastic replacement for the real world and real life, but eventually, we come to a crossroads. Something is wrong. Very wrong. It must be fixed. We look for someone or something to blame. But barking up those “plastic” scenery trees will get us nowhere.

Behind our family home in Sacramento, California, was my magical kingdom. I was in love with the trees, the creek, the birds, the bugs, and the frogs. At age six to seven years old, I would leave the house in the morning, alone, and sometimes would not return until suppertime. It was okay though, I was with the Earth Mother, the spirits of the ancestors, the tall gold-light beings, the flying orbs, and all of the other delightful beings that crawled, flew, blossomed, and sustained this beautiful world for me to enjoy.

Whether you lived in a magical kingdom or not, chances are, one day you experienced a grown-up in your life saying something like, “That’s kid’s stuff. It’s time to grow up and become a productive citizen in the ‘real world.’ It’s time to study and work. Here is your menu of choices. Which one do you want to be?” Ah, there it was. The suggestion that what we had been living in was the unreal world, and that we needed to join them in what they named the “real world.” Why would they want to pull us into their angry, unhappy, gray world? This was the pivotal moment in my life, and perhaps many of yours. It was a fundamental worldview shift from right-side-up to upside-down; from inside-out to outside-in. We got out of step with our natural state, and we began to march to the beat of a mechanical drum. Soon, our full allegiance was given over to a false world. It was named “real world,” but in actuality, it was the complete opposite.

Our parents, teachers, family members, and friends are not to blame. They too were simply following the directive to disregard what is natural and to agree to serve and work for an unnatural reality. We were all strongly encouraged to devalue the magic of the soul and our seamless connection with the Mother. We agreed so that we might survive this reality. But to do so, we unknowingly agreed to serve a lesser god. And we lost our way.

We did not question it because it was our parents and other authority figures that informed us playtime was over. We must get to work! We bought it. Well, most of us. And that’s how we find ourselves in the mess that we are now. We willingly shifted our values from what our natural senses were telling us, to an outer-world authority that was demanding we reorient to a foundational lie – a way of being that is disconnected from the Great Mother and disconnected from Soul.

These days many look to political parties and leaders to “fix” these problems. In which world are we attempting to solve the problem? Would it be wise to look to a political party, religious institution, educational system, reductionist sciences, etc, to inform us of our true nature and worth? The bulk of this articulated data was born from a fundamental lie. Therefore, it may produce fleeting glimpses of sense-making, but the bigger issues will never be fully resolved on this level.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

Albert Einstein

The human beings who work in these systems are not bad or evil. Most are simply making do with what they know and what they were told; hoping, like you, that one day in the future things will improve. Likewise, placing blame on the “bad guys” or so-called evil alien intelligence that “manages” this false reality, will not bear fruit. We must return to the foundational Truth of who WE are. The programming is immense. But it is not insurmountable – IF we take serious action now to reverse this unfortunate derailment from whole consciousness.

How do I know these things? I was foundationally and fundamentally changed. I am standing right-side-up and inside-out again, and on the real soil of Mother Earth. It took decades to accomplish this reversal and to land back Home in the Kingdom. I attribute this to an ongoing and evolving dialogue with what I once named ET, angel, orb intelligence. It was a shared Presence that returned to remind me of who I am. Then the Kundalini/Koyopa events in my body restored and anchored more of my inner-soul technologies. It matters not what we name any of this. All existing language, concepts, ideas, and narratives were rooted and evolved from a false foundation. Getting back on solid ground helps us to make sense of life again – whole-knowing sense, not just thought and language-based sense. No more fragmented consciousness. All mysteries solved. Innocence restored.

No more barking up the wrong trees.

Nothing will ever come from an intent to manipulate or fix a false reality. In other words, save your energy. It will always be false and off-center. It was designed this way. You, however, have the power to restore your consciousness to what is real again. YOU are the only one who can “fix” this. It is by remembering and embodying your natural state again. This is where your authentic power is. And the real world, the real trees, and all of the other natural-world beings are HERE to welcome you home.

“She says, I’m here to tell the Truth. I’m here to fell your plastic tree of life. Just let me water your roots, dead or alive, makes no difference to me.”

“What’ll You Do,” written and performed by Eileen Meyer

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

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11 thoughts on “Are You Barking Up the Wrong Tree?

  1. I smile from my heart as once again your words literally resonate with what I’ve been writing in my project today – this whole post is exactly what I was writing from my own experiences. Frequency, resonancy and Truth. And the words emerge.

  2. I had a vision of this plastic tree a while ago – devoid of life force – it was terrifying – I broke out in a cold sweat…. thank you for this. When I was a young child – Enid Blyton books on the Magic faraway tree and Cherry Tree Farm stirred my innocent child spirit deeply – I immersed in magical books – I got lost in the magic of the natural world – in an “alien” environment. Growing up in apartheid South Africa – we were not given the best places to live – so books were a great way to escape into other realities.

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