The Sound of the Aether: ETs Say, This is Our Way Forward

There is an extraordinary level of beauty and joy occurring now. Many are reporting to me that they are experiencing the physical evidence as they sync into moments of conscious dialogue with the River Divine. As I look back over my life, I see how this Grace has blessed me and brought me into this moment with you. Hear me when I say, there’s never been a better time to access the sound of that which vibrates in you and All of Creation – the Aether, the Akash, the 5th Element. And I wouldn’t be writing any of this if it weren’t for the life-affirming, transcendental experiences of contact over my lifetime.

What I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt is, you were created to seamlessly connect to Source through the pure sound that transmits through this ethereal fluid. To choose this is to choose freedom and spiritual sovereignty now. For centuries, our freedom and identity have been defined by the establishment of religious authorities, politicians, and governments, along with the regurgitation or re-spin that only keeps us looping inside this limited view. Our true freedom is greater than anything we have known from the past or can even imagine at this point. If we dare to attune to the true Power and Authority that lives within, we will remember who we are. And this is the key that unlocks our way forward.

If you are one who knows what I speak of, then you are one who has already taken this leap. You are actively bridging the gap – from hanging on to every thought and word – to letting go, and landing in the aether between. You have healed and overcome your distrust of the Great Mother and are unlocking this vast treasure within. You are actively reorienting from linear thought to absorbing data and guidance through pure inspiration. It vibrates, sings, and informs us all through Love. It is our physical evidence that we are attuning, or phasing into, our original design and grid.

In these times, how will we know what is true and what is false? Due to your increased receptivity following purifying events, your data is no longer sourced in that which is linear. You will feel the hum of musical resonance when Absolute Truth is delivered to you. You will meet others who are receiving this inner data, and who are also humming and sharing their translations of it. No matter who is presenting it, you will know the truth of it by the harmonic feeling in your body. Your body will also inform you when you are presented with any falsities, or “fresh spins” on fragmented data. No need to judge or condemn it. It will be clear to your body that it is simply not for you. Move along. Give it no power. Always, and ever onward, we rise in harmony with Absolute Truth.

The Field, Aether, Gold Light-Source, had a lot to say about this in the early days of my translations. In 2006, I was sharing the transmissions with those who were close to me. And this was eight years after my full-blown Kundalini awakening. It had taken all of this time to adjust to the extraordinary changes in perception. I’d had sudden access to seeing and feeling way more than I could translate to 3D. It was my bioenergetic reintroduction to what it means to be whole. I found myself in a multidimensional reality and discovered I was nearly invisible to those with whom I once shared my life in the world before. It was a foundational shift in consciousness – from upside down to right-side-up again.

Not only did decades of contact with inter-dimensional beings prepare me for this, but they were also helping many of us restore our original design by demonstrating it to us. They “commune” to us through the Field, but as I’ve shared many times, it is an aether-based language that we must want, or will ourselves, to remember again. Why? Because this final inner shift cannot fully occur through 3D language. While written teachings may inspire us to meet our Maker directly, in the end, when we cling to thoughts and words alone, we find they are unable to carry us across the threshold into multidimensional consciousness.

As I received and applied what was being given to me, I found I was able to sustain the joy, even though all around me suggested that we lived in a dark and distorted world. I was very encouraged by this evidence. I couldn’t explain it to the existing mindset and language, but I could feel the truth of it in my body. And I knew that what they were coaching me through was a full-on, paradigm-busting shift.

I received and translated the message below in 2006, almost 15 years ago. While names or identifiers have been rare in these transmissions, this presence or group energy was given as, “Shalumai.” Today, the humming and synchronicity brought this older file onto my computer screen in quite a magical way. I then felt the inspiration to share it with you.

Shalumai, Sept 10, 2006


You are expressing your joy and your gratitude for this experience which is heard, which does reverberate throughout the Universe, and which does reach your very own Creator. These are the heartstrings that are plucked from Creator to Created and from Created back to Creator. Soon the music, in its playing, is simply the song of Creation and one does not think so much about who is doing the creating and who is doing the experiencing… all of those connected in this way will hear the song. It is that simple.

Within a decade you will find that you do not need so much to have Creation slowed down and translated in the form of channeling into your projected world, for the projected world will be coming to a close. 

And now we understand that so many feel that this will be the death of all. It is not. You cannot die. But it will be the death, the close of your agreement to create this environment called 3rd density Earth. With this will be your transformation into your natural state. Now, this is not something that we can give you great details regarding, for humans are accustomed to receiving their insights and their ‘knowing’ through language, through all that you know here and the way things are structured now. Things will not be structured this way, do you see? 

You will have a complete world view shift. And in that shift you will no longer require language or structure in this way. So it would be close to impossible at this point to share with those who read or listen to this, what to expect in their new lifestyle. It is something that you will experience first hand.

Now is there anything that you can do to prepare? Well, there most certainly is. It is to choose to be conscious; to choose to meet your Maker while you are on Earth, walking in bodies. And your bodies are your allies in this. This is one of the biggest secrets, “of all time,” as you say. It is your bodies that will be your guide in the coming times. So getting to know your bodies more, in a feeling way, not as a study of this part does this and that part does that. That is good to know. But what we are speaking of is direct contact with your own bodies, for as we see it, you have alienated yourselves from your own bodies.

Never mind the aliens flying around in spaceships that you are so fascinated by. What about the alien that you have created in your own body? Perhaps if you should choose to get to know your own human body and your own feeling nature, you may find that this is a portal to your connection with All That Is – in all forms and expressions of life throughout the Universe. Interesting, is it not?

Your feeling nature is the key, and your willingness to embrace your fear rather than running from it or resisting it. Your willingness to do this will accelerate your connection, your conscious connection with all that is. This is your big secret on your planet. This is your grail. Now this is feminine in nature, because the body is feminine. The body is, in your terms, an expression of the Goddess. So what you are doing here, is embracing the wounding that has occurred in your separation from the feminine aspect of yourself. Once this wounding is embraced and healed, you will literally open the gates, open the portal to All That Is, where your power, your knowing, the truth of your being is restored. It is very simple.

Now. If every human being or a good majority of them choose to align themselves with their feeling soul body, and they become a portal themselves, what this means is that Love pours through you now. And this earth being is able to expand more and open to the truth – the highest ecstatic expression of creation. Or at least the next evolution of such.

This is how you step into your new world. For what will dissolve is that veil, to where there is not so much the tiny holes or portals. What will happen is, many, many, many portals will open and you will watch the holes grow larger and larger and larger until you have no more veil. And you are standing on your new world without ever having traveled anywhere. 

So. This is empowerment, no? To know that you are in charge? So to answer the question about what can we be doing now, it is simply to begin to reconnect with your body. First by asking. First by stating. State that you are conscious of a level of disharmony in your Earth experience. You are conscious of this. Speak of it. You do not have to have specifics about how you are out of alignment, but if you do feel that you could be more connected to your feelings; if there are hurt feelings to be healed; if there are physical pains and discomforts to be healed, state that you are aware and conscious of this and you choose to heal it and you choose to fully connect with your bodies and your feelings in the most benevolent way. This will get the ball rolling, as you say. And it isn’t just once that you say it. In every sitting that you have in your conscious connecting time, if that feeling is still present that you are not as connected to your body and your feelings as you would like to be, then do say it again. And again and again and again, until the day that you notice in hindsight that something has definitely shifted and changed, and you are feeling better physically and emotionally. You have met some of your skeletons in the closet, if you will, head-on. And you have healed a great deal in your lives.

Now with this comes extraordinary insight, extraordinary peace, extraordinary strength. For as you begin to clear, you become a living, walking, breathing portal for others on the planet to experience the Creation energy in this way. This is what we have to share for now, and as always, it gives us great joy to be of service, to connect in this way. It is meant to inspire, to encourage, to support. And so in this way, we are happy to help. We wish you a grand day and look forward to connecting through this portal very soon, and again. Good day.

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

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