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The Razor’s Edge: Where Light Talks to Light and the Middleman Dies

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I came here to make maps; to leave behind my journals and sketches for how I may have walked across the threshold into the Real World again. However, inside the simulation, I am aware that most people see me as a crazy traveler with a hefty satchel of tall tales. But in reality, because my transcendental experiences shoved me inward, today I am walking the razor’s edge between worlds… or should I say, “words?” And my priceless discovery on this inner journey is, I know how we were designed to commune directly with our Original Source Creator. It is Light talking to Light. It is resonance.

Why do I choose the words “light” and “resonance?” It isn’t because I read it online or in a book. Every word I use is rooted in what this direct experience of the Divine f-e-e-l-s like. Where I stand now, there is no middleman.

At a certain point, what we call “the Ascension-Apocalypse” can no longer be narrated, broadcast, and discussed, or even defined in a word language. After being changed by the direct transcendental events that occurred numerous times in my life, I found that a free and forward sense of movement occurs when the will is consciously engaged. It is a commitment to synchronize inside the language of Source Field.

This dedicated engagement is what initiates a direct line of contact. Light talks to Light.

It takes courage to fully surrender, to let go of everything that we were told so that we may be infused with all that we know. And when this shift occurs in us, something new can emerge. It gestates inside the womb of a more constant in-phase relationship with Source. Only then can it be wholly formed and reborn.

There is far more to unravel, unlock, and practice in these expanding realms of consciousness. However, if you find that you do continue to narrate or play a role in the story of an Ascension-Apocalypse, you may or may not experience a last flicker of conscious in-sight that you are, in actuality, choosing, narrating, and accepting a simulated version of it. And by that point, of course, you will have already made your choice that you are staying with the simulation.

Make no mistake, some of us are walking the razor’s edge. It requires absolute attention to your body-instrument and the guiding data received through resonance.

Whether it be on this blog or in the group transmissions, I am aware that some find it difficult to understand my language, let alone be open to remembering the language themselves. Do you trust the wild, crazy-haired lady with the satchel, or do you trust existing data inside this construct? (I do see your conundrum.) While I experienced great difficulty in adapting to the language of this world, it turns out that I’m glad I did. Through my conditioning, I discovered that it is brilliantly designed to keep the sleeping ones sleeping. Then I learned that one must “will” themselves out of the thought-language construct to initiate a reorientation to our natural, cosmic language of Sound and Light.

We are actively inside another infusion of Galactic Light. What we do with this is up to us. I felt this next big wave coming, received the transmissions of raw data, and translated/wrote a fraction of it in this blog article. However, from my now-moment plateau, I see that I could only translate it from my previous orientation. Today, I am in an entirely new orientation. And the data continues to download.

From an old-world orientation, these waves seemed to sweep over us once between decades. Our surf’s up moments were too few and far between. In the past decade, my perception was that these waves accelerated into a perceivable surf that swept through a few times a year. And lately, it has felt like the waves are coming every few months. Now I feel like I’m entering a strobe light experience of “off-on” lightwaves that arrive between one second and the next.

In other words, what I described in the 4/25 post, I would describe differently now. Why? Because at this moment, I am new. And I’m aware that I can see-feel-hear more than I did in a previous now-moment. With this, I am aware that the inner sight and landscapes have gone exponential. And when I say “exponential,” one might surmise that things might get far more complex with tons more added data. But in Truth, when you land into the expanded inner-scapes, and you have some reorientation-integration time, you will probably laugh out loud, as I did. Why? Because it is hysterically simple.

It is so simple that the conditioned, language-bound mind cannot see it.

I am aware that translations will no longer be possible in the ways that I’d streamed before. Every time that my view and orientation change (and make no mistake, this is ALL about movement), I will adjust to new ways of delivering the data. From the glimpses I saw in the past few days, it appears to be a lessening of words and more about transmitting the Light Resonance via pre-articulated sound data, directly into the heart-body instruments of those who choose to ignite a direct conversation with the Light. In this phase, the language and related stories that we once oriented to in the simulation can only weigh us down. Even analogy and metaphor begin to lose their power to bypass the fortress of words. Instead, by orienting to feeling-frequency, our Divine potentiality can blossom into an untranslatable yet natural-feeling communion. It is here that we may receive what we need to know, and when we need to know it, directly from the Light.

If you are inclined to walk this razor’s edge of consciousness, know that it is a one-on-one experience with Source. At times it can feel quite lonely because even if you find that you can put the experience into words, this data transmitted from the edge can only reach those who are also on or near the razor’s edge. To every other orientation inside the simulation, it sounds like incoherent rubbish. I suppose it all depends on what you cohere to. Will you keep the middleman alive? Or will you pass jail and go directly to the Light?

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

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