The Liminalist Podcast: Inner Research/Outside the Bubble

I love talking with other experiencers. Especially the ones who are willing to transcend the narratives, find the deeper meaning of these events, and conjure the courage to report on it. This ended up being a marathon talk between three humans who were deeply changed by what consensus refers to as the “unexplained.” And sadly enough, this kind of emerging data has been kept invisible, muted, and wrapped in shame. It’s empowering to see past the BS of that now. This is about evolving consciousness, or at the very least, it’s about reviving what we once agreed to suppress. That which is natural.

“Nobody wants to hear about this, child. None of what you speak of is real. Get thee behind me, Satan!”

~ Member of my Mom’s Christian Scientist Church

Later, my mom tells the story that I’d told this older lady about the “light beings” I see. I’m sure you can probably relate to the confusion I felt in this interaction. Light beings… satanic? But this was how I felt much of the time. Utterly confused about the gap between the narrative and the direct experience.

For some, just being born into this world is a trauma. We may struggle to find any sense of self and place here. Add further transformational events and we amplify the trauma of becoming even more “different.” Whatever identity we may have pieced together is shattered, and we feel ill-equipped to continue playing the game on any level. Then, if we do try to fit our heads into the old world again, our bodies doth protest the return to smallness. Whither shall we go? Inward.

The way inward and forward is a moment-by-moment journey. And the way through this epic podcast episode may be the same.

Jasun Horsley’s podcast has been in my top 5 list of favs since I discovered him last year. He is a prolific writer/author and more. His conversational pod format is unlike any other I’ve found, and that’s a good thing. Suzie, who took the lead in our episode, is from Dublin. We enjoyed a few Zoom conversations before the scheduled podcast and discovered that we’d both experienced major Kundalini events, 11-years apart. But I like that we can bypass the stories and explanations of phenomena and quickly get to the good stuff – how it changed and continues to change us.

Jasun did a nice job of breaking down the topics we explored (below). I suspect that many of my readers may relate to what we covered here, whether you call yourself “experiencer” or not.

Epic 205-minute exploration of the inner worlds of trauma and of truth & the awakening spectrum of the human energy field.

Part One: The Threshold (0 – 37 mins)

Prisoner of Infinity, a spectrum of perspectives, trauma-induced (pseudo-) spirituality, counterfeit as frame for the real, natural vs. induced trauma, a shattering, a natural event coopted, childhood neglect & bad handling, cast to the four winds, shot into the future, can trauma lead to healing, ancestral healing, learning necessary skills, questioning the benefits, guardians & protectors, a glimpse of wholeness, events that send inward, mapping inner pathways, derailments by design, outer-orientation, accessing the unknown, the need for contrast, from trauma to blessing, communication challenges, the threshold from outer to inner.

Part Two: The Land of Spin (37 mins – 1 hr 13 mins)

The natural and the good, evil’s place in the world, the human race’s trajectory, collective insanity, turning lead into gold, rejecting the Kool-Aid, silk purses from sow’s ears, birth trauma, when does natural cease to become natural, more toxins than blood cells, a cosmic connection in the mundane, the way it works here, reorientation experiences, how deep the programming goes, when the glaze comes over, the only thing that matters, cosmic dreams, consenting to forgetting, making fiction out of dreams, becoming a spin doctor, the drive to plunder the infinite, evaporating data, trusting to the download, letting the record go, an epic awakening + delusion, low pain tolerance, Suzie’s bottom line.

Part Three: The Pain-Brake (1 hr 13 mins – 1 hr 45 mins)

Turning awakening into a story, giving over to the authorities, losing the Jesus feeling, a picture of the path, when the brakes come down, shifts in the wilderness, losing outer relations on an inward journey, multitudinal issues, where the trauma is locked into, CFS, Kundalini, & Lucifer, the pain-brake, choosing to be hobbled, past power abuse, a karmic burden, the gap between the erotic and the spiritual, the greatest fear, back to the body, a natural corrective, losing the super-powers, disembodiment >> power abuse, a razor’s edge of awakening.

Part Four: Through the Language Barrier (1 hr 45 mins – 2 hr 17 mins)

The research goes within, harmonic connections, talking to experiencers, breaking the language barrier, the need for community, bodies with bodies, collective enlightenment, self-discovery through interaction, the need for demonstrations, bringing the true self through, the front runners, apocalypse now, closing the gap, a vision of post-apocalypse, a changing landscape of community, the future dissolving, how the garden grows.

Part Five:  Cycles Natural & Anti-Natural (2 hr 17 mins – 2 hrs 51 mins)

The nature of the cycle, meeting the escaton, bodily readiness, the disconnected ET parts, the level of the gap, it’s all you, Whitley, spinning experience into cash, an inability to sell out, Jung’s Red Book, Jung’s influence, Artificial Intelligence, disengagement from body & Earth, cut off from the feminine principle, motherless men, leave the task to mad men, intellectualism as satanic lever, lured into the machine world.

Part Six : Unfreezing Mercury (2 hrs 51 mins – end)

Space race & freedom from responsibility, an enactable fantasy, when the power evaporates, redirection of consciousness to the outside, a full life as best resistance, leaving the bubble world, what bird do you see, real-world reorientation, starting from a false foundation, the innocence of the intellectual, withdrawing consent, seduced by pseudo-solutions, what is the intellect, a beautiful machine, coopted by trauma, unfreezing mercury, intellectual & instinctive synergy, the spontaneity of the body, a transitional liminalist.

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