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The Triggers of Divine Ecstasy

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Everything I share here and in the groups is born from my direct experience and inner investigations over the years. I am mapping my way through these undefined inner regions of our bioenergetic consciousness. I share my data on this blog and in groups so that it might inspire you to go digging, healing, and restoring your connection to the Source Field, to what is real, once again. Perhaps one day you will share your maps too. The more inner data we reveal, the more we can collectively see the Truth. The Kingdom of Heaven is within. It is what the “visitors” were pointing to all along. It took many years to fully appreciate the perfection within each of these metamorphic stages of embodiment.

In hindsight, it seems I had to meet and transmute my own buried shame before the bioenergetic events (Kundalini / Koyopa) ultimately revealed to me what this body-based current truly was. I find that most people have programmed beliefs and trauma around what we call our sexual energy. In truth, it is the Original Divine Currency suppressed, buried, distorted, and manipulated to accept the terms of this smaller-spectrum existence. In other words, this is where the deepest programming lies, in the realm of what we label “human sexuality” and our assigned value systems (currency). This is where our original essence was seized and reappropriated.

What I’ve observed in those who witness authentic ecstasy, is that the unconscious shame within the body tends to erupt. For most, the dark guards arrive immediately to the scene. They are trained to defend the inner throne, seized long ago in an ancient, long-forgotten coup. Most folks feel justified in rejecting and judging the body’s joyful response to the Divine Current because, after all, those are “sex sounds” that are reserved for the bedroom or the predictable soundtrack of internet porn. And this is what the suppression of our Ancient-Divine Mother has come to – a flat-out rejection of Grace. And we wonder why nothing ever seems to change.

For years, I deleted the ecstatic language and sounding from the recorded messages. I am saddened by this today, but I see it now as a very important piece of the map and very much a part of my journey of courage (will), acceptance, embodiment, and eventually, the reanimation of this cosmic force in form. The inner visions and messages continued to show me that one day, this force would break through this ancient shame and be visible here. I made this agreement in the deepest core of my being, to demonstrate how our form connects to this inner Divine. All of the contact and the resulting bioenergetic responses throughout my life were pointing me to this.

Go within. We meet you here.

I learned through this dialogue with “other” beings that it’s all about clearing the way for this cosmic resonance. It is a harmonic alignment or musical connection to the Field. And once we re-anchor this, for those who truly want to engage with their cosmic family – whether they be physical or non-physical – you will discover that this telephone is already built into your design. Everything else that lands in the box of “unexplained phenomenon” is suspect as it redirects through a fragmented lens of opinions. Until you truly awaken to this direct knowing within your core, aka your natural state, you will continue to swallow the storylines of this false reality. And sadly, you will remain in an unnatural, disempowered, disharmonious state. There is no judgment. This is a choice.

From my vantage point today, I see that the messages I received were preparing us for this high-vibrational influx of Divine Love, a cyclical meet-our-Maker “moment” between our fragmented selves and our Original Creator. I realize that some refer to this as the ascension, the rapture, or other words that the literature of the world has filtered to you. I choose to develop a glossary of varying terms to further disengage from the charge of what we’ve been told. The more we choose Love and engage in a conscious awakening, the more prepared we will be to meet this deeply triggering Divine Force in our body and being. If we want to be wholly transformed while in form, there is no waiting. It is now.

Over my lifetime, this force appeared in many forms, such as ETs, angels, nature spirits, and bioenergetic (Kundalini) events. I experienced it all. And in this now-moment, I understand why I lived this unusual life. This intelligent network is showing us the pathway to heal and transcend this fragmented self and reality. At this timing, I am witnessing a few brave souls who are mustering the courage to pull themselves out of the riveting and literally “captivating” stories “out there” and are turning within. It is a beautiful sight to behold.

Within you is the power, the resolve, and the courage to break through to your original nature. Use your will and choose to engage with IT. I was given tools. I applied them. It works. But I can’t teach it through linear language. How this works is, I demonstrate it. It is like a tuning fork. When you feel the vibrations, you may reject it and run, or you may welcome the resonant frequency and rise into the remembrance of you, the Original One.

Excerpt from I Am Broadcast, August 28, 2018:

Most of you do not realize the power of your intentions and your choices when said with feeling; when said while vibrating with your own heart. The more that you do this, the more accelerated this shift will be, into the Truth. We do not need to name it [in] dimensions. We do not need to bring in cosmic characters in order to do this. We do not need to bring in anything other than your direct connection to your Source. Following this, you may explore and put the pieces together. Even look back, some of you, to see and appreciate what humanity moved through.

So when you cry out in these times, cry out for the restoration of your consciousness. Cry out in this direction. It will be answered. We cannot stress enough the importance that you realize how powerful you are. For this is the power that you have given away, unknowingly. Now you may knowingly reclaim it. Be willing to feel and it will all make sense; the confusion lifted when enough of you stop deferring to the world as you’ve known it, and to embrace the recreation of yourselves and your world… trusting in this love that is at the root of who you are.

We thank you and we send energy now that has no barriers in time and place. We broadcast now, directly to your hearts.

(8+ minutes of energy broadcast ensues)

For those of you who got this far and would like to receive the broadcast, the audio file is unlisted and posted here on YouTube

Sound of Gold Files: I AM Broadcast.082718

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

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