Remember My Kiss

This happened moments ago. She swept through me and caused me to weep in ecstasy. This is what She wanted to share. ~ EM

It has begun. It is happening now. This is the intersection where choices are made. This is where all the mysteries that used to appear as unexplained or paranormal intersect – ETs, angels, ancient wisdom, gods, goddesses, Father-Mother Creators, and so much more.

Did you think these were separate things? Things that a fragmented mind was to weave together and explain within this limited spectrum? No. It has little to do with what your thinking mind can piece together. It has everything to do with the Divine intelligence rooted in your heart. The child knows.

Whosoever, therefore, shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 18:4

Whatever you chose to suppress will rise to the surface now. It must be witnessed. Conversely, for those who did clear a sufficient pathway, you will experience the increasing joy and understanding that arrives in union with the Grace of this Transcendent Love.

This is the moment where your prized narratives and endless pontificating will not save you. The meeting place is in the heart. Will this meeting be ecstatic or terrifying? This is between you and your Maker.

Are you able to hear, see, and perceive the Divine messages? They have been all around you. They are within you. The children hear and see them.

Whatever perceptions you have of me, EM, I am but one messenger. However I/we trigger or inspire you will point to the nature of your rift or union with the Mother Divine.

No matter what your choices are, you are deeply loved.

SHE is here. Do you remember her kiss?

I used to live in your town
Then I had to leave
I used to sing in your heart
Then gradually
You didn’t believe in me

Ooh it’s alright now

I just want to let you know
Never once did I choose to go
But when your heart froze
I was no longer beautiful
I became a fairy tale of old, you know

Ooh it’s alright now
It’s alright now

Today my name is on your lips
And in your crying out to live
You remember my kiss
So I am coming home to you
Cause you need me
Cause you are awakening
To everything you’ve always known

It needn’t be so difficult
This love is as simple
As the wind, the water and the trees
Made of the same grace to me


It’s alright now
Cause you remember my kiss

Track 9 on the CD, “Songs of Anima” By Eileen Meyer (EM)

9 thoughts on “Remember My Kiss

  1. Thank You, Eileen! So much Love!
    We are claiming we are ready… through the sometimes(frequent) doubt.
    Your encouragement is very helpful…and we are all loved…whatever choice we make or circumstance we are in because of our choices.
    We are planting food and flowers again just in case we end up staying here for awhile longer.
    Love and light and no more fright!
    Robert and Renee

  2. Time may be short for some but not for you all. You all have time to write books, to enjoy the pursuit, to enjoy in the spoils. Would be pretty shitty evolution if it would be any other way. MOST IMPORTANTLY understand that you can not fail. Short of discarding all your eternal essence and colloquially going to the “dark side” consider yourselves good. Ms. Meyer is absolutely right, the heart is the test. In the grand scheme of things the spoils are not at all what you can think. Understanding is a spectrum. Luckily it is a very beautiful one. Peace.

    1. Thank you, TAU. I include your comments because you often have a different lens than I. I know there are many of us. We’ve had our individual transformational-awakening-downloading experiences that become our own translations of pre-articulated data. The beauty of it is, none of us perceive or speak exactly the same. Of course there are new cycles to write new books. I speak for myself on that one. For now, all of my heart and being is present with our current potential to rise into a New Sun.

      1. As I was driving to a dental appointment this morning, in dropped a “modification” to my comment to TAU. It is the potential to rise into what the Maya call the New Sun. And another way to view or translate it is – if we prepare the way, the New Sun (Son) rises within us. I love that I have a team of multidimensional editors.

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