New Sun Day: Peace.Balance.Center

Something does feel imminent. All the more reason to remember how to go within and listen. I invite you into my sacred connection with the Presence. I’ve had to create my own words and framing for all of this so that I could share it with you. I discovered that I have a core agreement to do so.

New Sun Day is a series I created from my recorded dialogues with the Presence every Sunday. I share these files when I get the nudge and if I have time to produce and publish the content. Instead of editing it out, in this audio, I kept the transition from my own dialoguing into the transmission from the Source Field.

I describe what it feels like as I merge. For me, I have named the familiar frequencies as the Mother, angels, or interdimensional guides. But as “they” say often,

“While we understand from your viewpoint that we seem to be separate and faraway ‘others,’ we are more like the soul aspects of you that were unseated to comply with this smaller-spectrum reality. We agreed to reappear as a resounding reminder of who you actually are.”

Sound of Gold Files

The dialogues and transmissions were born from the evolution of contact and related bioenergetic changes and upgrades. A series of visits informed me that this dedicated inner attention initiates an unraveling process that opens the pathways for the flow of energy or Divine Light. With regular attention, it reveals our gifts or “treasure” within. It restores our natural state and network. We were designed to be directly informed from Source. I’ve been practicing it for ~16 years.

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