The Presenter-ET Dream

The orbs or flying lights in the sky continue. Sometimes one. Sometimes a dozen or so. I am actively listening and observing. What is occurring now seems to be vibrationally connected with this past ET dream-poem from May 2020, and notably, it was recorded almost a year ago. This was also shared in one of the Experiencer Dialogues in this time frame. This synergy between inner and outer consciousness and beginning to see or perceive the lights “out there,” beyond the dreaming-visioning state, is very new for me. I’ve been training my whole life to allow this data to inform me from a greater spectrum. My ego-mind is no longer given the authority to decipher or interpret data anymore based on what is known within the reduced-spectrum of consciousness.

The dreams are also helping me to fill in “the more” of what is unfolding. While I am still healing and integrating from my father’s recent passing, it is this very event that seems to be opening new doorways, even amidst an already mind-blowing acceleration occurring now. (Many thanks for all of your kind condolences.)

Our first transmission-broadcast group on Monday, March 1, was excellent, and a sign of things to come. I am adjusting to being more exposed in the way that I stream the light-sound data. However, having the group hold the space while allowing the ecstasy to occur, is relatively new for me. (Gratitude to all of you.) It’s that moment when Father Spirit ignites the Goddess-in-matter beyond my comfort zone, or what I have already adapted to. The evolution of this has always been a deeply personal experience. Years ago, even just trying to explain this to a few friends in my life made them off-the-charts uncomfortable, which of course, has always fascinated me. Nevertheless, I knew the ongoing experiences were important and relevant, not just for me, but perhaps represented the hidden potential within the suppressed bioenergetic field of human consciousness. Even so, I knew I was pretty far off from being able to squish the topic into the spectrum of water-cooler conversation.

So, on overcoming fear. Just as I had to overcome my extreme terror of singing in front of people in that San Diego bar-by-the-sea in 1987, with my knocking knees and tremoring hands, I stared down that fear and broke through into wholly new infusions of energy, and thus, new territories in consciousness. It seems I am here on this threshold again.

The 3/3/21 Dream: Preparing for the Presentation with ET Being [Added notes in brackets]

I am preparing to be a presenter at a conference with the support of my friend, Peggy. I was aware that we had previously presented in the year before. We were very familiar with the process. I was invited back because I was knowledgeable in this niche sort of topic – meaning, the subject matter is not well known or visible yet.

The Presenter, Pastel by Zuzanna Vee

Before the “main presenter” walked through the doors, he gets my inner attention and broadcasts an image in my mind’s eye of who he is. It was burned into my inner sight. He was communing to me that when he walked in, he would look quite different from this, but that I would know it was him. [I sketched his ET face the best I could, but since I am not a drawing-type of artist, I was thrilled when my fellow-experiencer and one of our new group hosts, Zuzanna Vee, offered to draw it for me. A most excellent capture, my friend. Thank you.]

Sure enough, in walked a crusty, wrinkly, elderly gentleman with a projector and stack of papers. He was a perfect blend of wisdom and quirk. After setting his presentation materials down, he stood up and turned to me. In a flash, he quickly transformed into the ET being in my mind’s eye again. And in this form, he was giving me “the nod” and began broadcasting what felt to be an infinite amount of data to me through his eyes and a slight upturn in the corner of his tiny mouth. [Even after I typed the gist of the dream out, more data kept pouring in throughout the day. When I would sit down to note it, I felt that infinite-data feeling again, like if I had time to just let it flow, I could write a whole series of books and I wouldn’t even scratch the surface. But there’s no time to write books now. We have to transmit data in a far more accelerated way. Humanity must willingly make the reach, break through the fear, and enter new landscapes in consciousness. We must rise to meet these living treasures of data in the field. And in meeting this, we meet more of them, and of course, more of ourselves.

So the bold portion of what I wrote in the brackets above is an example of the bleed-through from the data download in the dream. If I type or speak, it wants to come through. I am adjusting to this.

End of Dream: There were further discussions about the integrated technologies designed to work with the presentation. I spent some time with my friend Peggy looking at star charts and drawing intricate geometric symbol-language. Peggy and I knew the language and what it conveyed. The dream sort of faded out as we were all preparing for the big presentation.

This bit came a few hours later, pressing for me to take notes:

I am shown that in the context of the dream, people think it’s going to be the usual type of presentation as it had been a year earlier. The ET / wise-old man and I were both in-the-know of many more layers of data flowing into mass consciousness now, available to the ones who can perceive it, or rather, the ones who become the vibration of the data that unlocks it. When he nodded at me as his ET-self, and it was a micro-nod at that, there was instant understanding of all of this. While pieces of this have come through the 2005-to-present messages, many more layers clicked into place here. I was aware that we were part of the same team but he could see far more of the spectrum than I. The Presenter didn’t choose to get as dense as I did and live a whole human life. And while we come from the same group of shapeshifter-traveler, from my view, he is not tied down to any particular reality or focus. However, from his view, I am just like him, and my “job” is to experience what humanity experiences. My lived experience provides equally valuable data to them.

Yeah. Okay. Breathe. I wrote this quickly and it’s hard to bring it to a close. So much more wants to come through. For me, I have a new threshold of fear to transcend. And the fear isn’t about “them.” It’s the fear of unconscious humans, and the collective fear of being annihilated for knowing and speaking our truth inside the smaller spectrum.

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Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

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16 thoughts on “The Presenter-ET Dream

  1. Thank you once again Eileen…It is my job too, to experience what humanity experiences. They come to me here and I show them my life here, and I go to them on their ships and report my findings to them. Bearing in mind there is no here or there, I am one of them and I am part of the team. But I take on this human form and this life has many purposes. (and for the first time these words come publicly out…oh wow)
    I am feeling truly blessed to have seen you Eileen, thank you for being here. And thank you for seeing me.

    1. Ms. Atkins thank you for your power. Stating this truth is not easy since it is only offered to a rarified class. When you transport to the ship. How does that occur? Do you have memories of travel?. Such as lifting through roof and gliding through the silent night to the ship? Or is it an instantaneous bilocation to points unknown? I am an experiencer myself. We all are parts of a very beautiful whole. How does your contact modality handle communication? Is it possible to describe to the best of your ability what communion feels like and how they convey information to you? This is a safe space among friends. Peace.

      1. So many questions trevorwozny42 that need longer responses than room for on here but I will do my best to briefly respond as best I can! Thank you also for seeing me.
        For me, rather than bilocation I experience it as multidimensional awareness of 2 spaces in the one space within the larger context of the field of consciousness. In the daytime I am here on earth in my space, and they/we are simultaneously on the ship in that same space. I have an awareness of both perspectives in the same moment, I am in both perspectives, and the wider field also.
        Communion is a shared space of our frequencies and information is held multi-dimensionally within the frequencies themselves. I feel it as a feeling-knowing as Eileen does. I have many other experiences but here is not the place ;-)! Blessings to you trevorwozny42

    2. Thank you for responding here. Makes me happy hearing you describe it as you expressed. I have many questions as well. I feel your heart in these regards. It feels true. Firstly, I would like to state emphatically that I believe you. Earlier in my travels I may have stated those answers very similarly if asked. No need to thank me for seeing you, it is my honor. I myself am nobody just a friend. I know you are aware of what is happening. That is half the battle right there. In my opinion this website is the only place to get this quality of interactions. This is synchronistic… I know of a video that may be relevant.

      The video is straight up. If you can sense the actuality you will have many questions. !!!DON’T PANIC!!!.
      I would recommend checking back here frequently. I am not affiliated with the site in anyway besides I know the importance. Take what follows as you deem fit.


  2. Thanks for all the effort and the guidance offered.
    What a journey we have to behold.

  3. Read this before but did not have chance to comment. I am going to take the honor of thanking you for who you are, who you have been, and who you will be. I know you have a deep internal connection which is transplendent. No need to look for Angels outside of yourself anymore. I see your outward influence is building. That is awesome. I know what has been has been tough, it had to be. Learning all this is beyond Nobel level smarts. Really. Applied intelligence will never get one to nirvana. It is a byproduct of 3D space and a need to work the ground. Hardly what is required for the future.

    The “Presenter”. What a nice dream. Question. you described the person with detail, such as his appearance of being “crusty, wrinkly, elderly gentleman with a projector and stack of papers.” What if the persons physical appearance was quite different. Would you have still recognized them? Say if he was not old in appearance, in shape, and vital? Just curious… not a serious question just curious.

    I would like to attend one of your zoom meetings. Your advert states you would like introductions. I can send one if that is required. No problem. You may not remember but we used to encounter each other on FB in the “Experiencer” groups. Makes my heart very happy that you did not explode during your reintegration. Peace.

    1. Do you know if Rey Hernandez’s CCRI book ever come out? Seems like he may have fizzled out. Hope not he had potential.

    2. Thank you for your comment, Trevor. To answer your question, I would say no matter how the Presenter presented, I would’ve known who it was. I do recall you from the FB group. Happy to include you in the group. Please send me an email so that I have your email address to send you the invite. Thank you.

      1. Glad you remember… Some people in FB groups pushed my buttons. I am not a total asshole. Even though some people thought I was. 🙂 Hope my comments were not too acerbic. I remember being less-than-kind to the most obvious charlatans and frauds. I liked your posts I recall. To me truth is the “key”. Back then I was still materializing… in understanding. The “keys” were not handed over yet. If you recall I was an experiencer. Had some super weird shit happen. The things I have seen. Turns out fate is a real force. I resonate with your descriptions of contact and communion. It was obvious even when I had only one eye with cataracts. You’re light and convictions appear to be getting stronger and stronger.

        A win-win-win to the Universe. I thank you on its behalf.

        I have watched and followed 100’s if not thousands of experiencers. I have watched your videos and have enjoyed them immensely. Read your blog back to front. Most people are not so adept at writing on and between the lines. It is heard by whom pay attention. If I were to/had to rank in a way you are easily in the top 5. I may be uniquely qualified since I have studied and befriended the multitudes mentioned above to make that estimation. Most have general awareness but have just the right weight heart. Top 5 is something else.

        I apologize, sometimes it appears I ramble on. I swear I don’t do drugs.

        I have an internal need to speak to like minded people. There is no way for the uninitiated to understand the conversations that need to take place. The only kind of stare I get is the 1000 yard type.

        Have a good night, and to your loved ones.


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