A Sudden Pause and Life Goes On

My father left this weird world on Sunday morning, February 28th. He was 86. I learned about it as I was involved in feverish correspondence and last-minute tasks for the “Enter the Dialogue” Group I was doing the next day. Of course, when I got the word Sunday afternoon, everything came to a screeching halt. Though in hindsight, it really was just a sudden pause.

I did some deep breathing. I cried. And then I began speaking out loud to his essence. It’s the same way I talk to the Field, in my willingness to rebuild the natural way in which we are all designed to commune. I dialogue with the essence of God, angel, ET, Jesus, my higher self, and of course, one of the most spiritual beings I know, Maya. This beautiful being lived with me in cat form for 17 years. She still drops in from time to time.

So I’m wondering… are you conscious of the thoughts generated by what I just shared? It could be anything from, “What a f*@kn new-age looney” to “I know exactly what she’s talking about! Cool. Another human who is brave enough to say it out loud.” This will give you a sense of which software program you’re running with your hardware – Universal or fragmented.

The programming or trance-making starts from the day we’re born. From every angle, it’s drummed into us that if we are in connection with them, we will surely be institutionalized. But through my own mystical contact, I learned that we can connect beyond this simulated world with its simulated borders. It’s just that it won’t happen with the programmed mind. And if we do experience “contact” through the lens of a fragmented mind, well, that’s when things can get a bit off-center. It’s also a territory where we can be easily manipulated. I’ve written and spoken of this often.

It’s the soul that communes with the Source Field. And the language and conductor of this resonance is Love. And yet, have you noticed that the soul is not welcome in this smaller-spectrum reality? Why? Because if you rejoined with Soul and re-ignited your natural state, it would be game over in this false construct. Instantaneously. Your amazing resonance device, your original design, would activate or “come online.” And you would be free.

The irony in all of this is, we are actually the discarnate ones. While we are longing to connect with all of those inter-dimensional or transitioning loved ones floating out there somewhere, we are actually the ones preventing contact by not fully being here.

If we are willing to truly know thyself, first and foremost through healing, letting go of the lies we bought into, etc., we will begin to experience the actualized soul reunion with our bodies. This, in turn, restores our natural harmonic state with the natural world. This is when we’re fully alive and our resonance-communing device pops back online. This is when our physical bodies can make these connections in the ways that they were designed to do. 

How do I know all of this? I ask. I feel. I listen. And more importantly, I practice it.

So in my dialogue on Sunday afternoon with my father, I thanked him for playing his role very well this time around. And I acknowledged through the active Field generated in my heart and body, and in the brutally honest way I was taught to do, that while our relationship wasn’t always an easy one, I must admit, I learned quite a bit about myself.

My mother departed when I was in my early 20’s. Everyone agreed that at age 51, she was far too young to go. My older brother Dan left unexpectedly in 2015. My father leaving now feels like yet another energetic shove. However, I accept that it was his time. And I will continue to learn and grow from our relationship, even in his passing to the next phase of his journey.

As my Sunday went on, I came to a peaceful place and just knew that it was important to proceed with the group. I felt an energetic opening with my father, so I invited him into my heart and my work yesterday. I don’t think he ever really understood what it is that I do. How could such a conventional guy bring such a strange girl into the world? (Happens all the time.) Yet I feel that because I welcomed his presence into the group, it became an even more powerful experience for me. The group participants learned of my loss at the closing of our time together.

My heart goes out to all those who are missing their departed loved ones. I know that terrible sense of loss and losing touch. Tune into the happy memories. And tell the truth about the pain. Honesty brings them ’round and opens cosmic doorways.

I definitely acknowledge the pain, confusion, and numerous misunderstandings I had with my father. Hell, there’ve been plenty of therapists who’ve lent an ear. Today I honor all the memories, and all that I have learned along the way.

Thank you, Dad, for doing the best you could with what you were given in this life. It’s all any of us can do. And I thank you for your loving and greatly expanded presence in my group yesterday, a group that just happened to be about how to commune beyond the borders of our conditioned mind. Until next time, do stay in touch, and may random angels appear and guide you on your way.

I am adding the song below after posting this article. I wrote this song to my father, about the complexity of our relationship. He never knew it was about us. How could I have forgotten to include this?? ~ EM

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

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13 thoughts on “A Sudden Pause and Life Goes On

  1. God bless him and have a safe journey.
    We love you our sencer condolences to you.
    Life is a journey not a destination.

  2. Sending love your way. I find your post healing and admire how you see your journey with your dad and your ability to forgive and transcend. Loss is hard and family complicated. My conventional parents produced an alien child like me and it is comforting to know that it “happens all the time.”

    I wish you peace as you continue to navigate this change and with whatever comes up for you going forward.

    blessings, Linda

  3. My heart sending out love to you and praise for the life of your Father. Happy journeying to your Father and fellow soul traveller as he is greeted by the rest of the Ancestors! May you feel the loving arms and songs from the sacred others surround you Eileen as memories of your Father bring you comfort and peace.

    With sympathy,

  4. Heartfelt sympathies on your Dad’s passing.
    Your song is profound and deeply moving.

    Oh my, you ain’t a strange girl, you are divine.

    I resonate with your loss.

  5. May his memory be a blessing.
    Sorry for your loss.
    My Dad and I have had some good communication since his passing, I’m sure you and your Dad will too.

  6. Dear Eileen, it’s a heartfelt tribute to your father… in words, pictures and song!… let his soul feel that love and let his journey back into non-physical be a joyous one! what a precious diamond he raised(you)! the picture above with you and your father speaks volumes… Love, blessings, and sincere condolences

  7. Eileen, Thank you for sharing your Dad’s crossing with us. The picture you shared instantly reminded me of Markie from this Twilight Zone episode!  You look SO much like her in this pic!!!  Did you ever see that episode?  If not, I hope you check it out!  I put together this mini-collage:

    My father crossed in 2010 at 97, 2 weeks shy of his 98th birthday.   In the fall of 2011, I arranged for a Skype reading with Dutch medium, Robbert van den Broeke, who as a kid got zapped by an orb while he was delivering papers at 03:00 am near Hoeven in Holland. Initially Nancy Talbott (who had a stroke in 2016) of BLT Research (Burke and Levingood both crossed) had said Robbert was too busy to do a reading but while we were on the phone speaking I mentally told Robbert I needed to talk to him and I think he heard because about 3 days later Nancy contacted me to say he could do it!   When Robbert asked, “Who is Julian?” I was shocked!  I did NOT expect my father to show up!  I was there to ask him about my nephew’s musical genius … I didn’t even know what to say!  My father said that he felt he had scored double because not only was their life after death but that he was in an incredible place. He said it took him a while to arrive!  Robbert then asked me who Carmen was and also Ciceron (my paternal grandparents).  He said Ciceron had a special interest in “a boy in your family who plays the piano” which was the very reason I had contacted him!!!  Trippy, huh!? Big hug Eileen!!!  As Grant Cameron says, it’s all connected!!!  

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  8. Great post! I love the photos! A very healing read for me, too. And what a song! I was listening to that earlier during the artwork session. I love know the background. Thank you for ALL of this.

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