Love will Steer the Stars

Dismount from the merry-go-round. Reconnect with the Earth. Ask to feel the SUNshine. Let the SUN shine in. Then trust that Peace will guide the planets, and Love will steer the stars.

The answers you are looking for will never be fully addressed inside the loops of this virtual theme park.

I’m feeling a growing acceleration and intensity in the earth and her relationship with humanity. Yesterday, I broke through to a new layer of insight in my Sunday connecting time. Soon I won’t be able to reach you via word language. It isn’t that I can’t type out or record my words here anymore. It’s that what I’m sharing will make less and less sense to those who are choosing to stay on the carnival ride, believing that the park “authorities” know what’s best for us. Not that my work made a lot of sense to people in the first place, but part of my intention is to share what I know by heart. And this is a completely different language for us to (re)orient to. It is resonance. It is our natural and knowing state. What the masses are currently being “talked into” from every direction is to further adapt to what is unnatural.

I don’t care which version of left or right psyops you are “be-leaving” or “leaving your own being” to accept as reality. If you do not know thySelf, ANY popular characters and narratives “out there” are suspect. Don’t you see? In the end, none of them lead to actual freedom. The only one that does is the journey to the Kingdom within. 

Take responsibility for your own life and choices. Use your will to choose differently. This means engaging your inner soul technologies. I have written and spoken of this for years. It’s all here. I’ve done what I can do publicly in this way, and while I will still post here, I’m in the process of creating a more private experience and community for those who feel aligned with what I offer.

Re-sharing from past transmissions:

This deference to the outer world structures and systems that you have been oriented to, is let us say, a kind of magic that is well known throughout this universe. This is something that developed as an inspiration from those who chose to experiment and watch and collect data and a variety of other reasons, to see what kind of realities could be created from harvesting humanity, harvesting their infinite value. Well they do not have access to your infinite value. Only you have access to that. But there are groups, factions, that are still very very much interested in redesigning human consciousness. Now this may be presented in ways that are exciting or interesting. Or it sounds like you will become more powerful and more intelligent with these new technologies. We have spoken of artificial intelligence in the past, and transhuman technologies, we have touched upon. This is not something that we have the vocabulary to pursue in great detail. We speak to the heart of the matter on all things. This is who we are. This is who you are, so we speak to these aspects of you, to these sensory abilities, of course, to feel the messages. And understand that what we are saying is, you are infinite beings with infinite capacities, and you have been conditioned to forget this. 

Sound of Gold Files: SourceReorientation.070218

Yes. We have literally agreed to forget this. At one point or another, we have given them permission to dictate to us. That is, until we choose differently. You are so much more than what you were told.

Indeed there have been many humans who had intentions and prayers to awaken to the understanding of their wholeness, and [to demonstrate] that they can in fact choose to recall and vibrate with the frequency of the Universe, of Creation. But due to the fact that your world is extreme at this time now, extreme in its focus in limitation, there becomes an insufficient willingness to embrace what is felt and perceived as the Unknown. For all you really have in your psychological descriptions – and all it really boils down to is – what you know and what you do not know. And there is great fear around what you do not know, even though that Unknown is your Greater Being. And in that Unknown is Love – indefinable Love. It cannot be defined in your words. This Love you must feel. Allow yourselves to feel.

But what happens in most cases with humans in their pre-life intentions and prayers who asked to be touched by this Love?

Some were not fully prepared for what Love actually feels like…

Sound of Gold Files: Attunement.080307

The above was from 2007. At the time, I mostly filed (buried) them away. I had to grow into mySelf and the language of resonance in order to fully grok what was being said.

We have said many times that you are at a crossroads, a very very important crossroads. So let us say that there are several factions or groups with intentions to continue to keep your consciousness small, to keep you in an unnatural state. There are plans for your consciousness to become even more unnatural. If this is what you choose, then by all means, move in this direction where you will be told or informed that there are many upgrades for you if you want to be smarter, or faster, bigger, better by using technologies. Technology is not bad. Technology is neutral. 

The other choice is for you to accept the wholeness, the fullness of That Which You Are, the way that you were created, the way that you were designed to be. But this requires overcoming fear. This requires transcending the enormous conditioning that you have experienced and the generations before you – the wounding, the pain, the trauma, the manipulation, the control. And at this point, it does not even matter, the characters in the play, in the theater. It would be wise of you to simply make this choice: to either engage with your Original Source, or trust what you are being informed of outside of yourself, i.e., putting all of your power and attention on an individual or individuals in the outer world. Some are doing very good work. Let them continue to do their work. Your best work is going within and restoring this within you, so that you may also be of service.

Sound of Gold Files: RestoringWholeness.090918

In closing, here are a few articles that were recommended to me (thank you my friends) and that I found resonant with the data in many transmissions. You may find them of value too.

To Reason with a Madman, by Charles Eisenstein

Billionaires See VR as a Way to Avoid Radical Social Change, by Matthew Gault/Wired Magazine

Oh, and then there’s this. When language fails us, stop the merry-go-round, let the sun shine, shift into resonance, and become the Love that steers the stars.

Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

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15 thoughts on “Love will Steer the Stars

    1. Welcome litebeing. I get downright giddy with synchronicities. I read your wonderful post. Thank you. There are many other parallels here with old computers and technology. I love astrology. The stellium is in my 3rd. Saturn parked atop my Sun at the moment. Whew. Having to kick in the mastery level and practice what I preach 😉

      1. Hi Eileen,
        I feel the same way about synchs. That’s why when possible I check them out to see what’s behind the “door”. Saturn on Sun, yeah there. Soon Saturn will by on my Ascendant but at least Jupiter will still be in my first house. The stellium in the 3rd can give your writing a boost!

      2. What I find is that my writing wants to change… almost like, this stage is over, now this… I recall Saturn crossing my Ascendant. For me, it was heavy responsibilities and pushing a rock uphill until I saw my patterns, listened, and changed it. That’s the condensed version 😉 Enjoy Jupiter’s blessings.

  1. Hello Eileen
    Confirming your insight to us concerning last Sunday has jolted me enough to immediately change my course. Thankyou.
    Unbounded love

  2. Wow! just getting to this now. I want to say, you won’t believe this, but I know YOU will: Around the time you posted this, probably while you were writing it, I saw a short video on how the 5th Dimension came to record Age of Aquarius. Fascinating synchronicities. Then I listened to the song several times through and it inspired and touched me as when I used to listen to the brand new album my brother brought home and played way back when. What a cool ‘event’ to be connected this way, as well as all the others, Eileen. Here’s the Prof. of Rock’s interview with two of the 5D:

    1. I love this so much. Bring on the synchs! I’m about halfway through your video link. Wonderful story of synchronicities within synchronicities. I feel like we are reweaving back into that time and picking back up where we left off. Thanks for sharing this, Zuzanna.

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