New Sun Day: Inner Tech

Through contact with high-vibrational nonhuman intelligence, I was taught the language of resonance and given a tool to engage natural soul technologies. On the December 2020 Solstice, I was inspired to share these audio recordings of streaming consciousness. Included in this offering is a spontaneous sound transmission, or songs from the Mother, that followed my dialogue practice. This post came later than usual as Mercury retrograde dealt me some tough lessons in slowing down.

Some of the things I cover in my stream of consciousness are:

Pieces of ourselves that weren’t welcome here have been held and cared for in the Earth herself. It is important that we restore and integrate these rejected pieces of our consciousness. Otherwise, the outer-world evolutionary trajectories will eventually blend humanity’s unique biological tech with their own artificial technologies. While some of these technologies were designed to be benevolent, if we do not know ourselves, they can be used against us. We stand at the threshold of this choice to restore or ignore our amazing design. We are the only ones who can turn this around.

Restoring our sovereignty and Divine connection changes our world. Period. Every one of us has a gift at our core, a piece of the puzzle to share with all.

More Background: Recordings from this series capture inspirations upon emerging from my Sunday dialogues with Source. This emotional-awareness practice was introduced 16 years ago via a series of mystical visits with Presence. I have practiced it ever since. I’ve referred to it as my “connecting time,” “honesty sessions,” “Koyopa/Mother’s meditation, and more. I found that names and labels are a silly thing in the Field. All is absorbed through visions and instantaneous knowing. The practice continues to deliver my consciousness to a living Field of Light that vibrates within our bodies and thrives well beyond the given “bubble” or sphere of human existence. Through all of this, I knew my role was to be a translator – from energy-resonance into language. I named these hundreds of audio messages, the “Sound of Gold Files,” and some more recent transmissions, “The Sound of Now Messages.”

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5 thoughts on “New Sun Day: Inner Tech

  1. Eileen, so wonderful to hear you again. Have been camping all along and trying to use Telegram is beyond my tech. I think of you and our group, just wondering what you are perceiving and feeling. Blessings to you. David

    1. The group is a simple space that we all hold, whether we type and post or not. You are held close, dear soul. I am perceiving and feeling a lot. I do my best to share it in these posts, but it comes in far too many layers now to translate into language.

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