Make the Shift: Rebuilding Reality from your Inner Core

It was a nice find. And an important one, I feel. Below are excerpts from a 2017 message I uncovered when moving old files onto new hard drives. I don’t always have time to convert audio to text when they come through, so I end up transcribing them many months or even years later. And synchronistically, this one is quite resonant with what I spoke of and recorded for the latest New Sunday video.

And on that topic, I usually post my New Sun Day videos midweek. I am unable to share the latest one because of editing software (FCPX) issues. It’s a Mercury retrograde fiasco for sure.

Excerpts from “The Shift,” March 26, 2017 (minor edits for flow)

EM: First the joy comes. The heart expands (ecstasy sounds). Hard to explain to people. This isn’t what people think of as channeling… it’s like a process of talking myself into Love… speaking truthfully… (more of my own viewpoint recorded here but I’ll have to come back later to transcribe.)

Group Consciousness/The Field
Ah-ix-de-mah (with throat sounds that I can’t create outside of this altered state)

[Note: Below, the inner Voice initially responds to what I was feeling and wondering as the energy filled me up and continued to expand. I was wondering about the moment when this shift occurs inside me, when it moves from my sense of an Eileen-self, to a More Self.]

It is I. So there is still the awareness from the human perspective between the heart energy center and the throat. There is still the ability to speak [as EM] from this perspective. Once it moves between the throat and the 3rd eye, the transition is made, and then so on, up through other energetic centers above and around the physical body. It is a Field that is generated. It is not that the person, Eileen, is gone. This is a blending of the greater energetics of who she is. This is the case for most of humanity. They are able to make this choice to move through these shifts in perception, in communion, and access more of the Self. Who or what is speaking at this moment? It is Love… in not only the 3D or Earth experiences at this time-space but far more that has not been accessible through the conditioning. It is foreign to most and frightening simply because it feels out of control – out of egoic control. 

So this is why it is of great importance to transcend this perspective of the conditioned, egoic mind. There are many initiations that can be consciously chosen, in which to rise above or expand above the egoic mind and to see or perceive more of the truth of who you are. It takes courage. It takes a commitment. There is no death, though it may seem like death to the ego. Therefore, it is not so much an overall fear of losing the body and dying in the conditioned way of perceiving death. It is more the egoic fear of losing control. It is the egoic mind that develops identity and a sense of belonging to the conditioned, virtual reality.

The shift is in your ability to understand, to comprehend, to see, to perceive, to feel who is in charge in any given moment in your reality. There are ways to know this beyond a shadow of a doubt, and it is through feeling. There is still a great many humans who have become stagnant with their feeling nature, who have shut it down and have dismissed it, devalued it in the world. This is not to be judged at all for there has been a common intention to create this smaller reality for the purpose of utilizing human energy for these specific purposes and intentions.

The shift does not happen in your outer world. You truly have the ability to empower yourself – to heal and to embody – not only what has been conditioned out of you through this project, but to embody far greater dimensions of YOU. Now… this is possible. This is a choice now for any and all. While we still do read that there is a population who will not choose this, and have made this known, they will transition in other ways. This is not of your concern. For as we see it, there is still in the collective a great deal of distraction from your own conscious choices. So any time you are looking to the world out there to fill you in on your choices… to fill you in before making [an inner] choice, there would be a recommendation to pause and take note of this. It is an inner choice. It is an inner connection with your Source. And if you do not believe that this is possible, then perhaps there is a bit more practice and attention for you. But understand, that these choices must be made now. Soon. 

There are no predictions here from this collective voice, for you are all in charge of your unfolding into what is perceived at this point as future realities. So the shift is letting go of information from your outer world. This does not mean that you do not tap back in to feel into the collective, to see what is unfolding. But understand that you must be strong enough with your own sense of self, so that you do not fall back into the distraction and believing that the outer world is dictating your reality, for it is not. You are in full charge of this now. You are in full charge of your healing and re-collecting yourself from these many other dimensions. You may say in this moment that you do not know how to do this, and we are saying that you do. For we see all of you. 

Now, some have viewed these energetics as angels, and we have used this word from time to time. That is all right. But know that our purpose is simply to hold the space for you in what seems like a very long time of being asleep. But from our point of view, it is no time at all. Now, many of you are perceiving these energetics and you are perceiving these aspects of yourself that you once called angel. This presence is actually who you are, and simply the portions that had to go when it did not fit in with the virtual conditioned reality. So they became your good characters who come to help from time to time. To help guide. To help inspire. To be a part of your creative projects, and so on. Understand that we are you.

Allow the blending to occur. Trust in this. Understand that if you do not trust it, it is simply due to the fact that you have not felt it yet. And there are many reasons why this may be. If you have not felt this love at this timing and you are still confused and anxious and giving your power to the outer-world creations, it is simply that you cannot feel. It is not that you were on the short end of the stick when these “awarenesses,” were handed out. It does not work this way. It sounds very simple – the shift from outer to inner so that you may rediscover your Source within. For many of you it is more challenging, simply because you do not have the references, both in your body and in your outer world. But understand that when you choose to feel it in your body and to commune with these other aspects that have been pushed away due to the conditioning, this is the beginning of your path to restore this connection and to change your outer world to reflect it. 

You have been taught that it is the outer world that dictates to you, and outer characters that dictate your reality. It is not true. It is false. Now, for some, they have been able to make this shift and get a foothold in Truth, in feeling reality. You will feel what Truth feels like in your body, and these are your markers. You will know beyond a shadow of a doubt what Truth is and how you fit into this reality. Again, we do not say, do not pay attention to your outer-world at all, for that is not recommended. It is a balance at this point. You are in-between. You are turning the bus around, so to speak, back to your core. For some it takes a bit more time than others. There are many of you that are convinced that this shift is coming from the outer world and so you continue to look to your ETs and your governments and your political candidates and your preachers and philosophers. There may be bits and pieces of Truth that come from these places, but understand that once you shift to your own inner core and you begin to build from this place, you will see the validation coming from all of these places and more. For you will be rebuilding your outer-world reality from your inner core, the inner-connection to your Source.

Understand that the choice is yours. The sooner that each individual consciousness arrives in this understanding, the more quickly you will see the outer-world changes. No more hiding and wondering what will happen next. You begin to embody your true identity, a universal identity, a multi-dimensional identity, if you will. You will begin speaking from this place. You will build community from this place. Release your attachments to the ideas that this will take a long time. It will not take a long time once this inner conscious choice is made. Now at a certain point there is the idea of critical mass. It is not that those following will dovetail into this awareness automatically. Understand that it will just be easier for them, for they will have the outer-world validation, more so than those who initiated the shift with their choices. So all of what you are seeing is due to individual humans making this choice within to shift. Some of these individuals arrived here on earth to do just this. Maintaining their connection, to enough of a degree to feel Source and to feel Source Love, so that they may remember. And there has been a cosmic program of sorts in place to remind them of what they intended to assist humanity with, in making this shift from outer to inner, to realign with the Universal instead of the old, smaller programs of containment. 

So we speak to those who consider themselves awake, who consider themselves spiritual, who have a practice, who support others through healing. We press this information even further into you. Ask yourself if you have made this shift. Even though your outer-world identity is considered “spiritual,” have you in actuality made this shift to receiving and perceiving reality from your inner core connected to your Source? Or, are you also contributing to the distractions in the outer world? Stand now as an example of this. Remember your intentions for the life. Be willing to surrender all that you thought you knew – even of a spiritual nature. Become more like an artist at this timing than a light worker, do you see? For many of the definitions of light worker have come from this dense reality, simply as a way to redefine the self within the container that existed. You too are making this shift. Open yourself to the Creative Force and allow it to blend with you to recreate yourself and your world. 

We simply make this point, that there is no hierarchy of those who understand and those who do not within the old condensed reality. If any “one” is still operating or trying to operate in the old parameters, this will not work. Make the shift. Trust that you will reconnect with All that you are. Feel the inspiration and begin to paint your new reality. 


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  1. It is so vitally important to keep asking the Question of where we are, what are we thinking, feeling, etc. everyday. Take nothing for granted, specially what the world out there reflects back to us. Thank you for this reminder, Eileen.

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