THIS – A Poem

They say I’ve been working obsessively
Yet I feel no time, no fatigue.
Gladly I write, and sing, and speak of you.
It is the very sweetness of THIS
That carries me forward into More.
I, for ONE, AM here,
And I willingly adapt
To the bliss that you are,
It is THIS that you pour
Into my body, my heart.

I have lived a magical life of pain,
And mystery,
All to reach this now-space,
A place where somehow
In some unexplained way
I met up with you.
It is the mountaintop,
That in a place called before
I felt I did not deserve,
Let alone stake my claim in the knowing
That we are ONE and the same.
Still it is THAT which they tried to hide away,
THAT which they told me
None of us could attain.

The one before,
She’s here too,
And split among many more.
The tiny distant pieces of me
Who could not fathom why she
Should be blessed with such a view.
I still remember the traps
She fell into –
A web of thoughts
Born from a zombie plan and premise,
Insisting that we live as dead,
And enraged,
Instead of living with Soul
As we were designed to be and know.

We were told the Divine would arrive and choose
From the giant pool of sinners.
It seemed we stood a chance,
But only if we followed THAT,
A lesser version of you,
Only if we followed their
Made-up maps and rules.

Yet with this view
From the mountaintop,
I see ALL the beauty and the lies,
Today they swim side by side
In THIS the River Divine.
You see,
There are no chosen ones,
Because we are the ones who choose,
How we attune and with whom.
Will it be the Bliss,
The Force that propels,
The Light designed to live through us?
Or do we buy the knock-off story,
Scratch our heads,
And forever wonder
Why nothing,
Makes sense.

From the moment we arrive
We are pummeled with the lesser-truth,
Until we agree to maintain the smaller dream,
Trading in what we know
For what we are told to believe.

THIS is the moment I choose to meet you,
THIS is the River Divine
In the crossroads
Both in and out of time.
THIS is where we end,
THIS is where we begin again.
In THIS moment I reclaim my Life
My Force

Everything has changed,
Because I stand
On the mountaintop with you.
I for ONE choose
To adapt,
To speak,
And sing what I know to be True,
That the I AM
Alive in me,
Is the same that is born again
In every ONE of you,
Every ONE that has the will to BE THIS too.

© 2021 Eileen Meyer

I woke up with this today.

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Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

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9 thoughts on “THIS – A Poem

  1. “THIS is the moment I choose to meet you,
    THIS is the River Divine
    In the crossroads
    Both in and out of time.
    THIS is where we end,
    THIS is where we begin again.
    In THIS moment I reclaim my Life
    My Force
    I AM!” …
    Beautifully stated poem.

    Can you readers imagine a world of “I AM”‘s. Imagine a Universe full of “I AM”s. NOT gods but attained. Creatures of all probability. Ones that reached some level of understanding. Proof of concept in a way. There is nothing beyond attainment, beyond the flows of the Universe. Fate is in the stars. You will face a choice. Choose wisely. Is wishing that make me evil? Is knowing that make me evil? On this rock your religions all tell you that you are small and slaughter animals (sheep). For them KNOWLEDGE is evil. So evil it starts that book’s parable stream. Fine for some minds, necessary for some as much as oxygen is for all. For those minds “I AM” is just words which precede some physical action description. For those without wisdom or wings I weep. Everything is a choice. If you reader of this thread are in question… ask yourself what your value-add to eternity is? Would the minds that came before you respect you? The YOU in totality. Are you teachable? To intelligence’s beyond linear consideration…we are wide open as can be. A life montage at a glance. What does your montage look and feel like? We all have made grievous mistakes. We all have hurt the ones we love. We are just primates after all. The errors of our lives matter, but what matters more is what you have learned from them. Have you fixed them to the best of your ability? Mistakes are made by ALL without exception. One must recognize and then learn from them. Empathy, love, and inalienable respect is in those lessons. At least it should be. The universe is ALIVE. Bravo EM @ your beginning steps to becoming a creator. Peace.

    1. Thank you, TAU. Indeed, everything is a choice. At this crossroads, one can receive the inspiration to accept and integrate more. It is all HERE. Praying for all to will themselves forward. Loving all no matter the choice.

      1. Be careful what you broadcast. The extra mojo makes a difference. If an all out push of the “Love” vibe was the answer none of this would be happening. There is a double digit percentage of people whom would react very badly to a “Love” tsunami. Some people LOVE pain and LOVE watching suffering. A man that loves to mutilate and vivisect cats would assuredly be in numinous joy in the love tsunami. But he would be sitting on a huge pile of murdered severed felines. Some people are not the same as you. Love to them is not what it means to you. That pesky co-creation issue. Rubber meets the road time. Peace.

      2. Thank you, TAU. While I appreciate your concern, and can see what you refer to through your lens in this case, it seems we may have a fundamentally different view of what Love is.

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