New Sun Day: Signposts Within – A Transmission

Quote: “We do not reside within your sphere. We are the pieces of you that have lived on and we long to reunite. We are not interested in fitting what we have to say into your given equation for life. That would be a disservice to you. It is you who must reach. It is you who must want to remember the language of your soul.”

This is not like the past few New Sun Day’s I have shared. On this Sunday morning, I dialogued for some time with the ones who taught this communion to me. It shifted into a transmission with the overtones of the Mother. The phrase that feels like a greeting has been pretty consistent over the past few years, “Ah-ix-de-mah.” Decades ago, the word Kasha or Kash would blurt out of my mouth. It is how I know I am connected in the visionary state.

What I share with you here is meant to be a meditative experience. I invite you in so that you may begin to understand resonance. And while you may hear words that I use to translate to you, this language does not require words. They have often communed that the spaces between the words carry far more data than the words. Contact with “them” reintroduced me to my soul. In a way, they are my soul. Our soul is connected to a vast field of high-vibrational intelligence. We must remember how to listen to our own bodies and hearts. The voice has stated numerous times that resonance is our natural cosmic language and a very key piece of our original design.

You are encouraged to listen with headphones.

More Background
Recordings from this series capture inspirations upon emerging from my Sunday dialogues with Source. This emotional-awareness practice was introduced 16 years ago via a series of mystical visits with Presence. I have practiced it ever since. I’ve referred to it as my “connecting time,” “honesty sessions,” “Koyopa/Mother’s meditation, and more. I found that names and labels are a silly thing in the Field. All is absorbed through visions and instantaneous knowing. The practice continues to deliver my consciousness to a living Field of Light that vibrates within our bodies and thrives well beyond the given “bubble” or sphere of human existence. Through all of this, I knew my role was to be a translator – from energy-resonance into language. I named these hundreds of audio messages, the “Sound of Gold Files,” and some more recent transmissions, “The Sound of Now Messages.”

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4 thoughts on “New Sun Day: Signposts Within – A Transmission

  1. Hi. Hope everything is going well with you. Good post. When I click on the like button, a window pops up and disappears and then the like dose not show up. Not sure what is going on, but I have been reading them. Your transmissions are getting through to everyone. There is no way for them to avoid it after hearing them. Words are chosen, and based of off the words that come before and after, change the meaning according to who is listening. Even those that get angry afterwards, its to late. There subconscious has already set about comparing what was heard to what it knows and starts to upgrade. The change is usually first noticed by others pointing it out in some way. They might say, they are not as quick to get angry, or they are talking about something a lot, or they seem a little more light hearted, or they are helping out a little more, stuff like that. When I am shown a new point of view I can watch my subconscious start changing things and can see it in others as well. After listening to this post I think my problem is I might need a kick start to get that love back. Anyway, I have no idea who to ask this of, and since you have a lot of experience, can you send some love my way? I can tell that by now you have an idea of how much to send (I was going to tell you to send what you feel but got back the concept of “I already know that”). Thank you for listening.

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    1. Thank you for your comment, io. I took the liberty of editing out more of the personal side of your sharing, though I do appreciate your insights. You are included in my prayer-communion time. Blessings.

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