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New Sun Day: Facing the Scary of Not Fitting

This audio continues to capture my reflections on a life of contact that could not be explained by any authority in my world. Soon I realized that it was the whole point of contact: to change and reorient me to the authority of my inner consciousness. This is how I, and every human being, are designed to receive data from the Source Field of Light and Sound. I became a translator of frequency messages directed to humanity. I absorb them from the Field and do my best to fit it all into words.

Over many years, it has been my passion to break through the woefully inadequate ET-angel narratives and represent a kind of bioenergetic contact that not only includes life-transforming events in body and consciousness but an ongoing evolution to transcend the limited view. My life of contact and communion has always pointed to the urgent need for humanity to awaken to their original or natural state, with eyes to see and ears to hear. If we do not, we will continue to gullibly accept and loop within the “new and improved” versions of reality that we are given.

Quote from video: “It doesn’t matter what we call it, what we name it, how we sort it out in our minds so that it fits into what exists now, as well as a historical timeline… and that it [even] has to make sense in a linear fashion. That’s bullshit. It doesn’t [fit].”

Recordings from this series capture inspirations upon emerging from my Sunday dialogues with Source. This emotional-awareness dialogue was introduced 16 years ago via a series of mystical visits with Presence. I have practiced it ever since. I’ve referred to it as my “connecting time,” “honesty sessions,” “Koyopa/Mother’s meditation, and more. I found that names and labels are a silly thing in the Field. All is absorbed through instantaneous knowing. The practice continues to deliver my consciousness to a living Field of Light that vibrates within our bodies and thrives well beyond the given “bubble” of existence. Through all of this, I knew my role was to be a translator – from energy into language. I named these hundreds of audio messages, the “Sound of Gold Files,” and more recent transmissions, “The Sound of Now Messages.”

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