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Bioenergetic Blend and Transmission

I wanted to name this post, “Red-Headed Bioenergetic Blend…” but I figured I should attempt to be more respectful. Ah, but when one has lived a life like mine, one must develop a sense of humor or end up in the proverbial looney bin. For many reasons, it was interesting to watch myself back then, still with my rocker-chick mane of red.

The video clip is from an old, buried, and long-forgotten .mov file. This recently resurfaced footage demonstrates the bioenergetic, ecstatic way that I connect as well as a transmission that conveys the importance of preparing-developing our instincts in the coming years (after 2011). Also, it offers further glimpses of what is to come in the same context of preparing our consciousness to meet it.

Do you know that in these coming times, in order to ride the wave, this powerful wave of transformation, you will actually have to have your capacities and your knowing in place? – Not in image. Not in an idea of what you would like to be, but who you actually are. And owning that.

Sound of Gold Files: InTheseComingTimes.112111

While my way of connecting has evolved over the years, as I integrated and gradually accepted my path, I felt it important to share this clip now. It was clear that my contact with ET-Angel-Other was very different from the more common, popular, or given narratives. It seemed my interdimensional meetings were about upgrades: changing me and preparing me for something I could not articulate back then. Only in the past year or so have I begun weaving all of these pieces together.

This 10-year old footage captures something rare – both the audio and visual of my connecting process. I post this, more for the demonstration of the body’s role in these transmissions than for the clips of the message itself. I have brought through hundreds of similar “heads up something’s coming” messages – both before 2011 and most definitely through 2019. It is in 2020 and into 2021 that I find things shifting again.

Lately, with all of my reshuffling of hardware and hard drives, I uncovered a few of these older, mostly audio files. Suffice it to say, I had every intention of burying them back then. Today, I feel overjoyed that I didn’t follow through and delete some of these files like I desperately wanted to back then. It was the Presence that arrested these actions that stemmed from my feelings of vulnerability and shame. When I did let this through in public, some were overheard saying, “It sounds like she’s having sex.” Sadly, I did delete some of them before I got the deeper message that some day I would be healed of this ancient shame and would wish that I hadn’t destroyed them. 

Also, for me, I have the gift of feeling the distance that I have traversed, from overwhelming embarrassment in exposing this intimate process, to, “What’s the big deal? This is important for people to see. It’s not about me. It’s about all of us.”

As for others, and how they may respond to my bioenergetic “adjustments” to the frequencies, there was a time in 2015 that this occurred in front of many eyes. I found it challenging to both allow the physical and emotional response to this Divine current in front of an audience, AND be aware of how it triggered most of them. I have grown much stronger with this over the years, because from where I sit now, I know that this deeper triggering is a jump start to an authentic spiritual transformation.

Oh, and watch for the exploding light bulb. Never a dull moment here. I’m in it for the long haul. Thank you to the blessed travelers who share the journey with me. Gratitude.

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