New Sun Day: ET Contact and the Gift of Attunement

“It doesn’t come in your structured languages and concepts. It’s energy, and it just fills you in.”

I continue to invite you into my Sunday Meditation-Attunement, or practice of coherence with higher spheres of consciousness. I use different words in different moments because, well, there are no perfect words for what lies between the words. Years ago, I was shown that speaking our emotional truth attunes or harmonizes our bodies with our original state. And this ultimately unlocks the Truth that sets us free. This practice was a gift from the Inner Presence around 16 years ago. Since receiving it, I have remained committed to the dialogue. And through my conscious engagement, it continues to bring revelations, peace, and pure joy. While it is difficult to teach something that occurs internally, I am dedicated to helping others take those first steps to freedom by engaging with the power of what lies within.

I am a mapmaker of my own inner awakening over this arc of evolutionary contact with ET, angel, or “other.” These are excerpts of my post-meditative recording of my connection with the Field. It starts slow and then insights flow. I offer more snapshots into the practice itself, and how over time it brought me into a coherence with the Universal Song, or frequency network of our Original Source.

The tone of this series is contemplative, and I speak with inspiration. It is an offering to those who may be interested in another view into evolving consciousness. Think of it as joining me for a time to swim in a river that has no name but has much to teach us from week-to-week, day-to-day, and moment by moment. This is what contact with “otherly” beings was for me. There is no beginning point or ultimate ending to this practice, and there is nothing linear about it. However, you may find a new sensemaking tool to help you transcend all that you were told, so that you may discover what you actually know.

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4 thoughts on “New Sun Day: ET Contact and the Gift of Attunement

  1. Hello Eileen,

    I wept when I heard the last quarter of your video. The change is transplendent. I sensed pain and despair in you. No longer. I am relieved that you handled it well. Not everyone does. Every time I reach out I run the risk of hurting instead of helping. Out of the 1400+, 2 people exploded. They never came back. All my fault. I never should have tried to help inadequate minds. It is on my soul all my mistakes. I never completely know how one will react. Manifesting a rainbow, a synchronicity, or similar to some people causes a mental breakdown. To one is a luminous sign, to another its a demon or black mass. Its all about them how they see it. Has always been that way. If you are willing I would like to build the conversation, the symphony as you called it. In your previous video you said you are not about old paradigms and are all about the new ones. It has to be that way. Too much baggage in the mistakes and perceptions of the past. Also it will keep from scaring the living shit out of people. Your recognition of the base abstraction that we live in a universe of opposites is awesome. Such a simple abstraction (test), yet it is invisible to nearly everyone. Such a simple thing isn’t it? Seems more than sufficient to baffle most. To be communicative one must be pliable in thought and desire. If such tests were not built in everyone would explode like those two mentioned earlier. It’s a mercy.


    1. Thank you, Trevor. I appreciate your comment and view. And I am grateful for your encouragement in previous correspondence. I honor your ongoing courage to be here on this extraordinary journey.

  2. Dear Readers. I love you all, but I had to put my comments back onto “Approve before posting,” or some such setting. Some of you write considerably more text than others. I’m interested in what you have to say, but because of my schedule, it takes me time to get to it. Consider emailing me via my contact page for those longer ones. Thank you and blessings.

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