Reconnecting to the Universal Field

Over the years, the (Sound of Gold) messages had often pointed out the ever-increasing disinformation and insanity that would occur in these times. But always adding that the way to truly know what is real, and what is not, is to restore our natural state: Know ThySelf, or our direct re-connection with the Universal Field. This morning I felt a nudge to re-share the video (below) from a message in 2018, and to repost some of the message (text) that may not have been previously posted. 

Why didn’t I share it back then? I personally knew nothing on these topics of deliberate mind-control or psyops. In addition, the real-time development of my work could find no existing category so it was quite often lumped under the new-age header. Of course here I was judged as being “too negative” because the material pointed to the need for healing trauma and the brutal honesty with oneself that is required to welcome the embodiment of the more of our available consciousness. Embodiment = eyes to see and ears to hear. Frankly, my courage to share more has come with the overwhelming validation of the material in these now-times.

Keep in mind that I am translating energy or essence into words. These are not words chosen for me. I feel-perceive-absorb the data coming from the Field. The Field is not “out there” somewhere. It is light and sound within our physicality. I select words from my own level of education and vocabulary. One day, I will elaborate on how this has evolved over the years. Remember, I am simply practicing what is inherent within us all.

Transcribed from audio, Sound of Gold Files: Surrender.070918

“What you are experiencing now in your world and in this timing, is a practice of manipulation with the [limited] portion of the mind that humanity has been conditioned to utilize. In other words, the smaller spectrum of consciousness is easily manipulated. This is referred to as psyops, mind control, cult-programming. There are many references to this and it is something that human beings are not able to recognize when they are in it, for they do have their mirroring with others who reinforce this chosen reality. 

We will not go into how this is done. We simply want to point it out, that it is a reality in your world at this time, and our preference is to empower the individuals who have not participated in that particular program of psyops, but perhaps might be still looping in the remnants of older psyops programs. This is much easier to extract yourself from because you have the support of universal, cosmic energy now that is available to keep you more buoyant, to keep you moving. Even though things are frightening at times and quite confusing, you are still moving, and this is what is important. Move with these waters of life. Move with this stream. It is a matter of becoming the stream and moving with it.

To be under the spell of magic, psyops, in this way, is a utilizing or taking full advantage of the missing pieces in consciousness when there is still a victim identity within each individual human. ‘Victim identity’ meaning, there is still the seeking of a savior, the seeking of a magical answer, not knowing that one is making choices from the place of a victim. If the healing has not taken place around the victim-perpetrator dynamic, this is very, very easily manipulated. And this is known.

Pure instinct is powerful when it comes from a place of balance, a restoration of more of the available consciousness to humanity. [However,] if you are operating with the victim-perpetrator dynamic, you may call it instinct when you say you feel this and feel that, but it is within a closed container, a closed system. You are encapsulated within the smaller reality, and you are making your quote instinctual choices based on what you know and what you are given; what you are freely accepting from outside sources. It is easy for you to buy into it as a victim, for you are tired. You are fatigued from feeling as if you have been wronged and someone needs to make it right. 

What we refer to in instinctual is, from the balanced and healed perspective, you have a connectivity to All That Is, to your Source, to your Truth and the Vibrational Truth of Source. It becomes in-sync. It becomes more of a harmonic song that supports you. You do not need to be saved from anything in this natural state. So it is the dynamic of surrender. And what are you surrendering to? Do you surrender to a voice that you have been told repeatedly is the one who will change everything and save you and transform your world? For many of you do know that transformation does need to take place, for it [your reality] is not sustainable in how it has been given in the past. It has reached its end, so to speak.

So what do you surrender to? Do you surrender to what other humans are saying that seems to be connected to something beyond? Or do you feel deeply and heal the wounds around emotions, heal the wounds around how you sense your reality? For these have been covered over, and instead, you are accessing through the mind, through thoughts, through what is given from others in the outer world. Now some of this information is quite valuable and it has been a good resource. We are speaking of spiritual-psychological in some cases. This can be very supportive. But always ask yourself the question: does it [this info] return me to the world in a state in which I then engage with the world again and continue to perpetuate the world without soul, without the feminine? Or do I give my attention, and my surrender, and my request for guidance to the larger context of my Maker, to Source, to Love?

The thinking mind does not understand Love and can never fully comprehend Love. For Love is a feeling experience. Now there may be glimpses, but when you defer to others from this fragmented place to inform you, to give you definitions and to tell you what to do next, and next, and you feel community and tribe with this, then you will not know Love directly. You will not know your Creator. So you become distracted by stories of triumph, of waiting for that pie-in-the-sky, as you say; investing in the pie-in-the-sky stories. Whereas, with your true nature, and what you have access to that is already available to you within your physiology and your emotional body, you may find this directly. No distractions. Simply the willingness to surrender to Love. Something that many of you have been programmed to dismiss. Or you have been given definitions of Love through relationships or family. Love of identities. The love of our country. The love of your team. Which keeps you looping in that reality. So whatever it is that you surrender to in the level of awareness that you find yourself within, in any given moment, you will continue to perpetuate that reality.

There is no judgment from above, as you say, for what choice you make. Simply choose… Seeing and recognizing your infinite selves, encouraging you to move in the direction of your infinite nature… [The following portion eliminated from video]: …practicing THIS rather than staying in a polarized fight between the propaganda you have been given to fight with the propaganda of what many were given in the old framing, in the old world. This is an old dynamic that is utilized to its fullest to separate. ‘Divide and conquer’ as you say. It is intentional in many ways.

The following is the balance of this message in audio-video form. It was originally published here on the blog on March 1, 2019.

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Eileen is an author, mystic, songstress, and is actively listening, unpacking, and integrating the Divine codes within. After many numinous experiences, she receives guiding messages for our evolution in consciousness and is here to help others remember the inner cosmic highway within. She has been an invited speaker and facilitator on the topics of the Divine Feminine, evolving consciousness, and the deeper meaning of extraterrestrial, or inter-dimensional contact.

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5 thoughts on “Reconnecting to the Universal Field

  1. Responses from Eileen in italics: I’ve decided to post this comment from Lloyd in its entirety. Taking the time to respond to comments such as these is a rarity for me, but in this case, I feel an inner nudge to do so.

    Remember, the modern day expression of the feminist movement is one of those particular psyops program, designed by the dark negative forces to harvest the feminine energy and isolate it. Upon which then, the masculine energy feels sidelined/alone and thus creating a masculine reaction that then perpetuates the lower level emotions, of, both, the feminine and masculine energies to loop in the same negative lower level feelings.
    EM: Yes, I was a child when that movement began. I never used that term to describe myself. It was clearly presenting a smaller-sphere solution to an ancient, multidimensional misunderstanding.

    The way out of all this craziness is, love; love and acceptance from the feminine to the masculine, and then the masculine energy will initiate and return the actionable feeling.
    EM: I am in resonance with your first sentence there! I see it as Love and acceptance of self first, no matter the gender. This is where the healing takes place, at a level of the rift between self and the perceived distance with the Father-Mother Creators.

    but but.. you say: Which came first, (in the old chicken vs. egg analogy)? Answer: We CANNOT debate this on such terms, rather what we have to do is look at the predominant thrust of the present day, and START there… any. one. who cries and points the fingers: sexism at the other sex is TO BE BLAMED.
    EM: I don’t know how to respond to this. I’m not interested, nor have I been for many years, in blaming anyone for anything. Not even blaming myself. Only asking the Presence of Love to heal my own pain and misunderstanding so that I may be full of Love in all of my words and actions toward any gender. It seems you are triggered in a direction that I wasn’t speaking to in this post?

    It is not sexism to state the obvious that Kundalini as experienced by a female is exclusive TO THE FEMALE. Males simply cannot experience the same phenomenal emotions.

    EM: You seem very sure about your statement above. I don’t know the source of your data, but I find it is not in harmony with my data. It doesn’t mean you are wrong and I am right. It just means that we have a different lens and pathway in which we view and process information. As I stated in an earlier correspondence with you, these are the times where we must move in the direction of our certainty. I encourage you to choose what you prefer. I will do the same. Godspeed to us all.

    Do you have any material (from the divine) showing and guiding the male how to experience this?
    EM: I share my material with all. On one occasion I held a sacred truth-telling group for women only. It was because it was specifically requested. Everything before and everything after has been offered to all.

    Remember, the FIRST separation in the divine spiritual dimension and thus transferred to the physical reality, was the separation of the unique masculine energy from the unique feminine energy.. God allowed this… on one condition and that, is, to learn how to re-integrate the sexes in the 3D physical realm in order to represent the love that is above in the heavens (where the separation first happened). The male/female separation thus created the FIRST WAR.. what we know as the war between the sexes.
    EM: I am not familiar with this story.

    All ideas of seperation was conceived of and allowed in the spiritual realms….we were there.. we should know and remember this phenomenon.. we felt there was need for these seperation ideas so as in order to provide a mirror for all so we can get a grasp of just how awesome we are. .. … as divine spirits we agreed to this before coming into this physicality.. because “floating” around in more lighter dimensions became boring to us.. infinity seemed all so boring because we had reached the limitations of creative infinity in those lighter dimensions.. thus our only option was to create and embody this dense 3D reality so that we can truly understand a full spectrum experience for all times and sentient beings.
    EM: Indeed, we are awesome. But again, not resonating with most of this story. If this speaks to you and supports your being, I have no interest in challenging it.

    The reason that the divine allowed for and initiated the Kundalini experience to the female should be obvious: It is a starting point to reveal what is possible; The next step is re-integration with the male in physical emodiment as one unit. Well, but then you might say: “but there is no suitable male for me”.. to which I reply: “Have you looked around and persued this as hard as you have your other spiritual persuits? Making the reunification with the physical emodiment of a male is a spiritual pursuit.
    But before a female can do such successfully, she has to do this in a spiritual realm.. preparing her whole body, spirit, mind, and all her energy to accomplishing this, as it is her divine purpose.
    Then you may say: “That is the male’s purpose too.”

    If so, go back to the beginning: You females agreed in the spiritual realm that when we males initiate from love, you don’t get to cry: “Sexism!”
    EM: Not much there I resonate with. “You females?”

    Remember that?
    EM: Again, no.

    Well, I do.
    EM: I support whatever brings you clarity and joy.

    You females are supposed to be the prime initiate example of unconditional love.

    Now get with the program.

    EM: Ah. There it is. The program. Perhaps one day you will see that everything I share is about transcending the program.

    1. I stand by statements. These come out of long periods of deep meditation regarding issues that have befallen our sentient being experiences on earth. No where in any other density do these particular problems occur. We, are the masters of this density and it is time we get a grip of the bigger picture.

      I am quite tired of all psyops programs as installed by our ego when tempted by dark forces to betray particular viewpoints.

      The divine has given us programs, too, but they are naturally given with specific divine purposes.. then, the dark forces come in with perverted copies of their own.. and as a result eons of multigenerational flaws persist. .. and it’s another falsehood to percieve that ANY negative psyops program is less than eons old and such CERTAINLY didn’t start when any of us were young.. . this short memory phenomenon is another dark-force trick to make us believe that our struggles are local and present time only.

      I, as, a spiritually awakened male species experience my Kundalini in a different manner, the entry point is similar to the female species, but the resulting answers are very much analytical AND positive high energy feelings that reach to the stratosphere, and above, of my capable total body perception…with emphasis on CLEAR analysis that then get validated by many other sources, sometimes these proof points come instantly, and some over a period of time, especially for the deeply entrenched egocentric issues I am very careful about ‘clearing the fog’ of our perception..

      I have been instructed by spirit to write this screed in such a way so as to provide a mirror of reflection.. I beg of you to check that reflection, as I see my statements validated in your response(s).

      1. I do appreciate this calm presentation of your view and experience. If there is a deeper response that arrives within me, I shall let you know here.

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