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New Sun Day: The Mother Wants to Meet You. ET-Angel’s Evolutionary Purpose

The Mother wants to meet us in our own consciousness. She lives in the rift beneath our pain. We must use our own will to restore her presence, which in turn, restores our natural state. You could say It was the whole purpose of my life of contact. To get to this realization.

I am sharing my Sunday recordings publicly. It is a 16-year practice of a dedicated “connecting time” with the Presence on Sundays. I turn the recorder on as I emerge from these deeper states and speak with inspiration. This is the evolution of my ET contact which also initiated Kundalini and the ability to translate resonant states. The hundreds of messages I translated were mostly about a coming time when we would have an opportunity to shift into our whole or natural state. Or, remain unconscious and continue with cycles of sleep and further limitation. At the end of 2019, the messages were getting more urgent.

As with all messages, this past Sunday’s recording is about some of what we need to know as we consciously navigate forward. I also wove in two past clips of transmissions that were pertinent. If you are not familiar with my work, welcome. Below are links to catch up.

Some of the material that is covered here is listed below video.

• Mystical experiences (ET, Angels, Kundalini) that were not sufficiently explained by the existing paradigm. (Inspired my work with the evolution of contact vs. the given narratives.)

• The Soul cannot land in our bodies until we make room for it; about embodiment.

• A message excerpt from 2015. In this timing, we must be able to “Discern what is true and what is not true. There are loops of disinformation occurring and it is growing.” (These are real-time translations, like channeling. My voice and breath are different in these states.) This inner voice speaks of the language of “ET and angel” and how the experience is often reduced to existing context and framing, thereby losing the true data that is shared in a “quantum communion” state.

• Managers of humanity know how to keep you unconscious. It’s how they profit. We are never more empowered to change this – if we can feel.

• A different view of spirituality, religion, the rapture. Everything is the opposite.

• The world we lived in before is gone. It’s not coming back. So who am I? What do I love? What excites me? How can I let this Light through?

• Prayer, as taught by the Presence.

• ETs and/or angels are here to urge us to integrate. They are tapping us on the shoulder and coaxing us in the direction of accelerated healing and expansion. This direction is not defined so it terrifies people. Their persistent message is, embrace the terror, engage, be honest about everything we feel. This is how we break the spell. Wake up and realize who you are. Come home to the true Earth and your true nature.

• How we transcend the lower-dimensional reality. The body is a musical instrument. My life and the practices that I received from the Presence to unlock the codes. We are the ones who came here to do this. The Guidance is, let go of everything that you thought and were taught was real from the world.

• A message excerpt from 2018: The return to wholeness. We reconnect with the Source Field through feeling. You were diverted from your potentiality. The purpose of the messages. It is not coming from beings from far away. It is closer than you realize. The codes cannot be unlocked in the outer world. Only within.

• The crisis is not with politics. It is a crisis of consciousness. Which frequency will you be responding to? We, Her children, have the power to restore everything to Truth once again. This is how much power we have. Will you be a warrior in the false world or the warrior of Light?

• Invite the Presence in. Stay with the process. It will heal you. It will lift you.

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